Anti-PC Professor Who Fought Back Against ‘Preferred Pronouns’ Is Running for Top University Job

Feb 27, 2017 by

By Ian Miles Cheong, Heatstreet:

Jordan Peterson, the University of Toronto professor who sparked a firestorm of protest last year for being politically incorrect, has been nominated to become the Rector of Scotland’s prestigious Glasgow University.

Peterson entered the public spotlight when he rejected the use of manufactured gender-neutral “preferred pronouns” rather than “he” or “she.” His objection to the Toronto government’s move to criminalize pronoun misuse earned him the ire of the progressive left, who accused him of bigotry against transgender-identifying students, who insist gender rests on a spectrum, and not a binary.

A psychologist by trade, Peterson is vocal opponent of “safe space” culture on campuses and argues that progressives threaten freedom of speech through their attempts to police language through public shaming and acts of physical violence. The professor often expresses his views on his YouTube channel, where he also shares his lectures on Western philosophy and dissections of popular culture.

Students at Glasgow University backed Paterson for the 565-year old position, which is currently held by Edward Snowden, the transparency advocate and former NSA contractor who leaked top-secret documents to WikiLeaks. The prestigious position was once held by philosopher Edmund Burke, the great economist Adam Smith, and poet Thomas Campbell. It is regarded as one of the most senior positions at the university.

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