Bishop of Sheffield consecration looms following church rift

Jun 6, 2017 by

from The Yorkshire Post:

THE installation of a new Bishop of Sheffield moved a stage closer yesterday, following one of the most embarrassing rifts in the Church of England’s recent history.
The Very Rev Dr Pete Wilcox is the replacement for the Rt Rev Philip North, who stepped down within weeks of his appointment because his traditionalist views on female clergy were at odds with those held by the Diocese of Sheffield.
In an announcement made in the week of International Women’s Day, Bishop North, who opposes female priests on theological grounds, said he was stepping aside in the face of what he called personal attacks that were “too much to bear”.
His move prompted a rare joint statement from the Church’s two most senior figures, the Archbishops of York and Canterbury, who used a provision in the three-year-old declaration which paved the way for the ordination of women bishops, to trigger an independent inquiry into whether the process was still working.

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