Blueprint for Church schism revealed as conservative Christian leaders plot separate Anglican structure

May 10, 2017 by

by Harry Farley, Christian Today:

A blueprint for schism seen by Christian Today reveals extensive plans by conservative evangelicals to form a rival Anglican structure to the Church of England in the UK.

The proposals, born out of concerns about liberal teachings on homosexuality, include suggestions for a new synod, new liturgy, an appointments system for new bishops, new church canons and new statements of belief.

First mooted at ReNew, a conference of traditionalist church leaders last autumn, the 15-page discussion document outlines how the new faction could take shape and establish credibility as an alternative Anglican church.

‘Widespread credible bishops serving conservative evangelicals here in England today seems an unlikely dream,’ the document notes before going on to outline how traditionalists concerned about a liberal drift on issues like sexuality could appoint their own bishops.

Entitled Credible Bishops, the document defends the role of bishops to ordain ‘biblically faithful’ church leaders and says this is not always possible within the CofE.

‘But that does not mean we should give up on having bishops altogether. It may mean that credible bishops have to be consecrated by other means, with the support of the wider Anglican Communion.’

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