Brilliant Resources to help Christians engage with the General Election on 8 June

May 19, 2017 by

by Peter Saunders, CMF:

On 8 June the UK goes to the polls for the general election. Whoever assumes power will have a profound influence in shaping public policy in matters which affect us, our families, churches, patients and colleagues.

Some claim that politics and religion should not mix – ‘We don’t do God’, famously said spin doctor Alistair Campbell. But God is intimately involved in politics. He is sovereign over the rise and fall of nations. He establishes governing authorities, and holds them ultimately accountable. As Christians, we should both pray for our political leaders and be subject to them.

But God has also given us a part to play in who actually exercises civil authority. Each of us, before God and in good conscience, must make our own decisions about voting; but we have a duty before God to ensure that we exercise our votes wisely, thoughtfully and in an informed way.

For some, the key question will be about who they would prefer as prime minister for the next five years. For others it will be a matter of which specific issues they care about most and how the various parties and candidates stand on these.

Christians will want to be informed on the big headline issues of leadership, ‘Brexit’, the economy, health, education, welfare and immigration.

But we must also consider issues that are often forgotten in the mainstream press like marriage and family, sexuality, abortion, euthanasia and freedom of conscience.

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