Canon David Anderson President of American Anglican Council responds

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Anderson said: ‘We are pleased. The American Anglican Council is pleased. We feel the communique is a workable document. It takes some of the slack out of the previous approach of TEC. It puts in place realistic demands and deadlines for compliance. It provides options for those in TEC that are in impaired relationships and allows border crossings, although lamentable, to continue until the situation in TEC is resolved. It gives a special status to both CANA and Amia. Even if the situation is resolved, CANA and Amia would have the option if they wished to negotiate in or not.

“It makes it so clear that Gene Robinson is unacceptable in his capacity as Bishop that he is going to have to go. He could either go gracefully and resign or he’s going to have to be removed. Otherwise, TEC cannot meet the demands of the communique.
“It is very difficult to say if he will go gracefully. He has been the poster boy for the gay and lesbian community. He might actually be at some risk from his own community if he steps down voluntarily. It might be better for him to be forced out than to step down voluntarily.
“A case could be brought against him in an ecclesiastical court, based on his personal moral conduct. If the court was hand-picked, as many courts are, to find the verdict that was desired, he could be found guilty. Once a complaint was filed in the ecclesiastical system, Bishop Jefferts Schori would call an ecclesiastical court of bishops for a trial. That is how proceedings would be instigated. A complaint could be put in by a group of bishops, presbyters or laity.”

I couldn’t see this happening. Could he? “It is hard to say. TEC at this point is a wounded, cornered animal. Knowing how things have been, I believe that they will willingly leave the communion before they will sacrifice their ideals, their integrity. Many of the most influential bishops deeply believe in the gay and lesbian cause and believe that it is approved and blessed by God. I cannot imagine a situation where they would sell that out. In one sense, this is the flaw in the communique. In another sense, this is the brilliance of the document. They have given an option to TEC, but it is an option that is equivalent to leaping Mount Olympus. So TEC will know full well that if it does not do this, these are the consequences. But they are consequences they will have brought on themselves.”

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