Anglican Unscripted Episode 121

Sep 23, 2014 by

Today Kevin and George talk about saving the soul of the Anglican Communion.

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Talking About Things You Will Never Agree On

Sep 15, 2014 by

By Ephraim Radner, Fulcrum: This paper was written for the Anglican Communion’s Continuing Indaba Project, in conjunction with a North American meeting of the project held at Virginia Seminary, in April 2010.  A. The scope of the Indaba project The Continuing Indaba Project, as its organizers have described it, is geared toward “decision making by consensus,” in a way adaptable to the Anglican Communion. (The word “indaba” is of Bantu [African] origin, and connotes a meeting or council to...

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The State of the Anglican Communion: Midterm Report

Sep 1, 2014 by

by David Virtue, Virtueonline: Archbishop of Nigeria the Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, leader of the Anglican Communion’s largest and fastest growing Anglican province with more than 20 million active Anglican souls, slipped into Washington, D.C., last week to meet with his CANA bishops, ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach, and other Anglican figures. His appearance in the US went unheralded and unnoticed by either the Episcopal Bishop of Washington, Mariann Edgar Budde, or the Presiding Bishop of...

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Anglican Unscripted Episode 110

Jul 29, 2014 by

Story Index 00:00 Kevin and George discuss this week on AU 02:30 Jeff Walton reports on trouble in the Diocese of VA 07:40 Allan Haley gives the low down on Legal Victories in Illinois and South...

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Charles Raven: ‘Contemporary Anglicanism’ lectures

Jul 8, 2014 by

By Barbara Gauthier: Charles Raven has written a timely series of lectures on contemporary Anglicanism delivered in May at George Whitefield College , Cape Town , South Africa and recently posted on the GAFCON website. Although these lectures were presented well in advance of  Bp. Forster bringing Welby’s greetings to ACNA Provincial Assembly, Raven addresses the Archbishop of Canterbury’s mandate to keep everyone at the table talking together as long as it takes, as evidenced by...

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Celebration of 150th anniversary of consecration of Bishop Samuel Crowther in Canterbury Cathedral.

Jul 3, 2014 by

by Chris Sugden: On June 29 1854, Samuel  Ajayi Crowther was consecrated in Canterbury Cathedral “Bishop of the United Church of England and Ireland, in the said countries of Western Africa beyond the limits of our dominions.” Exactly one hundred and fifty years later, in the same cathedral over four hundred people gathered with the Archbishop of Canterbury, representatives of the Primate of Nigeria, royal houses of Nigeria and Nigerian government representatives, and the Executive leader of...

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