Anglican divisions harden despite talk of unity

Jul 12, 2016 by

By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. Church of England: Synod Conversations end. I am not a member of General Synod, and so have not been included in the Shared Conversations taking place in York the past two days. Some members with orthodox views have declined to take part, believing that the process is flawed from the start, as it is deliberately designed not to bring resolution on what the Church should be teaching and permitting in the area of same sex relationships, but simply to allow...

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New Archbishop of Kenya enthroned

Jul 4, 2016 by

from ACNS: Thousands of Anglicans from Kenya and beyond yesterday (Sunday) attended the enthronement of their new archbishop, the Most Revd Dr Jackson Ole Sapit at the All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi. Archbishop Ole Sapit becomes the 6th archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) and the 4th Bishop of All Saints Cathedral Diocese. The service was a cocktail of colours and vibrancy characteristic of the church in Africa and saw choirs drawn from across the province take turns in joyful...

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TEC going to Lambeth 2020

Jun 10, 2016 by

by George Conger, Anglican Ink. The bishops of the Episcopal Church will be invited to attend the 2020 Lambeth Conference and will not suffer meaningful consequences for introducing same-sex marriage rites.  In conversation with the leader of the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury outlined what the long term consequences would be for churches that defied the Communion ban on gay marriage. If the sanctions applied to the SEC, if it adopts gay marriage rites, are applied to...

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For Such a Time as This

Jun 9, 2016 by

An overview and interpretation of recent events in the Anglican Communion. by Barbara Gauthier: It is now some six months after the Anglican Primates met together in Canterbury and agreed on a way forward in healing the “torn fabric” of the Communion.  April’s ACC meeting in Lusaka revealed that the plan was already unraveling and in the two months since then, it has become clear that the plan embraced by the Primates has fallen apart.  Whatever credibility ++Welby had gained...

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At this point, why should we care about the Anglican Communion?

May 18, 2016 by

The Rev. Canon Phil Ashey, AAC: I remember years ago when I was sworn in as a Deputy District Attorney (prosecutor) in California, and one of my first appearances was before a senior judge in Juvenile Court. I was fresh out of law school, eager and earnest to make my case against the juvenile whom I can’t even remember now. What I do remember is the judge’s reply. After I had made my case, he looked over his glasses and down his nose at me and said “Mr. Ashey, why do I care?” I didn’t even...

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Deck is stacked against Orthodox Primates in Anglican Communion “Conversation” Task Force

May 13, 2016 by

By David Virtue, VOL: A task group appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury to “maintain conversation” among the primates of the Anglican Communion as requested during the gathering of primates at Canterbury Cathedral in January is stacked against any honest “conversation” taking place because the vast majority of those chosen have already determined what direction the Anglican Communion will take. GAFCON primates be damned. The primates asked the Archbishop of...

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