Richard Dawkins is dragged into America’s tedious free-speech war

Jul 23, 2017 by

by Douglas Murray, Spectator: Anyone who has followed the free-speech wars in America over recent years will know that by now, basically, nobody can speak anywhere. Especially at centres like that one-time home of free speech, Berkeley, California, you now cannot speak in public if you’re a man or...

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Study finds the nonreligious can be more close-minded than the religious

Jul 2, 2017 by

by Eric W Dolan, Psypost; New research indicates that religious believers can be better at perceiving and integrating different perspectives than atheists in Western Europe. “The main message of the study is that closed-mindedness is not necessarily found only among the religious,” the study’s...

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Matthew Parris: I stand up for Christianity, even though I don’t believe in it

Dec 24, 2016 by

from The Times: […]  The Prince of Wales was giving his Thought for the Day on BBC radio. His message was of humanity’s path, by faith, to tolerance; and in using the phrase “Our Lord Jesus Christ” he was testifying to his own faith. This listener does not share that faith… …So...

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‘In God We Trust’: Official U.S. Motto to Stay on Currency as Court Rejects Atheist Bid to Remove It

Dec 6, 2016 by

by Hazel Torres, Christian Today: Money does not exist “for the express purpose that it be observed and read by the public.” Citing this as one of the grounds for its decision, a U.S. district court on Wednesday dismissed a case filed by a group of atheist humanists who sought to...

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Changing Britain: Whilst the non-religious are growing, new religious life is flourishing in urban areas

Nov 4, 2016 by

by Grace Davie, LSE: Grace Davie’s 1994 book Religion in Britain Since 1945 has been one of the leading resources in the field of the Sociology of Religion. A revised edition, published in 2015, describes the religious situation in twenty-first century Britain, taking into account the changes that...

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Sweden opens first atheist cemetery to cater to growing non-religious population

Oct 21, 2016 by

By Caroline Mortimer, Independent: A graveyard free of any religious symbols has been opened in Sweden to cater to the country’s growing number of atheists. Josef Erdem, a teacher from Borlänge in central Sweden, first proposed the idea because he wanted people to “decide for themselves what their...

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