It’s not monotheism that’s the problem. It’s Matthew Parris

Jun 28, 2014 by

By Alexander Boot: Matthew Parris is ‘invigorated by a new idea’, which seems preferable to some other things by which Mr Parris is known to be invigorated from time to time. The trouble is that the source of his excitement doesn’t qualify as an idea, and neither is it particularly new. Mr Parris has recently found himself involved in ‘a ground-breaking exploration of a massive problem’: God. The way he words the topic already contains the answer. To Mr Parris and his supper companions, God...

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Humanists hijack ‘Trojan Horse’ saga to denigrate faith schools

Jun 10, 2014 by

From Cranmer: The so-called ‘Trojan Horse’ plot by extremist Muslims to infiltrate a number of Birmingham’s schools is fraught with accusations, counter-accusations, recriminations and complexities. On the one hand, school leaders insist that they are properly educating their students – doing nothing but trying “to meet their spiritual needs as one tool to raise their achievement”. On the other, Ofsted say they discovered in some schools evidence of...

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Humans hunger for the sacred. Why can’t the new atheists understand that?

Jun 2, 2014 by

By Roger Scruton, Spectator: Look at life under communism, and you’ll see why religion will never die Does the world have a purpose? The new atheists regard the question as absurd. Purposes emerge in the course of evolution, they tell us; to suppose that they could exist before any organism can gain a reproductive advantage from possessing them is to unlearn the lesson of Darwin. With the theory of evolution firmly established, therefore, there is no room in the scientific worldview for an...

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Two views of Hell

May 29, 2014 by

by John Kersey, Libertarian Alliance Let us begin with the Bible – for that is where, as Christians, we must always begin. And I must crave the indulgence for a moment of those who do not share my faith, but who will perhaps acknowledge that it has been directly formative upon the character and culture of our isles, and therefore has a place, however restricted, in our public discourse. Psalm 14: 1 puts the matter very succinctly: “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are...

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Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali on “Taking Religion Seriously”

May 13, 2014 by

By Bart Gingerich, Juicy Ecumenism On April 30th, the John Jay Institute hosted the Right Rev. Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali, former bishop of Rochester and current director of the Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue. The event, entitled “Taking Religion Seriously: Muslims, Christians, Jews, and World Order,” attracted attendees from the greater Philadelphia area, especially the surrounding Main Line. The lecture dealt with such issues as secularism, philosophies of religious...

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Schools sent ‘atheist handbook’ by humanist group

May 2, 2014 by

From The Christian Institute A humanist group is sending a secularist text called ‘The Young Atheist’s Handbook’ to every secondary school in England and Wales. The British Humanist Association (BHA), which campaigns for a secular state, claims to be distributing the book so that pupils can “encounter the full range of philosophies and worldviews” available to them. ‘The Young Atheist’s Handbook’ was written by science teacher Alom Shaha, who...

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