Church to draw veil over sex lives of gay clergy

Jan 22, 2017 by

by Nicholas Hellen, Times: Church of England bishops are proposing to turn a blind eye to gay clergy who breach its rules by having sex, in an attempt to avert a rift over how it treats gay people. The church would replace the existing system where lesbian and gay clergy are asked to promise to be celibate when they apply to be ordained, change jobs or seek a promotion including becoming a bishop. Under the proposal, to be considered tomorrow by the House of Bishops, gay clergy would still be...

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How Will The Next Bishop Of London Be Chosen?

Jan 16, 2017 by

by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today: The Bishop of London Richard Chartres retires next month after 10 years. He is among the most charismatic as well as most orthodox of all the Bishops in the Church of England. Not only has he held together the Church’s most diverse diocese, he has led it to remarkable growth. Evangelical, Anglo-Catholic, even liberal – all have thrived on his watch. Not least, as Dean of the Chapels Royal, he has built an extraordinarily strong relationship with the...

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Can bishops save the Church?

Jan 7, 2017 by

by Ian Paul, Psephizo: Earlier this week, Adrian Hilton (who writes the Archbishop Cranmer blog) reprised his hosting of Martyn Percy’s views with the offering of a new set of 95 Theses, in the year of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s original. (Contrary to suggestions in online discussion, Luther’s are not dull and rambling, and are worth a read. They form a progressive argument against indulgences in a developing sequence, and were written as a sixteenth-century proposal for an...

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Search for next bishop of London raises prospect of female appointment

Jan 5, 2017 by

by Harriet Sherwood, Guardian: The Church of England is considering candidates for its third most senior position, the bishop of London, amid speculation that a woman may be appointed. Richard Chartres, who has held the post since 1996, is obliged to retire this year when he turns 70. He will step down at the end of February. The C of E’s Crown Nominations Commission (CNC) will make a recommendation in the coming weeks to the prime minister, Theresa May. She in turn will advise the Queen, who...

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A female Bishop of London “to make a statement”?

Jan 4, 2017 by

from Archishop Cranmer: The Rt Rev’d Dr Richard Chartres retires as Bishop of London in February (he will be greatly missed – ‘Peer Now!’), and according to the Times (..hold loosely..): Bishop Chartres abstained from appointing women priests despite appearing to support the idea, and his resignation has been viewed as an opportunity to make a statement. Among the favourites are thought to be the Right Rev Rachel Treweek, the Bishop of Gloucester; the Right Rev Christine Hardman, the Bishop of...

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2017: year of the Church of England split?

Dec 29, 2016 by

by Marcus Jones, Premier: We’re being told to finally expect to see a resolution in 2017 over the issue of sexuality within the Church of England. Over the past twelve months there have been many statements given and campaigns started by both sides of the divide and a series of shared conversations have been taking place across England as church leaders try to find a way forward on the issue. The two major dividing points are whether gay priests should be able to marry their same-sex...

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