Come and join our Rally calling for genuine Freedom, Equality, and Diversity

May 26, 2015 by

Where: Old Palace Yard When: Monday, June 15th Time: 12 – 2pm Click here for more information  

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Magna Carta – how free are YOU today?

May 15, 2015 by

From Voice for Justice UK: On this date, 800 years ago, King John met with the barons at Runnymede to sign a document that would ensure the freedom of the Church, the liberties of the barons, and make himself equally subject to the law: Magna Carta. It has become one of the most influential and powerful documents in history, but how real are the liberties it sets out today? Freedom of speech … only where it supports the new dogma Freedom of conscience … only so long as it doesn’t infringe...

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800 years on, why Magna Carta still matters

May 13, 2015 by

by Brendan O’Neill, Spiked: The document that built a ‘brazen wall’ to guard the individual from the state. Not surprisingly, given it was written 800 years ago, there’s much in Magna Carta that sounds alien to our 21st-century ears. From its heartfelt plea for ‘standard measures’ of wine and ale ‘throughout the kingdom’ to its rumination on what should happen to a man’s fortunes should he die while in debt to Jews, the medievalism of the document sings through its 63 clauses. And of...

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Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and the Price of Progress

May 6, 2015 by

by Carson Holloway, Public Discourse: In the old America, there were laws regulating sexual conduct, but freedom of association was largely unimpeded. In the new America, there will be no laws regulating sexual conduct, but freedom of association will be limited in defense of sexual liberation. In my last Public Discourse essay, I noted that there is a tension between civil liberties and certain civil rights claims. Generally, our civil liberties protect our freedom to make our own choices in...

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Gender-Diverse Marriage Laws Do Not Infringe the Liberty of Gay and Lesbian Americans by David Upham...

Apr 28, 2015 by

by David Upham, Public Discourse: According to a recent amicus brief by scholars of liberty, same-sex marriage is not only counter to the Supreme Court’s long line of personal liberty cases, it may even be prohibited by them. In 1885, just two decades after the people adopted the Fourteenth Amendment, the Supreme Court unanimously affirmed “the idea of the family, as consisting in and springing from the union for life of one man and one woman in the holy estate of matrimony.” Almost a century...

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A Warning from Canada: Same-Sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Rights

Apr 24, 2015 by

by  Dawn Stefanowicz, Public Discourse: Americans need to understand that the endgame of the LGBT rights movement involves centralized state power—and the end of First Amendment freedoms. I am one of six adult children of gay parents who recently filed amicus briefs with the US Supreme Court, asking the Court to respect the authority of citizens to keep the original definition of marriage: a union between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, so that children may know and may...

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