I can’t ‘celebrate’ but it doesn’t mean I hate you

Jul 17, 2015 by

By Steve C Craig, MercatorNet: From left to right, the car’s bumper stickers read: “Hatred is Not a Family Value,” “Celebrate Diversity” (in rainbow colors), and “Obama-Biden.” Collectively, these refreshed my growing fear that I should soon “celebrate” certain lifestyle choices or suffer the consequences. There was once another option, but memory of it is fading rapidly like an image in my rear view mirror. Both the imperative tone and intolerance of the bumper messages are troubling; as is...

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Public life after same-sex marriage: Canada

Jul 10, 2015 by

By Andrea Mrozek, MercatorNet: It is the IMFC’s position that legalization of same-sex marriage (SSM) is an effect of a longer cultural trajectory away from Judeo-Christian norms. It is also a cause of new cultural and legal trends, yet the legalization of SSM must be viewed in its historical context. Many aspects of cultural change occurring now were happening before the legalization of SSM. Therefore, it is impossible to assign causation to SSM legalization. One can assume that all the...

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Independence Day: A message about fear

Jul 4, 2015 by

By Brian Camenker, MassResistance: Today, July 4, we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War which made the United States of America a reality. But for many of us it’s a much different feeling than in past years. This used to be a proud and happy occasion. Now we sit stunned by how the Constitution and our freedoms have been torn apart. In particular, the recent week of US Supreme Court decisions have been a terrible blow. It’s likely that many people...

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Confusion over plans to appoint ‘named person’ for every child in Scotland

Jul 1, 2015 by

By Daniel Sanderson, Herald Scotland: MINISTERS are under pressure to rethink controversial plans to appoint a state-appointed guardian to look after the welfare of every child in Scotland after dozens of groups raised concerns. Many of the bodies and charities involved in the Scottish Government’s Named Person scheme are unsure of their roles little more than a year before it is due to roll out across the country. The proposals, contained in the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act,...

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Curtailing religious freedom is the beginning of the end of all freedoms

Jun 20, 2015 by

By Andrew Symes, The Conservative Woman: As Britons we can be justifiably proud of Magna Carta, remembered with great ceremony this last week, and how its key principles underpin our modern understanding of democracy, human rights and the rule of law, not just in Britain but around the world. But with pride must also come caution, and continual re-evaluation of where we stand in relation to Magna Carta’s principles. These have been a great success in checking the power of the state. They...

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Appeal against Named Person scheme

Jun 2, 2015 by

From The Christian Institute: Tomorrow we are in Scotland’s highest court, the Inner House of the Court of Session, fighting to protect parents from the intrusive Named Person scheme. Those who support the idea of assigning a state guardian to every child in Scotland may have the best of intentions. That doesn’t make it right. Driving a coach and horses through family privacy and allowing state employees to advise children over the heads of their parents will cause far more harm than good. It...

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