Tories must halt this ‘marriage lite’ option

Dec 28, 2017 by

by Thomas Pascoe, TCW: Shortly before the Government moved to legalise same-sex marriages in mainland Britain, the then Home Secretary Theresa May told the Daily Telegraph that ‘homosexuals will be missionaries to the wider society and make it [marriage] “stronger”.’ The Coalition for Marriage and...

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Govt expected to back ‘marriage-lite’

Dec 11, 2017 by

from The Christian Institute: The UK Government is expected to endorse new plans for heterosexual civil partnerships that would undermine marriage. Conservative MP Tim Loughton has introduced a Private Members’ Bill to extend the Civil Partnership Act 2004, which currently only applies to...

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A review of material from Southwark Cathedral to mark civil partnerships

Jul 29, 2017 by

by Martin Davie. Following the recent announcement on social media that two members of the clergy in the Diocese of Southwark celebrated entering into a Civil Partnership with ‘Eucharist, dinner and dancing’ at Southwark Cathedral the question was raised as to what rules the diocese had for the...

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The ECHR turns its guns on marriage

Feb 27, 2017 by

By  Andrew Tettenborn, TCW; Last week, as noted by Harry Benson, a silly and rather childish human rights complaint reached the Court of Appeal. The claimants were a heterosexual couple who didn’t fancy either marriage or simple shacking-up. Their claim? Denying them a third option of a civil...

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A fight for equality? No, it’s a plot to wipe out marriage

Feb 26, 2017 by

by Peter Hitchens, Mailonline: The campaign to get rid of marriage has not gone away. Civil partnerships for heterosexuals were not thrown out by the Appeal Court last week, only put off till later. They will come. In fact, after 20 years of New Labour government (some of it nominally Tory) we can...

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Marriage is the answer for committed heterosexual couples

Feb 22, 2017 by

by Harry Benson, The Conservative Woman: In my family, we have an expression: “WAM”. It means “What About Me” and is usually lobbed in the direction of whichever one of our children is claiming unfair treatment. Actually as parents we try really hard to be fair. But “WAM” reminds them to make the...

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