Civil Partnership Act 2004 (Amendment) Bill fails in Commons

Jan 16, 2017 by

from Family Law Week: The Civil Partnership Act 2004 (Amendment) Bill, sponsored by Tim Loughton MP, has failed at its second reading in the House of Commons. The Bill, if enacted, would have amended the Civil Partnership Act 2004 to provide that opposite sex couples may enter a civil partnership. In the debate Mr Loughton, explaining the need for the legislation, said: “There are a whole lot of complex motives as to why many of our constituents do not go down the formal marriage route....

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The future of civil partnership

Jan 11, 2017 by

from House of Commons: In England, Wales and Scotland, same sex couples have the option to marry or to register a civil partnership if they wish to gain legal recognition for their relationship. In Northern Ireland, same sex couples may register a civil partnership but may not marry.  Across the UK, opposite sex couples may marry but they may not register a civil partnership. When consulting on the introduction of marriage for same sex couples, the Coalition Government considered that it was...

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The heterosexual couples campaigning for civil partnership equality

Jan 8, 2017 by

by Nigel Morris, i News: They have been together 25 years, have two children and describe themselves as “happily unmarried”. The idea of a traditional wedding, with the bride being “given away” and wearing white, has never appealed to Martin Loat and Claire Beale. Yet as they reached middle age they started to worry about their family’s lack of legal recognition and financial security because they had always shied away from tying the knot. “We don’t think that we should have to take a vow or...

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UK court to hear appeal about civil partnerships for straight couples

Oct 31, 2016 by

by Harriet Sherwood Guardian: Six-year struggle for an option that gay partners already enjoy will face a new test this week. A couple who have been living together for the past six years will this week demand the right to a civil partnership, arguing that they face discrimination under the present law, which gives gay couples the option of marriage or a civil partnership but denies the latter to heterosexual couples. Earlier this year the high court ruled against a legal challenge to the...

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First heterosexual civil partnership in British Isles

Oct 15, 2016 by

fom BBC News: A heterosexual couple have become the first in the British Isles to enter into a civil partnership. Adeline Cosson, 24, and Kieran Hodgson, 22, are the first couple to take advantage of new laws passed on the Isle of Man on 19 July. The new act means the Isle of Man is the only place where both gay and straight couples can enter into civil partnerships. The young couple, who live in Douglas, said they were “very proud”. The pair entered into their partnership in front...

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Older gay couples shun marriage as the average age for a civil partnership to be recorded passes 50

Sep 9, 2016 by

by Steve Doughty, Mailonline: Pensioners are the most likely people to form same-sex civil partnerships, according to an official breakdown yesterday. While gay couples are increasingly turning to same-sex marriage to cement their relationships, an older generation prefers to stick to the older-established civil partnership system, it found. Last year the average age at which a gay or lesbian couple recorded a civil partnership was nearly 50, around a decade later in life than in 2013, the...

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