Jordan Peterson and the transgender wars

Sep 23, 2017 by

by Tim Lott, Spectator Life: The psychology professor is in trouble with the transgender crowd. He is also one of the foremost thinkers of our age After Google employee James Damore was sacked for suggesting that inborn differences in likes and dislikes (such as preferring people to things) might...

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PBS/WSJ: They Call Them Like They SPLC Them

Sep 13, 2017 by

by Tony Perkins, FRC: If the latest batch of headlines is any indication, the brief honeymoon between the media and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) after Charlottesville may be drawing to a close. At least two major news outlets — the Wall Street Journal and PBS — are picking up...

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How totalitarianism is winning in the west

Aug 16, 2017 by

by Melanie Phillips: Credit to the left-leaning Atlantic magazine for running a piece by Peter Beinart, who has actually looked at what is happening in American society and reached an uncomfortable conclusion which would be hard to find elsewhere in the media – and which is all-too pertinent in...

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Europe And The Culture War

Aug 3, 2017 by

by Sean Gabb, The Liberty Conservative: […]  When, back in 2007, I published my book Cultural Revolution, Culture War, I thought I was making an original contribution. Sadly, I had not yet read my American precursors–Paul Gottfried, for example–and I was merely reinventing the wheel. But I...

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Christian Leaders, Please Speak the Truth about Homosexuality Plainly and with Love

Jul 17, 2017 by

by Michael Brown: To my brothers and sisters in ministry, I appeal to you in the sight of God: Please speak plainly and clearly when it comes to homosexuality, and please do so with compassion and love. At this critical time in history, we’ve not got no business dancing around these life and death...

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A culture war? It’s about time

Jul 10, 2017 by

by David Sergeant, Spectator Australia: ‘Culture war’ is a phrase often used by sections of the commentariat to describe the ongoing battle between conservative and liberal values. It is a misleading one. A war is a ‘state of conflict’. Instead, it is more accurate to talk about a cultural...

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