Christian Concern conference: A call to cultural leadership

Feb 2, 2016 by

By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream For two days towards the end of January, a group of pastors and mission practitioners met at a Hertfordshire Hotel to listen and discuss, as a case for public Christian social and political engagement in the nation was carefully outlined. The conference title: “Cultural Leadership Symposium” summarized the message – a call to the church to be part of leading a new culture rather than retreat from society or following its norms. Andrea Williams from...

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Why David Bowie’s been canonized by the world, and why you should be concerned

Jan 29, 2016 by

By Pete Baklinski, LifeSite: Given the huge international exaltation British musician David Bowie (real last name is “Jones”) has received in the past weeks after his sudden passing from cancer at the age of 69, one might think that the world had lost one of it’s most beloved members, an inspirational visionary who changed the world for good through his music while managing to capture the hearts and minds of all who encountered him. The volume of praise for Bowie in mainstream media has little...

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Engaging Culture Without Losing the Gospel

Jan 27, 2016 by

By Russell Moore, LifeWay: Culture is shifting, it seems, into a different era, an era in which religion is not necessarily seen as a social good. Christianity in its historic, apostolic form is increasingly seen as socially awkward at best, as subversive at worst. For a long time, the church in America has assumed that its cultural conservatism was American, that most people at least ideally wanted to live up to our conception of the good life. Those with eyes to see ought to recognize that...

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The migrant crisis could shatter the EU

Jan 25, 2016 by

By Cerberus, TCW: […]  Hard-wired into the DNA of Europe’s leaders is the idea that the answer to every challenge is more Europe, not less. But this time they might just seek solace in less. Ever since Angela Merkel’s catastrophic decision to throw open Germany’s borders – and by extension the whole of the EU’s including Britain’s – to countless millions of people, mostly Muslims, from countries wracked by war and poverty, the EU’s impotence in the face of external threats has been...

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Is the EU good for European Civilisation?

Jan 23, 2016 by

By Charles Moore, Telegraph: Next month, unless there is a last-minute slip between Brussels cup and British lip, we shall be inundated with detail about what David Cameron has wonfrom the EU. He will claim that his package will create the “reformed Europe” which he seeks. Indeed, he is saying it already, before he has actually got it. Therefore, he will continue, the British people can confidently vote to remain in the EU. His Cabinet, though technically free to advocate a Leave vote, will...

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Conscience, Obamacare Mandates, and Sex-Reassignment Therapies

Jan 12, 2016 by

by  Roger Severino and Ryan T. Anderson, Public Discourse: Proposed new healthcare regulations threaten the religious liberty, freedom of conscience, and independent medical judgment of healthcare professionals. On September 8, 2015, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published a notice of proposed rulemaking that would implement certain nondiscrimination provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare) in ways...

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