African Bishops Denounce “Filthy Campaigns” and “New Slavery” Before UN Summit

Sep 26, 2015 by

By Steffano Gennarini JD, C-Fam: African Bishops denounced “agents of the civilization of death” in a powerful message prepared this summer ahead of today’s adoption of a new UN development scheme by world leaders. In a “Common Declaration of the Bishops of Africa and Madagascar” published during negotiations on the development goals, the Bishops urge African leaders and their global development partners to “love and serve Africa in truth!” – and criticize the “moral decadence” of developed countries. The Bishops accuse the global development establishment of “buying” African politicians and officials to further their “selfish and perverse interests,” and urge Africans to ”not give in to the triple seduction of pleasure, money, and power!” They specifically mention initiatives to eliminate protections for children in the womb, to indoctrinate children from an early age, the promotion of homosexuality as normal, and campaigns to reduce Africa’s population by massive funding of...

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The Church must challenge the State’s fuzzy ‘British Values’

Sep 23, 2015 by

From Archbishop Cranmer: Fundamental British values have been defined by the Government as: “the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.” According to Andrew Gilligan’s piece in the Telegraph on Home Office plans for the mandatory registration of all faith leaders, extremism is defined by the Government as: “the vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and the mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.” So, in a nutshell, extremism includes vocal opposition to respecting Mohammed. Yes, that’s the inflammatory nugget of ‘religious hatred’. It would be just as easy to say that Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, being a vocal supporter of IRA bombs and bullets, is, by this definition, an extremist, but slightly less interesting from a theological point of view. How does the Government propose to...

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Public Morality and the Lure of Profit

Sep 21, 2015 by

by David L Tubbs, Public Discourse: The liberal campaign to redefine marriage is not over. Attempts to secure constitutional rights to polygamy and polyamory are on the way. Conservatives must pursue a new strategy to thwart private corporations from undermining public morality if we hope to prevent further changes to the institution of marriage and protect other vital elements of public morality. Even after the economic slowdown of the last eight years, the high standard of living in the United States remains the envy of much of the world. That standard of living depends upon the spirit of entrepreneurship, a broad commitment to free markets, and a vast number of business corporations. But what happens when corporations make money by undermining crucial elements of public morality in the United States? We have substantial evidence that more and more corporations are doing just that. What Is “Public Morality”? Public morality...

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Silence at the water-cooler: The impact of same-sex marriage in the workplace

Sep 1, 2015 by

From Science Daily: Workplace reactions to same-sex relationships suggest that legal recognition has done little to erode the marginalization many LGB people face, new research from a University of Kent sociologist concludes. Dr Mike Thomas looked at the workplace as an arena for assessing the social impact of same-sex marriage and civil partnership. Drawing on groundbreaking research carried out in the UK, USA and Canada, Dr Thomas found that getting married or forming a civil partnership sometimes led to problems for lesbian and gay people at work. In a paper presented on 25 August at the annual conference of the American Sociological Association, Dr Thomas concluded that while on the one hand news of a same-sex wedding or civil partnership made gay and lesbian employees more visible at work and led to a sense of belonging and inclusion, this was often an uncomfortable process that tested the limits of...

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10 Key Ways To Break The Mass Delusion Machine

Aug 28, 2015 by

By Stella Morabito, The Federalist: Perception is everything. Wars are often won or lost based on how the actors perceive one another’s strengths and weaknesses, not so much how strong or weak they are in reality. So it goes with any agenda item. When people sense a shift in public opinion on an issue, a fair number will shift right along with what they perceive. Thus, power elites can shape behaviors and attitudes by applying various techniques of crowd psychology, focused on propaganda and silencing dissent. The end product is thought reform or “collective belief formation.” It’s all about molding your perception of a given issue so your perception will influence others’ perceptions, creating an “opinion cascade.” Effective propaganda also keeps you in the dark about the fact that you are being manipulated. Read here...

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Jared Fogle, Ashley Madison, Planned Parenthood and our men without chests

Aug 22, 2015 by

By Aaron Earls, The Wardrobe Door: One man was exposed for sexually exploiting minors. Thousands of men were exposed for seeking affairs through a website. And an entire national organization continued to be exposed for barbaric practices toward unborn (and born) infants. And that’s just this week. Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, adultery website Ashley Madison and the abortion industry of Planned Parenthood have not occurred in a vacuum. They are the logical extension of the society we have created and cultivated. In The Abolition of Man, one of his most prophetic pieces, C.S. Lewis saw the same thing happening over 70 years ago. Read here...

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