Identity politics is creating a new kind of apartheid

Nov 29, 2016 by

by Matt Ridley: The student union at King’s College London will field a team in University Challenge that contains at least 50 per cent “self-defining women, trans or non-binary students”. The only bad thing Ken Livingstone could bring himself to say about the brutal dictator Fidel Castro was that “initially he wasn’t very good on lesbian and gay rights”. The first page of Hillary Clinton’s campaign website (still up) has links to “African Americans for Hillary, Latinos for Hillary, Asian...

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The Right comprehends the Left but never vice versa

Nov 26, 2016 by

by Prudence Dailey, The Conservative Woman: The smug self-satisfaction of the liberal elite has one again been manifested on last week’s edition of Radio 4’s Any Questions by Irish feminist author Eimear McBride who, when asked whom she would like to talk to in a lift and what she would say, responded ‘Nigel Farage: Please be a better person than you are’. To understand the full extent of the crassness of this remark, you also need to know that Mr Farage was a fellow panellist on the same...

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The Shift from Authority to Preference—And Its Consequences for the Church

Nov 18, 2016 by

by Os Guinness, 9 Marks: Our modern world has shifted us from a stance under authority to one of preference. Or, expressed more carefully, our modern world tends to undermine all forms of authority other than its own and replaces them with the sense that all responses are merely a matter of preference. THE LORD AS AUTHORITY   It goes without saying that authority is central and crucial to both the Jewish and Christian faiths. Unique among the gods believed in throughout history, the Lord...

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Modern Society Has ‘Destroyed’ Family Bonds And Community Life, Says Former Archbishop

Nov 10, 2016 by

by Harry Farley, Christian Today: He said respect for older people had declined because people were no longer taught the 10 Commandments. Carey, a controversial proponent of assisted suicide, said the fifth commandment – “honour your father and mother” – once meant communities believed in “primacy of the elderly”. He told the conference in Westminster hosted by think-tank the International Longevity Centre:”I remember growing up as a boy in the East End of London,...

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What’s Religion Good For? Progressives Weigh In

Nov 7, 2016 by

by James B. LaGrand, Public Discourse: The answer many progressives give to the question, “What’s religion good for?” is troubling in at least two ways. Not only does it conflict with traditional understandings of religious freedom, it also does harm to the integrity of religion itself. It turns out that there’s nothing grassroots about the groups “Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good” and “Catholics United.” Emails published by WikiLeaks reveal that they’re astroturf groups created by...

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Hallowe’en Has Become An Orgy Of Blood-Spattered Nonsense. But We Trivialise Spiritual Forces At Our Peril

Oct 28, 2016 by

by James Cary, Christian Today: […] Why is Hallowe’en now like this? Hallowe’en has switched from spookiness, which is tiresome enough, to blood-spattered, internal-organ-removing horror. It has quadrupled in size in the process. I’m not one to harp on about what happened back in my day, but back in my day, in the 1980s, Hallowe’en was meant to be just a bit spooky. People put on bedsheets and ran around saying ‘Wooooooo!’ There were cobwebs, the odd...

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