I Am Amused, Therefore I Am

Mar 9, 2017 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch: In ancient Rome the masses were pacified with bread and circuses. Today in the West we find ourselves in the same mind-numbing and soul-destroying situation. Almost all Westerners have the basics: food, clothing and shelter. So now we spend much of our time on...

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Text Patterns

Feb 26, 2017 by

by Alan Jacobs, The New Atlantis: structures of presumption: case studies, One of the most disturbing books I’ve read in a long time is Richard Beck’s We Believe the Children: A Moral Panic in the 1980s. Beck recounts the history of a time when a great many Americans became convinced that day-care...

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Where are we at the start of 2017?

Jan 5, 2017 by

Barnabas Fund Editorial: The year 2016 was a tumultuous twelve months, characterised by dramatic and largely unforeseen events such as the Brexit vote in the UK, the election of Donald Trump as president of the US, and the refugee crisis in Europe. The Cambridge Dictionary’s word of the year for...

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Revelation 9: Are We Heading Into the Abyss?

Jan 4, 2017 by

by David Robertson, Christian Today: Muhammed Ali, Prince, Harper Lee, Fidel Castro, David Bowie, John Glenn, Nancy Reagan, Arnold Palmer, Terry Wogan, Paul Daniels, Ronnie Corbett, Victoria Wood, Caroline Aherne, Shimon Peres, the King of Thailand, Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Gene Wilder, Robert...

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Lesson from History: Transgender Mania is Sign of Cultural Collapse – Camille Paglia

Dec 30, 2016 by

Author, art professor, feminist, and cultural commentator Camille Paglia speaks on the current transgender mania, the wisdom of early medical & surgical intervention (calling it “child abuse”), and how the explosion of gender identities is a recurring sign of cultural collapse...

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2016 in Review (Updated 7 Jan)

Dec 26, 2016 by

Newest posts at the top IRD’s Top 10 Church News Stories in 2016 2016: The year the worm finally turned by Herbert Purdy 2016: A review by Professor Anand Menon, the UK in a Changing Europe IRD’s Top 10 Church News Stories in 2016 by Jeffrey Walton, IRD 5 Takeaways from 2016—and their implications...

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