Evangelical identity and British values

Dec 20, 2014 by

By David Landrum, EAUK: Identity is a funny thing. It’s hugely important, yet often we take it for granted. It’s unique to each one of us, yet we all have many identities. I’m a father, a brother, a friend, English, a scouser, and an Everton supporter, to name but a few. These identities are like layers of an onion: each one more or less significant than another. The question is: what’s at the irreducible core? Who are we when everything else has been stripped away? In...

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Good News About Relationships in America: Findings from a New, Large, Nationwide Survey

Dec 5, 2014 by

By Mark Regnerus, Witherspoon Institute: A new and very large nationally representative survey of Americans is shedding much light on the religious and relationship lives, behaviors, and attitudes of adults. It’s called the Relationships in America study, and a report on it was released earlier this week from the Austin Institute. I’m a senior fellow of the Institute, and had a hand in the survey’s design and construction—approved by the University of Texas—and in editing the report whose key...

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The ambiguous legacy of The Pill

Dec 3, 2014 by

By Jennifer Roback Morse, MercatorNet: I am in the process of writing a book which argues that the Sexual Revolution has been a rich person’s hobby horse from the beginning. The rich and powerful like the idea of separating sex from child-bearing. While this idea is sometimes wrapped up in a disguise of helping woman and the poor, the fact remains that the rich and powerful pioneered and implemented these ideas, quite often at the expense of women and the poor. So I wondered, when I picked up...

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Marriage, Sex, Faith and Culture

Nov 29, 2014 by

Lord Jonathan Sacks, Former Chief Rabbi, on Marriage, Sex, Faith and Culture In full: Lord Sacks’ speech that brought Vatican conference to its feet. Among many speeches yesterday following Pope Francis’s address to the Humanum colloquium on complementarity, that of Lord Jonathan Sacks, the former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom, was the standout, bringing the audience of 300 in the synod hall to their feet. Using dazzling oratory, he offered a magisterial account of the development of...

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A changing America

Nov 5, 2014 by

by Ed Vitagliano, AFA: In July, George Barna (…) came to American Family Studios to film “Portrait of America” before a live audience. The presentation provides a look into the beliefs and values of American adults. “Portrait of America” will be available at atimetospeak.com along with bonus features released October 1 in conjunction with the debut of “One Generation Away” and “A Time to Speak.” The two documentaries reveal the dangers posed to religious freedom by an increasingly...

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Stand Against Conformity

Oct 3, 2014 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch: Back in my hippy days, as part of my wild youth, us rebels liked to say how much we hated conformity. We thought the square, middle class values of our parents smothered individuality and creativity and led to a deadening conformity. We wanted none of that. But the odd thing is, as we rejected the conformity of the previous generation, we simply developed a conformity of our own. We were in fact all rather alike – we conformed to each other. Thus we all...

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