Wisdom and Government

Jul 14, 2016 by

from Christian Concern: Dr Joe Boot explores the dramatically different outcomes of wisdom and folly in the lives of individuals and governments. He highlights the biblical accounts of the lives of Solomon and Nabal as examples, respectively, of wisdom and folly. As Christians, Joe says, we are gifted with godly wisdom and we are called to engage with culture. He concludes by stating that “working with government and rulers is our act of worship, the end of which is the glory of...

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Anti-Muslim sentiment on rise in Europe due to migration and Isil as continent rejects multi-cultural society

Jul 12, 2016 by

by Peter Foster, Telegraph: Europe is rejecting the idea that multi-culturalism is beneficial to society following a year in which the migrant crisis and Isil-inspired terror attacks have boosted anti-Muslim sentiment across the continent, a new Europe-wide survey has shown. The data from Pew Research, the leading non-partisan US social attitudes survey company, will serve as another sharp warning to Europe’s political elites about the growing strength of grassroots sentiment over the...

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When the foundations are being destroyed – Christian reflections on Broken Britain

Jul 4, 2016 by

by Peter Saunders, CMF: We live in times when the very foundations of our civilisation are being destroyed: the NHS with its burgeoning needs and shrinking budgets, mounting national debt, political and economic uncertainty following ‘Brexit’, the threat of Islamic fundamentalism, creeping atheism and secular humanism. The mountains of our culture, those institutions which shape its trajectory: our parliaments, courts, universities, medical institutions and the worlds of art, media and...

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Notre Dame Prof: Our Schools are Committing ‘Civilizational Suicide’

Jul 3, 2016 by

by Daniel Lattier, Intellectual Takeout: Dr. Patrick Deneen has taught in some of America’s finest universities. He has been a professor at Princeton, Georgetown, and is now in the political science department at Notre Dame. So what’s his assessment of America’s best students? “My students are know-nothings.” In an extremely important essay posted to Minding the Campus titled “How a Generation Lost Its Common Culture,” Deneen further describes his students: “They are exceedingly nice,...

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That rumbling you feel is Judeo-Christian civilization collapsing beneath your feet

Jun 23, 2016 by

by Jonathon van Maren, LifeSite: It was a beautiful summer evening, with an occasional gentle breeze preventing it from becoming stifling. I was sitting on a restaurant patio with my wife, sipping ice-cold water and chatting about the week’s events while waiting for our food to arrive. Cheery chatter rose from the tables around us. The events we were discussing seemed almost weird and unreal in contrast with the pleasant Saturday evenings unfolding for the restaurant’s patrons. Everything...

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Study authors retract: It turns out conservatives are not psychotic (liberals are)

Jun 15, 2016 by

by Fr Mark Hodges, LifeSite: The National Review calls it, “one of the most humiliating academic mistakes ever.” Powerline calls it, “the mother of all corrections.” The Media Research Center calls it, “maybe the most embarrassing correction in history.” Over three years after publishing a study which both presumed and then “found” that political and social conservatism comes from “psychoticism,” “dogmatism,”...

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