Can humanity live without borders?

Apr 29, 2016 by

by Frank Furedi, spiked: ‘When are we going to reach the border?’, asked my older sister on a wet and cold November night back in 1956. The Furedi family was on the move, anxious to escape the Stalinist regime in Hungary and cross the border to Austria. For us at that moment, the border to the West appeared as a magical door to a new wonderful future. From the perspective of history, we were fortunate; as suggested by the recent experience of many refugees coming to Europe, borders are...

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The Bard, the Bathroom, and the Common Good: Shakespeare’s Timeless and Timely Political Though

Apr 25, 2016 by

by Adam Carrington, Public Discourse: Whether we discuss the nature of marriage or the rules governing bathroom use, Shakespeare calls on us to remember who we are as human beings and how our nature should be reflected in our society’s mores and laws. This weekend marks the four hundredth anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, the English language’s greatest playwright. In his thirty-seven plays, Shakespeare makes all the world a stage, displaying human life in its unity and...

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Raunchy Prince was actually a conservative Christian who reportedly opposed gay marriage

Apr 22, 2016 by

By Michelle Boorstein,, Washington Post: With the death Thursday of Prince Rogers Nelson, you may see a strange mix on your Facebook feed of sex and religion. That’s because perhaps one of the raunchiest, steamiest pop culture figures in the past quarter-century was a conservative Christian. Religious and spiritual themes ran through a huge amount of his work, including this tiny sampling of lyrics: “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Life,” he intoned,...

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Faith, Freedom and the Future

Apr 12, 2016 by

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali offers analysis of current challenges and gives urgently needed advice for Christians and policy-makers in a timely new book. By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. One of the main themes running through this book is Bishop Michael’s conviction, familiar to those who have heard him speak or read his work before, that the freedom and flourishing of the individual within healthy and harmonious communities and nations is best preserved by a strong foundation of a...

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The modern crisis of identity

Apr 11, 2016 by

by Glynn Harrison, Jubilee Centre: It has never been easy to answer the question ‘Who am I?’ but increasing social pluralism, the fast-changing world of social media, and easy access to cosmetic surgery make it more difficult than ever. The resulting confusion may undermine wellbeing and threaten social cohesion. The biblical view of human identity as ‘given’ in Christ, worked out imaginatively in relational communities, can potentially buffer these harmful consequences, defend against...

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Why is There No Balance or Impartiality in TV Drama or Soap Operas?

Apr 10, 2016 by

By Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday: If you want to change someone’s mind, don’t bother arguing with him. Get control of a major TV or radio soap opera and you are halfway there. I would love to infiltrate the scriptwriters of Coronation Street and insert a storyline about a bright young teenager who starts smoking cannabis and ends up hopelessly mentally ill, stuck on a locked ward as his weeping parents wonder why nobody did anything to enforce the drug laws. Or EastEnders might feature the...

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