Five reasons why ‘no-fault divorce’ would be a disaster for marriage

Nov 21, 2017 by

from Coalition for Marriage: A group of MPs, campaigners and journalists are attempting to undermine marriage by making it legal for either party to abandon a marriage without giving a reason. Last week Conservative MP Suella Fernandes led a Westminster Hall debate in which she called for the...

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Family breakdown top cause of poor child mental health

Nov 19, 2017 by

Press release from The Marriage Foundation: Family breakdown is the biggest factor behind the UK’s child mental health crisis, a new Marriage Foundation report has found. More than a third of (36 per cent) children whose parents had split up reported poor mental health, compared to only a fifth...

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‘No-fault divorce could reduce marriage to a tenancy agreement’

Oct 20, 2017 by

from The Christian Institute: The liberalising of divorce law could be a “conveyor belt” for marriage breakdown, the Campaign Director of the Coalition for Marriage has said. Thomas Pascoe was speaking out as part of a Radio 2 debate with Paddy O’Connell earlier this week. Campaigners have been...

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Justin Welby conducts wedding of his divorced aide

Sep 25, 2017 by

by Steve Doughty, Mailonline: The Archbishop of Canterbury has conducted the wedding of a divorcee in a sign of support for those who wish to remarry in church. Dr Justin Welby presided over the ceremony at Lambeth Palace where one of his senior staff, Ailsa Anderson, married journalist Simon...

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The legal case that could radically change marriage in Britain

Sep 4, 2017 by

from Coalition for Marriage: Dear marriage supporter, On their wedding day couples promise ‘till death us do part’. But pressure is growing to allow quick ‘no fault’ divorces, which would completely undermine marriage as a lifelong covenant. Last month permission was granted for an appeal to the...

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The Children of Divorce Speak Out

Jul 18, 2017 by

by Rachel Lu, Crisis Magazine: “As a kid I was always sad and always trying to keep everyone else happy. I felt like I had to be one person when I was with my dad and another when I was with my mom.” So says an anonymous child of divorce, describing how her parents’ divorce impacted her childhood....

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