Sex wars intensify as marriage declines further and ruinous single parenting booms

Nov 4, 2014 by

From Conservative Woman: Here’s your future: Women are quite happy to depend on the government if the father doesn’t meet her expectations. Men are quite happy too, as higher taxes are a lot better than complete financial annihilation through divorce. Governments love higher taxes. Many same sex couples are going to want children. As the decline in heterosexual “marital” relationships continues, and it will, more and more will opt for same sex relationships and/or domestic...

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Bishop Baker to step down as FiF chairman

Nov 1, 2014 by

By George Conger, Anglican Ink: The Rt. Rev. Jonathan Baker has announced he will not stand for re-election as chairman of Forward in Faith UK. In an interview with The Church of England Newspaper published today, Bishop Baker said: “Being nearly at the end of a four-year term as Chairman of Forward in Faith, I informed colleagues at our last council meeting on 19 October that I will not be putting my name forward for election again in November when my term comes to an end. I feel privileged...

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Leading CofE bishop Jonathan Baker to remarry after divorce

Oct 29, 2014 by

By Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today: A leading traditionalist bishop in the Church of England is to remarry after divorce having been given permission by the Bishop of London and the Archbishop of Canterbury. The issue of marriage after divorce dominated the recent Roman Catholic synod of bishops in Rome where liberals and conservatives are divided over whether to admit remarried divorcees to Holy Communion. The Church of England has a more relaxed attitude to the sacraments but even in the...

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CofE bishop given permission to remarry after divorce

Oct 27, 2014 by

26 Oct 2014 Author: George Conger, Anglican Ink The chairman of Forward in Faith (UK), the Rt. Rev. Jonathan Baker, Bishop of Fulham, has written to his clergy informing them that he has been given permission by the Bishop of London and Archbishop of Canterbury to remarry following his divorce to his wife. In a letter dated 22 Oct 2014, Bishop Baker states he intends to marry in the spring of next year. “The marriage will be a private civil ceremony, and this will be followed by a Mass...

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Mothers and children suffer the most in family breakups, research suggests

Sep 29, 2014 by

By Mark Townsend, Guardian: Women and children are hit hardest following the breakdown of a relationship, with research showing that one in five mothers falls into poverty following a split. Comprehensive analysis of how parents fare in the years after separation found that children and their mothers see living standards fall by more on average during the aftermath than fathers. Researchers also found that, after couples with grown-up children separated, almost a third of women, usually over...

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Divorce and Remarriage

Sep 14, 2014 by

By Robert Spaemann, First Things: The divorce statistics for modern Western societies are catastrophic. They show that marriage is no longer regarded as a new, independent reality transcending the individuality of the spouses, a reality that, at the very least, cannot be dissolved by the will of one partner alone. But can it be dissolved by the consent of both parties, or by the will of a synod or a pope? The answer must be no, for as Jesus himself explicitly declares, man cannot put asunder...

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