Judge rejects plea to keep child away from Christian lifestyle

Jul 6, 2016 by

by Hannah Tooley, Premier: A Muslim man has told a judge in court that his ex-wife’s “un-Islamic” lifestyle is “debauched.” The pair are involved in a family dispute over the care of their daughter, 9, following the breakdown of their relationship. The husband told Mr Justice Hayden that he did not approve of his estranged wife’s new Christian partner. The judge heard that the girl had been living with her mother. Her father had arranged to take her on...

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Divorce is killing our children, but we’re too drowned in PC nonsense to talk about it

May 6, 2016 by

by Rick Fitzgibbons, LifeSite: The recent 2016 study of suicide risk from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention presents troubling data in regard to the 24% increase in suicides in the United States over the 15-year period between 1999 and 2014.  Of particular concern was the finding of the tripling of the suicide rate for females 10-14.  Unfortunately, the CDC does not have data on what percentage of these girls were children of divorce, were born of single mothers or grew up without...

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Couples ‘regret divorce after five years’

Feb 9, 2016 by

By Steve Doughty, Mailonline: Couples who divorce are likely to regret it five years later, a former High Court judge said yesterday. A high proportion of those who separate wish they had stayed together after a few years of living with the consequences, family judge Sir Paul Coleridge said. The warning to couples to think carefully before they rush to separate follows evidence that more than one in five divorced or estranged people think later that they should have tried to save their...

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‘I’ve seen the cruelty divorced parents inflict on children at Christmas – and it’s obscene’

Dec 23, 2015 by

By Sir Paul Coleridge, Mailonline: A flight on a private jet might sound like the ultimate Christmas present for any child. But for the wretched children of multi-millionaire parents at war, this was just one more exhausting ordeal. It was one of the more bizarre cases that I faced as a senior High Court judge in the Family Division. One of the parents lived in London, the other in Switzerland, and neither was prepared to give an inch. We spent endless hours in court, at huge expense, arguing...

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What is the Actual US Divorce Rate and Risk?

Dec 16, 2015 by

By Glenn Stanton, Public Discourse: It is important that those who care about the state of the family have a realistic view of its strengths and weaknesses. Considered carefully and understood properly, statistics about divorce can offer us one important part of that picture. There’s a great deal of fog today about what the actual divorce rate is in the United States. Some say it’s around 50 percent, others—including some notable authors—say it’s nowhere close to that. Some incorrectly believe...

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Signs of push-back against Obergefell

Nov 13, 2015 by

By Michael Cook, Conjugality: Not all American states have placidly accepted the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v Hodges to declare same-sex marriage constitutional. Some are listening to advice from legal scholars that “state officeholders” should “refuse to accept Obergefell as binding precedent”. If this gathers momentum, there could eventually be some scope for state governors to ignore Obergefell as a precedent. Instead, they could argue that the Court had spoken authoritatively...

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