Restoring a scriptural imagination in a secular age

Feb 24, 2017 by

by Timothy O’Malley, Living Church: At present, there are three primary modes of interpreting the Scriptures, all of which are fundamentally related to the effects of secularization as experienced within parochial life. The first is operative within the academy and may best be described as...

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Have We Lost the Soul of Evangelicalism?

Feb 23, 2017 by

by Trevin Wax, The Gospel Coalition: Recently, New Testament scholar Scot McKnight posted a lament of sorts for the evangelical movement. Scot is distressed by the tone of conversations he sees online, where “everybody’s a prophet because, so they think, they are speaking to truth to power,” when...

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A foolish man builds his church on fudge. Take note, Justin

Feb 19, 2017 by

by Rod Liddle, The Times: […] The General Synod of the Church of England voted not to “take note” of a massively long and hugely expensive report from the bishops that decided gay marriage was probably not quite on at the moment, all things considered… …So now there will be...

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Why I Walked

Feb 16, 2017 by

by J I Packer, in 2003: In June 2002, the synod of the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster authorized its bishop to produce a service for blessing same-sex unions, to be used in any parish of the diocese that requests it. A number of synod members walked out to protest the decision. They declared...

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Sexual immorality is a first order salvation issue. It is time for The Church of England to go under the surgeon’s knife

Feb 15, 2017 by

by Peter Saunders, Christian Medical Comment: On Wednesday 15 February the Church of England General Synod will decide whether or not to “take note” of the House of Bishops’ report on marriage and same-sex relationships. Within the Church, it is now very clear that the two main positions held are...

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500 years on – does the reformation still matter?

Feb 1, 2017 by

by Peter Jensen, GAFCON: When all is said and done, the fundamental question for every human being is, ‘How can a sinner like me stand before God on the Day of Judgement?’ Does this still matter? There is only one answer. This year we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation....

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