Groins and minds since the Fall

Jun 23, 2015 by

By Fr John Hunwicke: The Elephant in the Room during all this endless talk about the Synod’s Agenda, is, surely: Has Human Nature changed? Did humans never, before today, suffer from sexual temptation? Are Fornication, Adultery, Sodomy, problems only of our own unique and spectacularly sui generis age? What did the New Testament writers mean when they talked about porneia, moikheia, malakia? Is there something crashingly new about the capacity or incapacity of modern human beings...

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The Ten Commandments provide spiritual and moral rules for life

Jun 21, 2015 by

By Julian Mann, The Conservative Woman: If the man or woman in the street were asked to come up with a new set of Ten Commandments to suit modern society, what do you think people might come up with? Thou shalt not insist that the god you believe in is the only god. Thou shalt not be old-fashioned in your attitudes, particularly about marriage and family life. Thou shalt be non-judgmental towards everyone except bigots. Thou shalt live thy dream. Thou shalt own a smart phone. Thou shalt be...

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Is wrong doctrine harmful?

Jun 20, 2015 by

By Ian Paul, Psephizo: The employment tribunal concerning Jeremy Pemberton is over, but it is far from finished. As Jeremy himself comments on the previous post on this, final submissions will be offered in July and read in September, and the judgement will be made after that. I had not realised that the tribunal would be taking place down the road, nor that it was open to the public, else I might perhaps have planned to attend and listen for myself. (The picture here is of Permberton’s legal...

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Equality dictates that if God is female so is the Devil

Jun 4, 2015 by

By Dan Leafe, The Conservative Woman: After several millennia it has taken a positively luminescent insight from Women and the Church WATCH to point out that the Almighty’s own self-disclosure has, hitherto, been woefully lacking. Our, and indeed, Our Lord’s failure to identify the Heavenly Father in female terms via the “inclusive language” of female or non-gendered pronouns has apparently short-changed both Him and us. Little did we realise as we lifted our voices to cry, “Glory be to the...

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Communicating truth in a ‘dictatorship of relativism’

May 30, 2015 by

By Archbiship Cranmer: Cardinal Raymond Burke preached this week in Oxford against the “dictatorship of relativism” which brands Christians “fundamentalists and extremists”. The Tablet recounts: Quoting the Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Burke warned of the dangers of “various ideological currents” and of “human deception and trickery which strives to lead us into error”. He continued with a condemnation of what Benedict termed a “dictatorship of relativism which does not recognise anything as...

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Homosexuality, Abortion, Carnality: Who Are You to Judge

Apr 20, 2015 by

By Shane Idleman, Charisma News: A few years ago, a news report featured a famous athlete who was considering running for political office. As soon as the news correspondent asked about abortion and gay-marriage, the potential candidate became visibly upset. He criticized Christians and ended the interview saying, “Doesn’t the Bible say ‘judge not'; who are you to tell people what they can, and cannot do?” Unfortunately, misrepresentation of this Scripture is common...

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