How would you answer the question: ‘What is sin?’

Jan 18, 2018 by

by John Sandeman, Eternity News: While four-letter words get all the attention, Christians struggle more with some three letter words. “Sin” for example. This word trapped Tim Farron, a public Christian who led the UK Liberal Democrats during last year’s election. On the campaign trail, Farron was...

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Church, You Have Got To Take a Stand on Sexuality

Oct 22, 2017 by

by Tom Gilson, The Stream: “I don’t know, Tom. I don’t like debate.” I’d been talking with a pastor about his church’s position on homosexuality and gay marriage. His own position was conservative and biblical, but someone else in leadership had fired a gay-affirming shot across the church’s...

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Justin Welby unable to give a ‘straight answer’ on whether gay sex is sinful.

Oct 4, 2017 by

by Gavin Ashenden: The GQ Interview: “Asked by Campbell if gay sex was sinful, Welby said: “You know very well that is a question I can’t give a straight answer to. Sorry, badly phrased there. I should have thought that one through.” Pressed on why he could not answer, the archbishop said:...

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What the cringing C of E needs is a healthy dose of fire and brimstone

Sep 24, 2017 by

by Daniel Frampton, TCW: It’s one of the quirks of the Church of England that to be a member you don’t really have to believe in God. This is a strange sort of inclusivity, no doubt, though it is terribly nice. But that’s exactly the problem. Too much niceness is repellent. The C of E is much like...

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Orthophobia and the Marginalized QTBGL Catholic

Jul 21, 2017 by

by Deacon Jim Russell, Crisis Magazine: As I survey the current state of the Catholic Church, I believe I can no longer hold back. It is time for me to come out. I am and have for some time identified as a member of the QTBGL community, and I need to explain why I call myself a QTBGL Catholic. For...

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CHEXIT:- Staying, leaving or consecrating new bishops

May 18, 2017 by

by Gavin Ashenden: The Church Society, through its president Dr Gatiss, has offered an enthusiastic case for staying in the Church of England as opposed to leaving it. But the choices before us are less binary than that. Some have left already, but for those who stay, the terms on which they stay...

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