Shining Christ’s Light whether in Rotherham or Richmond

Aug 28, 2014 by

By Julian Mann, Cranmer’s Curate: In communities where girls are at risk from exploitation by criminal gangs of Muslim men and where they are not, churches and church schools must urgently and purposefully teach the young people in their care to ‘live as children of light’ (Ephesians 5v8 – NIV). The Apostle Paul’s teaching in Ephesians chapters 5 and 6 is desperately needed in all human societies and cultures. Without it all of us, whatever age we are or social...

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Tracking Christian Sexual Morality in a Same-Sex Marriage Future

Aug 11, 2014 by

By Mark Regnerus, Public Discourse: Churchgoing Christians who support same-sex marriage are more likely to think pornography, cohabitation, hook-ups, adultery, polyamory, and abortion are acceptable. And it’s reasonable to expect continued change in more permissive directions. As mainline Protestant denominations increasingly accept the ordination of gay clergy and publicly affirm same-sex unions, the sociologist in me wishes to understand what this development means for people in those...

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Christian Persecution in Australia

Aug 8, 2014 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch: We expect the secularists and God-haters to persecute Christians – and they do. But we don’t expect Christian organisations to persecute Christians – but it seems that they do as well. It seems we have another tragic example of this very thing happening right here in Australia. I have already discussed the sad story of Troy Williams, the Tassie chaplain and Scripture Union worker who was raked over the coals for daring to tell the truth about...

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Hey, Church of England: if you want to become a Christian, you have to renounce the Devil

Jun 22, 2014 by

by Tim Stanley, Telegraph: Truly the Devil’s greatest trick was to convince us that he doesn’t exist – or, at least, that it’s impolite to mention him in public. The Church of England has been forced to reinstate the word “sin” into baptism services after parishioners complained that its new liturgy was (to use one of the nicer adjectives) too “bland”. The old order of service went something like this: Q: Do you reject the Devil and all rebellion against God? A: I reject them. Q: Do you...

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The UN and the Vatican: Politicizing Torture to Defend Abortion

May 9, 2014 by

By Rebecca Hamilton, Patheos The Vatican went before the UN Convention on Torture to answer questions about the clergy child abuse scandal and Church teachings on abortion and homosexuality, not as a church, but as a government. In addition to raising the preposterous idea that Church teaching on abortion is torture of women, the Convention also raised the issue of the practice of transferring child abusing priests from one parish to another. I am guessing that the Convention’s position on the...

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Palm Sunday: Let’s talk about Jesus!

Apr 8, 2014 by

By Andrew Symes   Over the last few weeks, all over the country the church has been engaged in mission. Local churches have been running “Real Lives” and “Passion for Life” events, student Christian Unions have followed up the successful one-to-one “Uncover” Gospel reading programme with the traditional Lent mission weeks. Alpha and Christianity Explored courses have continued to draw in those from the fringes and on the outside of church life. Even...

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