You needn’t be Christian to be head of Church of England school

Sep 28, 2015 by

By Sarah Harris, Mailonline: Church of England schools are struggling to find enough Christian headteachers. Primaries and secondaries are being forced instead to recruit ‘from other faiths or none at all’. Practising Christians are in short supply for all teaching posts and those taken on must show only that they are ‘on board’ with CofE values. In a ‘needs analysis’ report, the Church’s education office warns of a potential demographic time bomb with an increasingly elderly cohort of school leaders. It says it needs to recruit significant numbers of strong heads, particularly in ‘hard to reach’ rural and coastal areas. The document says: ‘Recruitment of school leaders with the necessary understanding and commitment is proving increasingly difficult, and sometimes impossible. ‘Many dioceses have become more flexible around the requirement that headteachers need to be practising Christians and can reference successful church school heads who are from other faiths or...

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As 40% of adults think Jesus is a myth, has religious education failed?

Sep 25, 2015 by

By Gillan Scott, from Cranmer: Richard Dawkins and the other prophets of atheism love to tell us that in the fabricated battle between religious belief and rationalism, there can be only one winner, and that their side is finally gaining the upper hand; the days of superstitious belief in sky pixies and the like are numbered – at least in the enlightened West. The tide is turning, and it is their hope that, in time, all religious belief, including Christianity, will be seen as little more than a dwindling remnant of the age of ignorance. This is the dawning of the Age of the Nones, where science and technology are the new gods to be worshipped and revered. Certainly Christianity, though still the dominant faith in the United Kingdom, is in a bad way. Those who never progressed beyond the linear graphs of GCSE Maths will look at the...

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Religious free schools lose out in latest application round

Sep 13, 2015 by

By Sophie Scott, Schoolsweek: Fewer religious free schools are being approved by the Department for Education (DfE), shows an analysis of the latest wave of schools approved by David Cameron. Last week the prime minister announced 18 new schools to be opened under the government’s flagship programme from next September. Just two have a religious designation – or 11 per cent of those approved, the smallest proportion since free schools were introduced. Schools Week has compared the proportion of founders applying to open a religious ethos-free school with the proportion of approved applications, for each of the application “waves”. The figures show that the proportion of religious applicants has waned, as have approvals. In total, 1,564 applications have been made to open free schools since 2010. Of these, 34 per cent (533) were for schools with a religious designation or ethos. Only 27 per cent of approved applications, however,...

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Religious education is being ‘watered down’, argues Church of England

Aug 23, 2015 by

By Javier Espinoza, Telegraph: Reverend Nigel Genders, the chief education officer of the Church of England, has said that changes to the GCSE system are also watering down religious education. Changes to the GCSE system are creating a “moral vacuum” which is fuelling extremism, the chief education officer of the Church of England has said as he argues that religious education is being “watered down”. The Reverend Nigel Genders says that a lack of understanding of true theology is pushing teenagers into the hands of the radicals, but at the same time religion is being “squeezed out” of schools across the country. As of September, the EBacc system will become compulsory, meaning all pupils will have to study core subjects – English, maths, science, history or geography and a language – as part of a Government performance measure of schools. Because RE is not included teachers do not see...

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Australian schools are replacing Religious Education with lessons on ‘respectful relationships’

Aug 21, 2015 by

By Harry Farley, Chritian Today: Religious instruction is to be scrapped from some Australian state schools and replaced with classes on ‘respectful relationships.’ The Government believes that it is better to remove religion from regular school hours to allow time for a new class teaching “global cultures, traditions, ethics and faiths.”  “It is the right thing to do,” said education minister James Merlino. “This new content helps all school students, regardless of their background or faith, to understand the world around them and the ideas and values that shape that world,” he said. A Christian group, who are the leading providers of SRI, has condemned the decision as “hastily made and poorly advised”. Read here...

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Ban Christianity from classrooms for the sake of ‘community cohesion’, demands minister

Aug 5, 2015 by

By Liam Deacon, Breitbart: The Welsh Government is poised to oust religious education and ban Christianity from schools to “rise to the challenge of community cohesion” and “extremism.” Welsh Minister for Education and Skills Huw Lewis, told Senedd, The Welsh Parliament: “My contention would be that we rename the [religious education] curriculum and transform it into the religion, philosophy and ethics element of the curriculum – where there is an explicit commitment to allowing children to ponder ideas around ethics and citizenship and what it means to be a citizen of a free country.” He argued that the Welsh government must “rise to the challenge of community cohesion” through reforming religious education. At the end of June an “Independent review of curriculum and assessment arrangements in Wales” by Professor Graham Donaldson, a former chief inspector of schools in the principality, urged that pupils in Welsh schools should be “ethical, informed...

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