Faith schools are beacons of intellectual rigour

Aug 29, 2016 by

by Marc Sidwell, Telegraph: Another year’s GCSE and A-level results, another bumper crop for… grammars? academies? Yes, absolutely. But there’s a third group of state schools that outperform the average that gets far less positive attention: the nation’s faith schools. For this year’s results, the Telegraph’s ranking of top-performing comprehensives shows a strong showing from faith schools of many kinds: among the top few dozen entries are two King David Highs, a St John the Baptist RC Comp,...

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Teach Teachers Christianity as well as LGBT – Letter in the Herald

Jul 24, 2016 by

by theweeflea It was good to be on holiday – but I still had to do a little because of an article that appeared in The Sunday Herald – What price for a Herald? The debate over compulsory LBGTI+ education in schools  This letter was a follow up…. Dear Editor,  As last we seem to be making some progress in what I would call Scotland’s dialogue – not ‘culture war’.   Firstly I agree with Robert Canning of Secular Scotland when he says that children should be taught facts, and not indoctrinated....

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Stand Against Ofsted as They Criticise Jewish Schools for Failing to Teach About Same-Sex Relationships

Jul 17, 2016 by

Petition from CitizenGo: Earlier this month, two Orthodox Jewish schools in north London, the Talmud Torah Machzikei Hadass School and Beis Malka Girls’ School, were both criticised by Ofsted for failing to teach about same-sex relationships. Ofsted accused the schools of falling short of required standards because discussion of same-sex relationships and other lifestyles is not taught at the schools. Rather, the school leaves such matters to be discussed at home with parents. Ofsted state the...

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Who is Justine Greening, the UK’s first LGBT Minister of Equalities?

Jul 14, 2016 by

by Olivia Blair, Independent: Justine Greening has been appointed Education Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities, taking over the reins from Nicky Morgan. Theresa May has wasted no time in hiring and firing cabinet members since replacing David Cameron as Prime Minister on Wednesday. Her cabinet reshuffle has included a few divisive appointments, including the announcement of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. Her reshuffle continued on Thursday with the promotion of Ms Greening...

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Church of England performs U-turn and pledges 125 new free schools over the next four years

Jul 11, 2016 by

by Steve Doughty, Mailonline: The Church of England yesterday changed its mind about free schools and pledged to open more than 100 of them over the next four years. After years of scepticism about the establishment of free schools backed by parents, teachers or other groups, it declared that free schools are now ‘the only show in town.’ The expansion programme means the CofE aims to run more than a quarter of the 500 new schools planned by David Cameron’s Government to open...

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U.S. university sued for ordering campus Christian group to get permit before it can talk about Jesus to students

Jul 4, 2016 by

by Jonah Hicap, Christian Today: The North Carolina State University is facing a lawsuit from a Christian student group over its policy that requires students to get a permit before they can talk to anyone about Jesus. Grace Christian Life has filed the lawsuit against the university after its officials barred members of the group last September from approaching other students in the Talley Student Union building to engage in religious talks with them or invite them to attend events. They got...

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