School inspectors turn Trojan Horse into a vehicle for destroying traditional values

Jan 26, 2015 by

by Nick Woods, Conservative Woman: There was a time when school inspectors were austere characters in dark suits, sober ties, short haircuts and squeaky, highly polished shoes. They were known as HMI (Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools) and many were former headmasters of a particularly formidable kind. After a lifetime of insisting on the highest standards in traditional disciplines, such as English grammar, mathematics and the correct spelling and pronunciation of French irregular verbs,...

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Since when has not knowing what lesbians do been a British value?

Jan 22, 2015 by

From Archbishop Cranmer: The task of education is to impart knowledge – especially of that which might develop literacy and numeracy, for without proficiency in words and numbers one may be muted from community and computed for a lifetime of ignorance, incomprehension and poverty. And when the eyes of the child are turned to the light in order that they might see for themselves and understand their perceptions of the world, they will come to know the value of moral, spiritual and physical...

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British values turn into the nightmare of Ofsted-driven lessons in lesbianism

Jan 20, 2015 by

By Chris McGovern, Conservative Woman: On November 27th 2104, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan published guidance on promoting something called ‘British values’ in schools. The Government wishes “to ensure young people leave school prepared for life in modern Britain”. Previous guidance from Michael Gove in 2011 had simply required schools to “respect these values”. The new guidelines are intended “to help both independent and state-maintained schools understand their responsibilities in this...

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Church of England response to Ofsted and British values

Jan 16, 2015 by

The chief education officer of the Church of England responded on the Church of England website to the DofE’s consultation on British values. In the light of recent Ofsted excesses his comments are very pertinent. British values in schools? Dated November 14 2014 Last week, I spoke at a conference for Birmingham Church school heads, chaired by the Bishop of Birmingham, David Urquhart. The keynote address was given by the...

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Stop sexualisation and indoctrination in State Primary School

Jan 7, 2015 by

CHIPS (Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools) is being taught in a number of primary schools with the support of Birmingham City Council, with plans to have training and further implementation rolled out in all state maintained primary schools by March 2015. Schools using CHIPS are advised to embed the programme in their literacy planning. Activities in the CHIPS programme include small children having to participate in cross gender dressing, creating a wedding scene featuring two men and...

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News on school standards

Dec 16, 2014 by

From The Christian Institute: The ‘British values’ for schools agenda continues to hit the headlines. There have been some positive developments recently, but we must continue to pray about this issue. As you will know, there has now been a litany of cases of politically correct intrusions into schools. Back in July, before the new rules came into force, we were the first to raise the potential problems, but we were shocked at the harm they have done so quickly. However, the Department for...

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