Will we say no to genetically modified humans?

Jul 28, 2015 by

By Peter Franklin, Conservative Home: It’s easy to forget that eugenic ideas were once mainstream and exercised their pernicious influence far beyond Nazi Germany. In the future, however, it may be transgenics not eugenics that we have to worry about. Genetic modification is a technique that can be applied to human DNA, not just plant and animal DNA. Currently we place moral and legal limits on doing so, but how long will this last? It’s a question considered by Eugene Volokh in theWashington...

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Firm faith: The company bosses who pray

Jul 7, 2015 by

By Katie Hope, BBC: Saying prayers with colleagues would feel a bit uncomfortable, too intimate an activity in the workplace for many people. Yet at Chinese real estate giant Tentimes Group, that is exactly what they do in the boardroom before making important decisions. Three-quarters of the firm’s eight-strong senior management team are Christians and founder and chairman Wang Ruoxiong, who himself became a Christian seven years ago, says that when the company has to make difficult...

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“Equal marriage”: Is There A New Christian Ethic for Sex and Marriage?

Jul 2, 2015 by

by Andrew Goddard, Fulcrum: Last week’s Supreme Court judgment in the US, following swiftly after the Irish referendum, has made the legalisation of same-sex marriage major news again. As in England, the Christian voices have been divided. There are those, including me, who regret this and are aware of the major challenges they now face in bearing witness to marriage as they understand it. There are also Christians who welcome the extension of the good of marriage to same-sex couples and see...

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A tawdry saga that speaks volumes about an age in which babies are too often treated as commodities

May 7, 2015 by

by Steven Glover, Mailonline: To deprive a mother of her child is a very grave thing to do, and scarcely ever justifiable. To then deny that mother the right to tell her story is cruel and inhumane. But this is exactly what has seemingly just happened in the High Court. Ms Justice Russell (she insists on the ‘Ms’ to stress her feminist credentials despite co-habiting with a male partner) has decreed that a 15-month-old girl should be taken from her ‘homophobic’ mother and sent to live with her...

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Where do we draw the line between playing Darwin and playing God?

Apr 25, 2015 by

by Judith Woods, Telegraph: The fact that Chinese geneticists have taken the first steps to creating designer babies should fill us with horror. TWO contrasting stories this week have thrown into sharp relief the complex relationship between humanity and science. The first was the harrowing yet inspirational story of how newborn Teddy Houlston became Britain’s youngest organ donor aged just 100 minutes old. His parents allowed his kidneys and heart valves to be removed and given to a man 233...

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Surrogacy, making babies, ‘synthetic humans’, and the rising cost

Mar 25, 2015 by

by Sheila Liaugminas, MercatorNet: “Motherhood itself is now on trial.” A leading constitutional lawyer, and one of the leading attorneys (if not the leading one) involved in high profile surrogate parenting cases in the US, made that claim, and not lightly nor without deep knowledge of the issues involved. Harold Cassidy was chief counsel in the first contested surrogacy case in the United States that struck down surrogate mother contracts as unenforceable, the ‘Baby M’ case. Decades later,...

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