BBC makes last minute changes to assisted suicide documentary, after Samaritans complaint

Feb 11, 2016 by

By Patrick Foster, Telegraph: Samaritans put pressure on the ​BBC to make last minute changes to documentary showing a man taking his own life. How to Die: Simon’s Choice, which aired on BBC Two last night,followed the final months of Simon Binner, a Cambridge graduate who suffered from motor neurone disease, and his eventual decision to kill himself, on October 19 last year. An early version of the deeply moving documentary, which was made available to journalists last month, contained scenes...

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A peek behind Belgium’s euthanasia curtain

Feb 8, 2016 by

By Michael Cook, MercatorNet: Another euthanasia scandal in Belgium. Two sisters have complained on a television program, Terzake, about the euthanasia of their sister. Tine Nys was 38 at the time and had broken up with her live-in boyfriend. On Christmas Eve 2009 she announced that she was going to be euthanased. After interviews with doctors, she was given a lethal injection on April 24, 2010, with her mother and father and her two sisters, Lotte and Sophie, at her bedside. Belgium allows...

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BBC to air ‘deeply disturbing’ assisted suicide documentary

Jan 28, 2016 by

From The Christian Institute: The BBC has come under fire over a documentary showing an assisted suicide taking place at a facility in Switzerland. The 90-minute programme, due to be aired on 10 February, follows the story of businessman Simon Binner, who travelled to the facility having been diagnosed with motor neurone disease in January 2015. The documentary, called “How to Die: Simon’s Choice”, shows Binner lying on a bed before opening a valve that allows a lethal drug to enter his body....

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Dutch doctors euthanize woman suffering from ringing in the ears

Jan 20, 2016 by

By Wesley J Smith, LifeSite: Euthanasia is a voracious beast, its hunger never assuaged. Now, in the Netherlands, a woman was lethally injected because of severe tinnitus. From the story: A special clinic in The Hague, set up to help people whose doctors do not support euthanasia, has been reprimanded for helping a 47-year-old woman with chronic tinnitus to die, broadcaster Nos says on Monday. The independent commission charged with monitoring how Dutch euthanasia rules are...

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More Than 1,000 Patients in Belgium in One Year Were Euthanized Without Consent

Jan 15, 2016 by

By Alex Schadenberg, Life News: A recent article by Stuart Chambers that was published on January 5 in the Ottawa Citizen claims that: It was a bitter pill to swallow for secular prohibitionists when large-scale abuses against vulnerable populations failed to materialize in those jurisdictions. Chambers argues that there is only anecdotal abuse of euthanasia and assisted suicide and only religious arguments oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide ignoring the disability rights movement and the...

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Why you should support SPUC’s White Flower Appeal this weekend

Jan 9, 2016 by

By Anthony Ozimic, SPUC: The disabled, terminally-ill, incapacitated, and elderly are at grave risk. Help protect them by backing SPUC’s White Flower Appeal this weekend. Our 2016 appeal, starting this weekend, will focus on our Lives Worth Living campaign against assisted suicide. In 1983 SPUC launched its first White Flower Appeal, an annual fundraising appeal held primarily in churches. The symbol of the White Flower Appeal is a white rose. The inspiration for this choice of flower was the...

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