Euthanasia Around the World: How Dutch Example Led Way to More Assisted Suicides

Oct 17, 2016 by

from Sputnik: As the Dutch government proposes extending its assisted suicide law to potentially allow healthy people to die, increasing numbers of people are choosing to end their lives by euthanasia. On Wednesday the government of the Netherlands announced a controversial plan which may allow healthy people to end their lives. The draft legislation would legalize assisted suicide for people who feel they have “completed life,” but are not necessarily terminally ill. The...

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Archbishop Tutu, 85, Records Video Saying He Wants Assisted-Dying Option

Oct 7, 2016 by

from PRNewswire: Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, 85, has recorded a video saying he wants the option of assisted dying “when the time comes … to pass” and endorsing bills worldwide to authorize this end-of-life option. The video with both English language and Spanish language subtitles and transcripts is posted at: Two years ago, the legendary Christian human rights leader authored an op-ed in The Guardian announcing the reversal of his...

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Euthanasia: learn from Canada’s mistakes

Oct 5, 2016 by

by Will Johnston, MercatorNet: Now that doctors may kill, will people become terrified of palliative care? The Carter decision to allow assisted suicide and euthanasia claimed that Canada could avoid abuses through careful guidelines and screening. Medically facilitated elder abuse by greedy relatives and medicalized suicide for the depressed — a grim reality where this practice is legal — were supposed to be avoidable, said the judge,because of a superior medical culture in...

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Euthanasia rising in Belgium, including more who are not terminally ill

Sep 19, 2016 by

By Madeline Kennedy, Reuters: In the decade after Belgium legalized doctor-assisted death, the number of patients using it to end their lives rose nearly eight-fold, according to records of the national euthanasia control committee. Most patients choosing this way to die between 2003 and 2013 were younger than 80 and had cancer. But the largest increases in euthanasia cases over that period was among people older than 80, those without cancer and those not expected to die in the near future,...

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The incalculable cost of assisted suicide laws

Aug 24, 2016 by

by Cristina Alarcon, MercatorNet: In June 2016, Bill C-14 (the legislation on medical assistance in dying) received royal and assent and a new medical service became available to Canadians. This legislation provides some Canadians (patients) with the legal option to request medical assistance in dying and other Canadians (physicians and nurse practitioners) with the legal authority to provide that assistance. But at what cost? The financial costs related to medical assistance in dying are...

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Gold medallist paralympian from Belgium seeks euthanasia

Aug 14, 2016 by

by Michael Cook, BioEdge: The end-of-life wishes of a gold medallist at the Paralympics have again raised the question of what makes a Belgian eligible for euthanasia. Marieke Vervoort won a silver in the 200 metre wheelchair sprint and a gold in the 100 metre event. But she has told the media that she may request euthanasia after competing at Rio. “Rio is my last wish, hopefully I can finish my career on the podium,” Vervoort said in an interview with Le Parisien. “I have a bucket list,...

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