Education about faiths needs a major shift in focus, finds new report

Jul 8, 2015 by

By 3FF: A new report launched at IPPR by charity 3FF (The Three Faiths Forum) and education and youth ‘think and action-tank’LKMco argues for a major shift in education policy and practice about faiths and beliefs, towards a system of ‘intercultural education’. Drawing on the experience of educational experts working in schools across Britain, the report states that pupils from different backgrounds need to interact with each other to build tolerance and understanding. It proposes several...

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Not fade away: the challenge for the Church

Jul 5, 2015 by

By Grace Davie, Church Times: I PUBLISHED Religion in Britain since 1945 back in 1994. It is mostly remembered for its subtitle: Believing without belonging. In due course, the publishers requested a second (comprehensively revised) edition, now published as Religion in Britain: A persistent paradox (Wiley Blackwell, 2015). The paradox in question is easily stated: in terms of their statistical contours, the Churches (and related organisations) have continued to decline. This is undeniable and...

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Faith schools must be forced to teach about homosexuality – Andy Burnham

Jun 25, 2015 by

By John Bingham, Telegraph: Faith schools must be forced to teach about gay and lesbian relationships on a par with heterosexual couples, the Labour leadership front-runner Andy Burnham has insisted. The Shadow Health Secretary said those who argue that requiring all schools to teach about same-sex unions would be a threat to religious freedom were “straightforwardly wrong”. In an interview with PinkNews, the LGBT website, he added that the growth of academies and free schools was allowing...

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A riposte to Damian Thompson’s crisis of faith

Jun 24, 2015 by

By Keith Lucas, Evangelical Alliance: It has been heartening to see how  has ruffled a few ecclesiastical Damian Thompson’s crisis of faith (The Spectator, 13 June 2015) feathers and caused some anxious clucking in some of the more complacent corners of the Church. However eloquently his points were made, his analysis and the conclusions that flow from them were, I suggest, somewhat questionable. His opening premise, for example, that shrinking congregations represent “a disaster...

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Riches, Religion, and the New Atheism

Jun 19, 2015 by

By Robert T Miller, Public Discourse: It’s not that in misery and suffering human beings grasp at foolish theories that give them some hope. Rather, amidst prosperity, human beings can blind themselves to the reality of the human condition and so never ask the questions that, once asked, cannot be plausibly answered except in theistic terms. Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Daniel Dennett argues that the future of religion is bleak. Congregations are losing members at a tremendous rate, and...

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Former Education Secretary moves to abolish Christian teaching

Jun 16, 2015 by

By Mark Ellse, The Conservative Woman: At first glance, the Westminster Faith Debate’s pamphlet co-authored by former Education Secretary Charles Clarke, sounds reasonable. On the subject of school assemblies, the former Education Secretary writes that their “form and character […] should be left to the governors of the individual schools.” Speaking on the Today programme yesterday, Clarke said we are seventy years on from legislation that requires schools to have an act of collective worship...

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