Faith schools battle rages among Tories as Damian Hinds told to scrap cap on religious admissions

Jan 17, 2018 by

by Harry Farley, Christian Today: A battle over faith schools is raging within the Conservative party after hints the new education secretary Damian Hinds would scrap a cap forcing religious schools to give half their places to pupils from other religious backgrounds. Hinds replaced Justine...

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BBC to boost religion coverage after review criticises its portrayal of believers

Dec 20, 2017 by

by James Macintyre, Christian Today: The BBC will increase its coverage of different religions following a year-long internal review published today which found that people of all faiths were ‘often absent, poorly presented or satirised’. The corporation’s religion and ethics...

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Where is the boundary between religion and politics?

Nov 15, 2017 by

by Will Jones, courtesy of Ian Paul, Psephizo: Will Jones writes: If we’re honest, we’re a bit confused about religion in the West. We know that we don’t want to end up like many Islamic countries, slavishly implementing a backward and brutal law code in the name of God. We also know that we...

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Religion in Public Life: Levelling the Ground

Nov 7, 2017 by

by Grace Davie, Theos: It is a commonplace, nowadays, to say that religion has returned to public life. And like most commonplaces it is partially true. Religion is most certainly present in public life in new and highly visible ways but to imply that religion was once nowhere and is now...

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Cultural climate change and the future of religion

Nov 3, 2017 by

by Jonathan Sacks, MercatorNet: (reposted) We are living in interesting times. Sometimes, I think the world has gone so crazy that the best account of it was that wonderful remark by Woody Allen: “More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and...

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In defence of Thought for the Day: why Britain needs the BBC’s religious slot more than ever

Nov 1, 2017 by

by Joseph Hartropp, Christian Today: Shots have been fired at the religious slot ‘Thought for the Day’ (TFTD), the weekday feature on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. Presenter John Humphrys called the segment ‘inappropriate’ and ‘deeply boring’; a...

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