Mothers let down by feminism

Feb 10, 2017 by

by Shannon Roberts, MercatorNet: Why are so many large countries shrinking fast?  Fertility rates below replacement are so endemic in Europe that its countries will do well to still exist in a couple of centuries; at least with the same peoples, culture and values they do now. An opinion piece in...

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So-Called Feminist MPs Ignore Scourge of Sharia Courts

Feb 7, 2017 by

by Philip Davies MP, Heatstreet: It has happened pretty quickly – just week three on the Women and Equalities Committee and I have seen what a pathetic sham the self-styled feminists in Parliament really are. If it was funny, you would have to laugh; but actually I found it utterly disgusting and...

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I didn’t join the march. I’ve had enough of Obama’s hierarchy of grievance

Jan 23, 2017 by

by Melissa Mackenzie, Guardian: The women’s movement has turned into an attack on anyone who won’t subscribe to feminist orthodoxy. Women from all over America descended on Washington yesterday and uttered a collective primal scream of dissent against their latest rage object: Donald Trump. Women...

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RIP the gentleman – slain by the feminists

Oct 21, 2016 by

by Laura Perrins, The Conservative Woman: The feminists are now indulging in so much cake eating, the ambulance service will have to reinforce the stretchers in order to get them out of their sad commune. Yet again, they have been having their cake and eating it in this spectacular, and quite...

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Why Isn’t Sexual Slavery a Feminist Priority?

Jul 14, 2016 by

by Keiran Harris, Quillette: That Nadia Murad’s #StandforYazidiWomen campaign hasn’t captured the attention of Western feminists is an appalling oversight. Some of the most popular feminist topics on Twitter last year included equality for public nudity, sexism in the tech industry, and racial...

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Church under pressure to highlight discrimination against women

Jul 9, 2016 by

by Harry Farley, Christian Today: Pressure has come on the Church of England to highlight any discrimination against women within its hierarchy and leadership structures. Women and the Church (WATCH), a fringe group on the Church’s synod, has called for a wholesale “gender audit”...

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