Equality dictates that if God is female so is the Devil

Jun 4, 2015 by

By Dan Leafe, The Conservative Woman: After several millennia it has taken a positively luminescent insight from Women and the Church WATCH to point out that the Almighty’s own self-disclosure has, hitherto, been woefully lacking. Our, and indeed, Our Lord’s failure to identify the Heavenly Father in female terms via the “inclusive language” of female or non-gendered pronouns has apparently short-changed both Him and us. Little did we realise as we lifted our voices to cry, “Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost”, that we could have done so much better. Apparently in doing so we are, “failing God and we are missing something”. Likewise, if only Our Lord had responded to his disciples’ entreaty for instruction in prayer, by saying “When you pray, say: Our Mother…”, then we could have avoided the liturgical elephant trap that, “…to continue to refer to God purely as male is just unhelpful…” No matter that our omniscient, immutable God has described his glory in masculine language; no matter that Our Lord thought that the best way to help us understand him was as “the Son of Man”: if only God could have prophetically grasped what WATCH now understands how richer all Christian worship would have been since the time of the Apostles! Immensely grateful, as doubtless the Almighty is for WATCH’s words of wisdom there may also be reason for He/She to feel a little miffed at the lack of “equal treatment”, nay, the naked discrimination to which He/She has been subjected. Amidst the clamour to “reimagine” God by the ditching of the language of “patriarchy” there has been silence as to our Father/Mother’s defeated and yet greatest foe. When will there be a “Princess of this World” and a “Mother of Lies”? When finally will dispensing with male personal pronouns for the Devil lead us into richer insights about him/her? How long will it be before we, “renounce the Devil and all her works”? Read here...

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No, God ISN’T male. But calling Him a ‘She’ is unholy twaddle

Jun 2, 2015 by

By Damian Thompson, Mailonline: A group of leading feminists in the Church of England are calling for God to be referred to as a woman in Anglican services. If they succeed, worshippers turning up for Matins in their village church could find themselves reciting the words: ‘Our Mother, who art in Heaven.’ Imagine how that will go down with traditional churchgoers. I can picture it now. Instead of saying ‘Jolly good sermon, vicar’, the retired colonel in the front pew will throw down his prayer book in rage. He will decamp to another parish — and so will his wife, creating a sudden vacancy for a flower arranger. Women And The Church (known as ‘Watch’), the pressure group calling for the use of ‘female language’ to describe God, know that such a change would lead to bitter rows in vestries and thunderous denunciations in the General Synod, the Church of England parliament. But they are ready for battle. Watch ran — and won — the campaign for women bishops. They are not to be confused with the loopy Christian feminists who danced in circles, clutching ‘healing crystals’, in the Seventies. No one listened when that lot demanded that God be called ‘She’, as they did incessantly. Watch, in contrast, is led by a group of politically savvy networkers. These women are embedded in the ancient structures of the Church. Read...

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Leaving home: The Future of the Faith in England

Apr 17, 2015 by

By Gavin Ashenden, Anglican Ink: The thought of leaving Canterbury, spiritually or emotionally, breaks my heart. I grew up there. I spent five years in the school built around its cloisters. I sang from its tower on Ascension days. I sat for hours at the entrance to the cloisters where Thomas a Becket was struck down for refusing the demands of the secular over the sacred. I took the Eucharist there in the bowels of its undercroft before dawn in the mists of winter. I was confirmed there when the saintly prophetic Michael Ramsey was Archbishop. But Canterbury has sold its birthright. She planted the orthodox Gospel around the world so that scores of millions worship our adored Risen Christ, but has slid from under the obligations of the Apostolic faith she received, to a heterodox secularized shadow of that faith. I often wonder how I could explain our present difficulties to St Augustine who came here to evangelise in 597. I think I would say that “just as you, blessed brother in Christ, are still struggling with the Arians, who are powerful in Eastern Europe at the moment, we are struggling with the new Arians. Just as you will overcome them by the 8th Century, we will too, by the power of the Spirit. But our Arians have assaulted the apostolic faith not by a full on assault on the Holy Trinity, but by a sideways undermining of it. Jesus has become less than the 2nd person of the Trinity because he has been reduced by claiming he suffered from cultural ignorance; he is thought to be  captive to a 1st century culture with its misogyny and restricted sexual ethics. Our heretics have decided that Jesus did not come to reveal the Father, because they have adopted a new secular and essentially Marxist idea, that gender is an oppressive cultural construct. And they join that idea to a second piece of Marxism, that ‘equality’ is the most important social value to strive after. The masculinity of the Father, and that of the Son, are for them unwelcome cultural constraints. The revelation of a hierarchy of glory inverted by love became an anathema to them, because they worship equality. So they overthrew 2,000 years of apostolic teaching, and ordained women into the place of the Bishop and priest, the representatives of the risen Christ at the Eucharist, saying that gender was of no consequence in the narrative of salvation. They relentlessly attacked St Paul for teaching us the mystery of the interdependence of man and women in a hierarchy of love and service. As it happens this coincided with a secular assault on fatherhood. But being spiritually not very aware, they took some pride in joining forces with the secular gender wars, where feminists moved from defending the abuse of women to attacking the role of men. Astonishingly, instead of modeling their Christian femininity on Mary, and honouring the gift of joining in the privilege of  co-creating  in Motherhood,...

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Female liberation damages men and women

Mar 29, 2015 by

By Belinda Brown, The Conservative Woman: […]  However, when I started reading about liberalism and Hayek and Adam Smith I had that feeling of “where have you been all my life?”. One of the reasons that I was so pleasantly surprised was because I had come to understand liberalism through the lens of liberal feminism. Liberal feminists measure freedom in terms of equality of outcome and far from believing in minimal state intervention they rely on it to ensure equality is secured. Perhaps this is partly because freely made individual choices would be so unlikely to fulfil feminist aims. For example where paternity leave is transferable, it is women who choose to take most of it. When it becomes non-transferable uptake goes up but not because the fathers want to play an equal role in baby care. Rather fathers took the leave to support the mother, look after the other children, or because the mother expected him too. When we turn to women the message is even more clear. Survey after survey [netmums, British Social Attitudes, Opportunity Now] shows that mothers are keen to maintain the lead role in the family. The outstanding stability of maternal responsibility has not seen a real shift in the pattern of gendered roles even where women have equal or greater participation in paid employment. Feminists try to attribute this to deeply ingrained processes of socialisation. But as mothers are starting to protest at the way their role is not being taken seriously, I think feminist explanations are wearing thin. Processes of pregnancy, birth and lactation result in an incredibly strong bond being created between the mother and child and research shows that even the most dedicated full-time fathers recognise that their parental role is secondary. This needs to be taken seriously,not theorised away. Women prioritise motherhood not because they are stuck in dull, less rewarding jobs. They are choosing dull, less rewarding jobs precisely because they prioritise motherhood. Read...

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Feminism’s self-defeating about-face on porn

Jan 28, 2015 by

by Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite: “Pornography is the theory,” renowned feminist Robin Morgan once wrote, “rape is the practice.” Indeed, feminists used to widely understand that pornography was, at its very best, dehumanizing and degrading, a product by men and for men that portrayed women only as objects of male desire. At its very worst, it was a gory celebration of the destruction of the feminine, with women being beaten, raped, humiliated, and otherwise assaulted for the perverse pleasures of misogynists who claimed that their woman-hating was a “fetish.” Today, however, feminists are supposed to be “sex-positive,” which means they have to support pornography, because with over 80% of the male population viewing it, resistance is futile. I remember a debate on pornography in one of my first political science classes in university—out of the entire class, only myself and one other guy were opposed to pornography. Most of the guys sat quietly, trying to avoid contributing to the discussion, while a few of the girls were the most vociferous defenders of this filth—almost as if they had something to prove. Pornography, our new sexual dogmas say, is harmless, if not beneficial. And when I asserted in a number of articles that pornography fuels rape culture, the backlash from guys who couldn’t stop looking at porn was quick and angry. Read here...

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Incest: The Next Frontier in ‘Reproductive Freedom’

Jan 20, 2015 by

By Matt Barber, Charisma News: Like a plastic Piggly Wiggly bag fluttering about in the alley, those untethered from God’s natural law are violently tossed to and fro by the gusting winds of moral relativism. Jenny Kutner is one such Piggly Wiggly bag. A 20-something assistant editor at salon.com, she describes herself as “focusing on sex, gender and feminism.” By “focusing on sex, gender and feminism,” and as you will soon see, this young “progressive” means to say that she spends her days rationalizing each and every conceivable form of sexual deviancy, as well as trying to otherwise deconstruct that which she and her fellow feminist travelers view as an artificially constructed culture of “heteronormativity”—the sinister brainchild of the evil-men-led global patriarchy (for those interested, we meet Tuesdays at noon at the Golden Corral on Wards Road). Along with a growing numberof secular leftists, Kutner’s latest sexual taboo for de-stigmatization is incest. Those of us defending the institution of legitimate marriage and fighting to preserve respect for sexual morality in our culture have long warned of the greasy slope made slippery by the advent of counterfeit “same-sex marriage.” If you artificially remove one requirement for marriage—in this case, the binary male-female prerequisite—then there is no justification, logically or legally, for not removing all requirements. If we yank one foundational brick from the marriage wall, then, as in the days of Jericho, the whole danged thing comes a-tumblin’. That is to say, in the wake of America’s burgeoning “gay marriage” tsunami, we can soon expect to dog-paddle the ensuing sewage of legalized polygamy, incestuous marriage and heaven-knows-what-else. Read here...

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