Severing the Ties That Bind: Feminism, Women, the Family, and Social Institutions

Nov 18, 2017 by

by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, The Imaginative Conservative: On the whole, at the opening of the twenty-first century, Western women enjoy a power, education, and privilege unprecedented in human history. And much of this unprecedented power and freedom has resulted from women’s political activism on...

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Who will stand up to this feminist abuse of power?

Nov 14, 2017 by

by Niall McCrea, The Conservative Woman: […]  Today, identity politics is all the rage. As nobody in authority dares to confront the stridently subversive demands of transgenderism, for example, agitators gain ground by stealth. Social conservative politicians (i.e. backbenchers) find that...

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Feminism and gay marriage have poisoned the C of E

Nov 13, 2017 by

By Jules Gomes, TCW: When the Anglican priest John Wesley was drawing huge crowds with his preaching and becoming a real pain in the Church of England’s posterior, the hierarchy called a meeting to discuss how to silence him. The envious clergy floated a number of proposals but realised that none...

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When Knights Surrender Their Sword — The Problem of Effeminate Men

Nov 2, 2017 by

by Richard Hellman, Virtueonline: I haven’t gone to the movies in years. Mostly because movies were almost always hyper-sexualized and/or they contained ridiculously gory violence. Also, along with television shows, I knew, very early on, that Hollywood was using their tools to...

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The new morality patrol

Oct 31, 2017 by

by Melanie Phillips: The Harvey Weinstein scandal punched open the dam. Now virtually every day brings a new slew of allegations in Britain about male sexual misbehaviour – in the theatre, in Parliament, in the media. This has all got seriously out of hand. There’s no question but that some of...

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Falling fertility – the price of feminism

Oct 23, 2017 by

by Belinda Brown, The Conservative Woman: The less privileged in our society take the biggest hit from the unintended consequences of feminism. The men without education and employment, the children without a father, the mothers without a partner. But educated women also pay a very high price....

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