Censorship is being outsouced to the mob

Jul 4, 2014 by

by Brendan O’Neill, Spiked: Two recent cases Down Under show how dangerous Twittermobs can be. One of the curious things about the twenty-first-century West is that it feels deeply censorious even though, historically speaking, there isn’t a huge amount of state censorship. Yes, many Western societies have anti-‘hate speech’ laws, debate-choking defamation statutes, and a host of methods for regulating the raucous press, all of which limit how daring or just downright offensive we can...

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Christian Legal Centre in High Court

Jun 30, 2014 by

Today, we are in the High Court to seek justice over Boris Johnson’s decision to censor Core Issues Trust’s adverts (“Not Gay, Ex Gay, Post Gay and Proud. Get over it!”) and allow Stonewall’s (“Some people are gay. Get over it!”) to run.This is an issue about freedom of speech; about the suppression of a viewpoint by the political class. What makes it more poignant and important is that Mrs Justice Lang at the first hearing stated that both adverts should not run...

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Christian ‘take’ on turmoil at Index on Censorship

Jun 23, 2014 by

by Julian Mann, Cranmer’s Curate: The true God is the most effective opponent of dictators there is. That is the main reason why it matters that there is turmoil at freedom of speech group Index on Censorship over the appointment of Hacked Off campaigner Steve Coogan as one of its patrons. It would appear from Richard Pendlebury’s investigation in Friday’s Daily Mail into the circumstances of Mr Coogan’s appointment, leading to the resignation of Private Eye editor Ian Hislop as a...

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Politically correct police allow Islamists to protest, but not pro-lifers. Why?

Jun 10, 2014 by

By Cristina Odone, Telegraph Growing up in Washington DC, I saw plenty of pro-life protests outside abortion clinics. America in the 1970s was a battlefield between liberals and feminists who chanted “keep your rosaries off my ovaries” and (mainly) conservative pro-lifers who held up posters of bleeding foetuses and chained themselves to the clinics’ railings. As a teenager, albeit a Catholic one, I felt the confrontations were ugly and not constructive for either camp. Women...

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The ‘N-word’ and free speech: where do limits lie?

May 13, 2014 by

By David Baker, Christian Today: It is hard to imagine that broadcasting a cheerful song like The Sun Has Got His Hat On could lead to the dismissal of a radio DJ. But such has been the fate of BBC Radio Devon presenter David Lowe. He was sacked after putting on air an 82-year-old rendition of the song which contained a racial slur euphemistically described as “the N-word”. Mr Lowe protested his innocence – maintaining he was completely unaware that this particular version...

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New Swedish Law Criminalizes Anti-immigration Internet Speech

Apr 29, 2014 by

by Selwyn Duke, New American You’re free in Sweden to be critical of immigration, those in power, or people identifying as “LBGT” — at least within the confines of your mind. But dare express those views, even on the Internet, and you can now be more easily prosecuted under a new law taking full effect after Christmas.   We recently learned about how anti-immigration Internet commenters in Sweden were tracked down and persecuted. As journalist Pamela Geller wrote:...

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