$104 million lawsuit against Christian activist threatens to chill free speech in Canada

Aug 23, 2016 by

by Lea Singh, MercatorNet: Canada’s commitment to free speech is about to be tested in a major new case involving Bill Whatcott, a Saskatchewan nurse and Christian activist whose leaflets were the subject of a 2013 decision by the Supreme Court of Canada. This time, Whatcott has been slapped with a C$104 million lawsuit by two of Ontario’s most prominent gay heavyweights: iconic activist Christopher Hudspeth and former Liberal Deputy Premier George Smitherman. They are suing Whatcott for...

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Choudary conviction proves ‘dangerous’ counter-terror laws are not needed, say free speech campaigners

Aug 19, 2016 by

by Harry Farley, Christian Today: The conviction of Anjem Choudary is proof the government’s counter-extremism plans are unnecessary, according to free speech campaigners who have labelled the proposals as “dangerous”. The Defend Free Speech coalition unites the normally polarised The Christian Institute and The National Secular Society to oppose home office policy targeting non-violent extremism. The campaign warn the proposals will target legitimate people who have not...

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London Mayor To Set Up Police ‘Online Hate Crime Hub’ In ‘Partnership’ With Social Media Firms

Aug 16, 2016 by

by Liam Deacon, Breitbart: The office of London’s first Muslim mayor has secured millions of pounds to fund a police “online hate crime hub” to work in “partnership with social media providers” to criminalise “trolls” who “target… individuals and communities.” The London mayor’s office for policing and crime (Mopac) will spend £1,730,726 of taxpayer’s money policing speech online after applying for a huge grant from the Home Office Police Innovation Fund (PIF), it was announced in a statement....

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There Is Only One We Dare Not Offend

Aug 11, 2016 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch: Taking offense has become a national pastime in much of the West. Everyone seems to be getting offended about something. We have not only become an easily offended people, but we are even now making laws about all this. Vilification laws, hate speech laws, and the like are all about not offending anyone – or at least certain groups, such as Muslims, homosexuals, etc. An entire industry has sprung up around the taking of offence. This has led to the death of...

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Sharia and Loss of Freedom at Australia’s Capital

Aug 9, 2016 by

by Bill Muehlenberg,  Culture Watch: While Christianity continues to be attacked, vilified, mocked and derided all around Australia and the West, Islam keeps on going from strength to strength. It seems that no one is allowed to say anything critical of Islam, while it is open season on Christianity. Malicious, nasty and absolutely filthy things can be said about Christianity even in public, and no one bats an eye. Our discrimination commissions are silent and our human rights watchdogs remain...

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Europe: Do we have the Right to Criticise Islam?

Jul 20, 2016 by

by Gregor Puppinck, European Centre for Law & Justice: The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is called upon to decide on the scope of the right to criticise Islam in the case of ES v. Austria, (No. 38450/12) in which a speaker was convicted of blasphemy: for criticising the sexuality of Muhammad. The speaker who filed the case before the Strasbourg Court was convicted of publicly “disparaging a person who is an object of veneration”, namely “Muhammad” the “prophet of...

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