Most Americans Don’t Believe a ‘Good Christian’ Can Support Abortion or Gay Marriage

Apr 9, 2016 by

by Michael Grayboski, Christian Post: Most Americans don’t believe a person can be a “good Christian” and support abortion or same-sex marriage, according to results from a YouGov poll. In a poll conducted earlier this month by YouGov, only 33 percent of respondents believed a person can be a good Christian and support abortion. The poll also found only 38 percent believed one can be a good Christian and support gay marriage. The sample space for the study comprised of 1,000...

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Church in Wales rejects gay marriage but gives prayers for after civil service

Apr 6, 2016 by

By Antony Bushfield, Premier: The Church in Wales has decided not to proceed with proposals to allow gay marriages in its churches. In a letter the bishops of the Church said it would not be wise to bring the plans before the governing body because there was not a clear majority in favour of it. The bishops apologised for past treatment of LGBT people and promised to ensure they are “fully affirmed as equal disciples”. Debates on whether to have same sex weddings in churches would...

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What is the Anglican Consultative Council meeting for?

Mar 31, 2016 by

By Chris Sugden and Vinay Samuel, Church of England Newspaper: The Archbishop of Canterbury has written to urge all Anglican primates to attend the Anglican Consultative Council in Lusaka from April 8-19. The primates of Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda have indicated that their representatives cannot attend because the spirit of the Primates Meeting in Canterbury, which introduced consequences for TEC and its participation in Communion decision-making on doctrine and polity, appears to be being...

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New Zealand’s “Way Forward” on Same-Sex Marriage: An Evaluation

Mar 30, 2016 by

by Andrew Goddard, Fulcrum: Background to the Report. Like most of the churches in the Western/Northern world, the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia (ACANZP) has for some time been discerning how to respond to cultural changes in relation to same-sex relationships. The latest report, to be debated at its General Synod in May 2016, arises from the “Way Forward Working Group,” whose title, remit, and constraints were set by an agreement reached at the 2014 General Synod (A...

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Gay Marriage Isn’t About Justice, It’s About Selma Envy

Mar 29, 2016 by

By Hans Fiene, The Federalist: My generation willfully ignores the real debate about gay rights and religious freedom because we want halos without sacrifice. Why do so many young adults paint absurd caricatures of Christians who request government protection of their religious freedoms, arguing their true goal is to ban gay men from sitting at the local lunch counter? Why do they spread falsehoods about legislation, insisting that bills like the one recently signed by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence...

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It’s Time To Stop Letting the Elite Class Define What Family Looks Like

Mar 23, 2016 by

by Jennifer Roback Morse, The Blaze: Social conservatives, let’s face it: Elites love “marriage equality.” They made this very clear in the U.S., with their big donors and corporate sponsorships. And they are making it clear in Australia too. Price Waterhouse, the second largest accounting firm in the world, has produced a tendentious study, claiming that allowing the Australian people to vote on the definition of marriage will just be too expensive. A bit of background for American readers:...

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