Hate-crime probe after Koran reading in Glasgow cathedral

Apr 26, 2017 by

by Mark Smith, Glasgow Evening Times: POLICE are investigating possible hate crimes in connection with the controversy over the reading of the Koran at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow. The provost of the cathedral, The Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth, received violent and abusive homophobic...

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Police record anti-Christian crime as ‘Islamophobia’

Apr 3, 2017 by

by Tim Dieppe, Christian Concern: As many as 25% of ‘Islamophobic hate crimes’ recorded by the Metropolitan Police are crimes committed against non-Muslims or people of unknown faith. This is the conclusion from Freedom of Information inquiries made by Hardeep Singh of the Network of...

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Hate crime through the Looking Glass

Mar 20, 2017 by

by Melanie Phillips: We’ve repeatedly been told that Britain is in the grip of a huge rise in Islamophobic attacks. According to Tell Mama, the group that monitors hate crime against Muslims, anti-Muslim attacks reportedly shot up by 326 per cent in 2015 and spiked again after the Brexit vote last...

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Stop Calling Everything Hate

Mar 9, 2017 by

by Tim Challies: Over time, a word can change its meaning, sometimes picking up an entirely new definition and sometimes expanding or contracting an existing one. It is not unusual to see a familiar word explode into contemporary parlance with a far more expansive definition than it has had in the...

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‘Hate crime’ laws mean some victims are more equal than others

Feb 2, 2017 by

By Andrew Tettenborn, TCW: How can equality laws create inequality, protective laws put people in peril and high-minded motives spawn deep cynicism? Easy, once you factor in the law of unintended consequences. Thoughtful people will have been reminded of this a few days ago when the otherwise...

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Freedom to report the persecution of Christians threatened

Jan 30, 2017 by

Barnabas Fund editorial The freedom to report both incidents of anti-Christian persecution and the ideology motivating such attacks is central to what Barnabas Fund and other organisations have done for many years. Yet those freedoms are now under threat, particularly in the UK, but also in other...

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