Hate crime is a meaningless and dangerous myth

Oct 20, 2017 by

by Leo McKinstry, Daily Express: Britain is a land of remarkable tolerance but that is not how the politically correct brigade regards us. On the contrary, self-righteous social engineers see our nation as a boiling cauldron of bigotry. According to this narrative, vicious prejudice has increased...

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The Uses and Abuses of Hate

Oct 18, 2017 by

by Robert Knight, Washington Times, from Virtueonline: Given its prominence in current public discourse, one would think that hate, not love, is a many-splendored thing. The perfectly good word, which oozes out of every media pore, is now so overused that it means next to nothing. Every time you...

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Australian law bans speech vilifying opponents in gay ‘marriage’ debate

Sep 16, 2017 by

by Claire Chretien, LifeSite: Australian parliament is expected to pass a temporary law this week making it illegal to “vilify” or “intimidate” supporters and opponents of same-sex “marriage” as the country braces for a non-binding postal vote on the issue. The bill applies to content produced by...

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The fragile generation

Sep 10, 2017 by

by Jonathan Haidt, spiked: Worrying things have been happening on US campuses of late. While most of us are now familiar with the campus censors’ vocabulary of ‘trigger warnings’ and ‘microaggressions’, authoritarian student behaviour has recently taken an even more sinister turn. At Middlebury...

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Southern Poverty Law Center gets sued by Christians and Muslims and hardly anyone covers it

Aug 26, 2017 by

by Julia Duin, Get Religion: The Southern Poverty Law Center has had a pretty nice week, getting $1 million from George and Amal Clooney and another $1 million from Apple in the wake of the Charlottesville riots. And from JP Morgan, another $1 million. But it appears that some of that money may...

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What Is Hate and Who Defines It? The SPLC?

Aug 24, 2017 by

by Jerry Newcombe, Christian Post: A headline on Drudge (8/21/17) declares that Google is teaming up with “liberal groups to snuff out conservative websites.” Apparently the search-engine giant is partnering with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and other left-wing groups to...

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