I am Not Homosexual … or Heterosexual, Bisexual or Any-Other-Kind-Of-Sexual

Aug 17, 2016 by

by Matt Moore, Christian Post: I’m often asked why I don’t use the terms “gay” or “homosexual” to describe myself — or even “bisexual” now that I’ve begun to dip my toes in the “heterosexual” dating world. If throwing quotations around these terms doesn’t insinuate strongly enough my distaste for them, let me say it plainly: I am not a fan of the prevalent language used in our society to think and talk about human...

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Transgender health, the WHO, and the purpose of diagnostic manuals

Jul 29, 2016 by

by Rebecca Oas, PhD, Turtle Bay & Beyond: As we discussed in a recent Friday Fax, the World Health Organization (WHO) is contemplating changes to its forthcoming updated diagnostic manual, including its handling of individuals who identify as transgender. A recent article published in The Lancet continues that theme, based on a field study in Mexico. According to the authors, the study “provides additional support for classifying health-related categories related to transgender identity...

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How Do You Like Me Now?

Jul 26, 2016 by

by Dr David Kyle Foster, Virtueonline: When a Child, Parent, Spouse or Sibling Says They’re Gay For many decades now, ministries like ours have been helping those who struggle with homosexuality. The fruit of such ministry for us has been the publishing of several books, ten years of weekly television programming (www.PurePassion.us) and the release of an award-winning documentary, www.SuchWereSomeOfYou.org. But through all the years, one population has stood out as having very little...

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2016 Republican Party Platform Calls for Therapy Rights for Minors and Families

Jul 21, 2016 by

Equality And Justice For All, whose #TherapyEquality campaign has advocated for families and their minor children that experience unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA) and gender identity confusion, praised Republicans today as they adopted a National Platform this week in Cleveland, OH that calls for the protection of medical treatment and therapy rights for families, parents, and their minor children. The official Republican Platform document, released on Monday at the National Convention in...

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Yes, the Catholic Church should apologize to gays. But not for the reason you think

Jun 29, 2016 by

by Joseph Sciambra, LifeSite: When I was a conflicted and scared boy growing up within the confusing confines of the post-Conciliar Church of the 1970s, I needed someone, anyone, to teach me and to tell me that Jesus wanted to be more than just my friend, that He wanted to be my Savior – that He wanted to save me from myself. I knew, even from a young age, that something was going incredibly wrong within me – I was terrified and I needed help. However, the Jesus they offered was a mere...

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Celebrities Who Have Left a Gay Lifestyle

Jun 20, 2016 by

By Joseph Nicolosi: Homosexuality is not fixed and unchangeable, as these public figures reveal. Some of them celebrate their sexual fluidity as a good thing; others believe that the only true expression of sexuality is heterosexuality, since it is consistent with our biological design. But the message is the same from all of them — people can change. Read...

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