“I feel bullied for being same-sex attracted and faithful to the teaching of Jesus on marriage”

Feb 17, 2017 by

by Sam Allberry, Evangelical Focus: One of the voices in debate at the General Synod was Sam Allberry, a pastor in Maidenhead (UK), member of the group “Living Out” and author of the book “Is God anti-gay?” He shared his own experience as a man with homosexual feelings. “I am same-sex attracted...

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Whatever ‘gay conversion therapy’ is, banning it won’t change Christian sexual ethics

Dec 9, 2016 by

by Mike Davidson, Christian Concern: The Christian Church in the West manifestly fails to see the nature and extent of the threat that Malta’s decision to ban ‘conversion therapy’ presents in Europe. That the Church, under Archbishop Charles Scicluna appears to contradict Pope...

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Malta bans ‘gay cure’ conversion therapy

Dec 7, 2016 by

from BBC News: Malta has become the first European country to ban gay conversion therapy. The bill against the practice, which aims to “cure” a non-heterosexual person of their sexuality, was voted through unanimously. Under the new law, anyone who tries to “change, repress or...

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Banning Real Help for Those Seeking Change

Dec 4, 2016 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch: The Victorian government recently passed a bill which would ban those seeking to provide help for those who want to deal with their unwanted same-sex attractions. This dangerous bill would likely have escaped the attention of most folks, but the homosexual...

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Sexual Attraction Fluidity Exploration in Therapy (SAFE – T)

Dec 2, 2016 by

by Christopher Rosik, Ph.D. Creating a clearer impression of professional therapies that allow for change. During its May 27th, 2016, meeting, the board of the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity (ATCSI) voted unanimously to endorse new terminology that more accurately and...

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Christians, same-sex unions and the Manichean error

Nov 2, 2016 by

by David Bennett, Daily Roll: Why gay [or straight] relationships aren’t all bad and aren’t all good but aren’t the same. In recent press we have seen a flurry of different voices, including from within the Church of England and along the softer side of the evangelical world such as Tony Campolo...

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