Ex-gay man: ‘Homosexuality is just another human brokenness’

Oct 16, 2017 by

by Pete Baklinski, LifeSite: Dean Bailey, 50, is not afraid to tell anyone he is living proof that ‘sexual orientation’ can in fact be changed. But he prefers to use the word ‘restored’ rather than ‘changed.’ Bailey remembers how from an early age he felt different from other boys. He felt he did...

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Straight answers on gay sex?

Oct 4, 2017 by

“The archbishop also told the magazine he was unable to “give a straight answer” to the question on whether gay sex is sinful.” from BBC News Justin Welby unable to give ‘straight answer’ on whether gay sex is sinful, Guardian Read the full GQ interview with Archbishop Welby here...

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MassResistance book on LGBT health risks gaining endorsements from physicians and conservative activists

Sep 20, 2017 by

from Mass Resistance: It’s the subject that no one on the Left wants to talk about – and most conservatives are afraid to talk about. But it’s one which must be talked about. Our groundbreaking MassResistance book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, is really getting people’s attention. This...

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Yes or No? Gay Marriage in Australia and Northern Ireland

Sep 13, 2017 by

from Core Issues Trust: To clarify the professional issues around Dr Mike Davidson raised in the SBS Dateline programme “Yes or No?”: “Your interim suspension has been progressed into full removal from the Register” concluded the 2013 letter from the UK Council for Psychotherapy, a...

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Comparing the Nashville Statement and one response from the Gay Christian perspective.

Sep 9, 2017 by

by Michael Davidson, Core Issues Trust: To be straight with you: when ‘celibacy’ replaces ‘abstinence’ in the promotion of a ‘same-sex attracted’ category of human existence. Comparing the Nashville Statement and one response from the Gay Christian perspective. David Bennett’s response to the...

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Piers Morgan must not be allowed to abuse and bully those with whom he disagrees. Uphold freedom of choice and speech for all

Sep 8, 2017 by

from Voice for Justice UK: PLEASE SIGN PETITION HERE On Tuesday 5th September, Good Morning Britain carried an interview between Piers Morgan and Dr Mike Davidson of Core Issues Trust.  The subject was Gay Conversion Therapy, following a so-called exposé by undercover reporter and Gay activist...

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