“Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy”

Dec 19, 2014 by

Statement by Core Issues Trust: Core Issues Trust notes the visibility in the public domain of a second political document, supported by NHS England and the leading mental health professional bodies. This “Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy1” follows publication of the “Conversion Therapy Consensus Statement”2 in February 2014. According to information provided by GLAAD3, a meeting resulting in the Memorandum’s formulation was initiated by a Minister of State, Mr Norman Lamb in...

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Losing liberty in California and New Jersey: The Case of Minors with Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions

Dec 18, 2014 by

By Christopher H Rosik and David Pickup, Christian Post: With the Supreme Court’s June decision to not review the law this session, California Senate Bill 1172 has gone into effect. It joins a similar law in New Jersey that is currently working its way up the court system on appeal. The California law subjects every licensed mental health professional in California to disciplinary action and potential loss of licensure if they are found to have attempted to assist a minor client in the...

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Seven things I wish my pastor knew about my homosexuality

Dec 17, 2014 by

By Jean Lloyd, LifeSite: Over thirty years have passed since same-sex attraction rushed up from deep within my twelve-year-old frame. This attraction was unbidden and unwanted, yet simultaneously forceful and compelling. As a Christian, the conflict between my sexuality and my faith would become the deepest and most intense of my life. Now in my forties, I’ve gone from being closeted to openly lesbian to celibate to heterosexually married. The fact that I need to qualify my marital union as a...

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For His glory and our good

Dec 16, 2014 by

A talk delivered by Matthew McCusker of Voice of the Family to the Marriage, Sex and Culture group of Anglican Mainstream on 11th December 2014. Voice of the Family is a coalition of 23 different pro-life and pro-family organisations drawn from across all five continents and founded and led by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. International cooperation between pro-life organisations is more important than ever in the light of ever escalating threats to life, marriage and the...

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Review of “Bible, Gender, Sexuality: Reframing the Church’s Debate on Same-Sex Relationships” by Jam...

Dec 5, 2014 by

by Andrew Goddard, Fulcrum: The General Synod’s decision to approve women bishops was immediately followed by questions as to whether the church would now change its teaching and policies in relation to LGBTI people. The question is an obvious one, particularly if both issues are understood primarily through the categories of inclusion or rights or needing to be in touch with our culture. If, however, biblical teaching is primary then the two issues are not so obviously connected and each...

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Nation’s Capital Bans Conversion Therapy for Gay Youth

Dec 4, 2014 by

By Michael Grybowski, Christian Post: Washington, D.C. city council approved a bill that bans the practice of sexual orientation change therapy for minors. Following similar legislation in California and New Jersey, the Council of the District of Columbia voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve a bill barring the practice for minors. B20-0501 was passed by the Council in their legislative session and is expected to be signed into law by Mayor Vincent Gray. “A provider shall not engage in...

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