Bishops Tell Theresa May: Stop Ignoring Christian Persecution In Iran

Nov 18, 2016 by

by Harry Farley, Christian Today: The former Bishop of Oxford John Pritchard was joined by MPs from different parties as well as members of the House of Lords. He joined MPs and Peers calling for an independent investigation of a massacre of political prisoners in Iran in 1988. In the summer of 1988, based on a fatwa decreed by the Islamic Republic’s founder Ayatollah Khomeini, some 30,000 political prisoners were massacred in the space of a few months and buried secretly in mass graves....

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Islam’s “Human Rights”

Nov 5, 2016 by

by Janet Tavakoli, Gatestone Institute: After witnessing the Islamic Republic of Iran violate human rights, adopt sharia law, persecute other religions, murder dissenters, and compel the judiciary to serve the Ministry of Intelligence, it seems clear that the worst thing that can happen to a free Western country is to allow Islamic fundamentalists to take over a government. Most of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims pray in Arabic, even if it is not their mother tongue. The problem,...

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A World Without God – 6 statements in Sally Phillips’ BBC doc that show us where we’re heading

Oct 8, 2016 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea: Wow. How did this one get past the censors? It was incredible. And moving beyond words. What am I talking about? Sally Phillips most extraordinary documentary,A World without Down’s Syndrome, which screened on the BBC this week. Sally is well known as the TV comedy actress from TV shows like Miranda and the Bridget Jones films. She is also a Christian and her oldest son Olly has Down’s syndrome. At the beginning we were warned that the documentary contained some...

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The Christian origins of human rights

Sep 13, 2016 by

by Nick Spencer, Prospect Magazine: The notion of human rights has increasing political salience—but is it built on sturdy philosophical ground? Shami Chakrabarti’s book On Liberty ostensibly retells her “personal and political journey” as Director of Liberty, the Human Rights organisation. For all its biographic framing, however, this Director’s cut is really the story of human rights and, in particular, their turbulent recent history in the UK. Although not what she calls a human rights...

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The liberal case for scrapping the Human Rights Act

Aug 27, 2016 by

by Luke Gittos, spiked online: Human rights do not protect our freedom – they limit it. The new justice secretary, Liz Truss, has announced that the government’s plan to scrap the Human Rights Act, and replace it with a British Bill of Rights, is still going ahead. Recently it was reported that new prime minister Theresa May intended to shelve the plan so as not to pick another fight with parliament in the wake of the Brexit vote. And Truss gave an interview to the Today programme in an...

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The Human Rights Act is no friend of freedom

May 13, 2016 by

By Luke Gittons, Spiked: The debate around the European Union has been accompanied by a renewed debate on the Human Rights Act 1998. Depending on who you listen to, Britain’s adherence to European human-rights legislation is either catastrophic or essential. On the one hand, it is argued that human-rights law prevents the government extraditing dangerous criminals, demolishes our national borders and substantially weakens the sovereignty of the UK’s parliament and judiciary. On the other hand,...

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