Here’s how we can start improving human rights legislation

Jun 12, 2015 by

By Rupert Myers, Conservative Home: […] Having looked at why criticism of a proposed British Bill of Rights is misleading, and atthe appetite within the upper echelons of the legal profession for reform, what proposals should be on Michael Gove’s desk? Here are a few suggestions: […]  The qualification of the rights to freedom of expression and religious freedom have caused widespread discomfort as society has changed over the last half century. The margin afforded to religious...

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The European Court of Human Rights has gone far beyond the intentions of its founders

Jun 11, 2015 by

by Rupert Myers, Conservative Home: It was Professor Hersch Lauterpacht’s 1945 book An International Bill of the Rights of Man in 1945 which first proposed a draft international bill of rights that became the European Convention. The Austrian professor of law at Cambridge wrote of a ‘radical innovation in international practice and a surrender…of the sovereign rights of the state,’ nothing less than ‘a substantial sacrifice by states of their freedom of action.’ It is that sacrifice of freedom...

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The Christian deception about Conservatives and human rights

May 26, 2015 by

From Archbishop Cranmer: There is a lie permeating the Christian social-media detachment that the Conservative quest to repeal New Labour’s Human Rights Act amounts to an assault upon fundamental human rights; that somehow Tories are inherently opposed to limitations on the state and to the basic protections and assurances of justice and liberty which have been set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights – the ‘Human Rights Charter’ – which...

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Human rights warning over bakery case

Apr 11, 2015 by

CEN Editorial: A HUMAN rights lawyer has said that if the Ashers bakery, currently fighting a case brought against them for refusing to make a cake for a gay couple, were to lose their court battle then no defence could be taken against other businesses defending their personal beliefs. Among those cases listed by human rights QC Aidan O’Neill, were an atheist web designer refusing to design a website presenting as scientific fact the claim that God made the world in six days. He also said...

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On Redefining Reality: A Dialogue

Apr 1, 2015 by

by James Jacobs, Crisis Magazine: As I walked down the street, I noticed in the window of a shop a decal advertising the so-called “Human Rights Campaign,” the organization agitating for a redefinition of marriage to include homosexual unions. I was a little shocked somebody would be proud of that association, for I had heard the news that the founder of the Human Rights Campaign (and a major financial backer of President Obama), Terry Bean, was recently arrested in Oregon for sexually abusing...

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Human rights law and the judiciary

Mar 31, 2015 by

From Civitas: Human rights law has been hijacked in the UK by special interest groups seeking to advance their own rights above those of the rest of the population. The European convention has been repeatedly used in a way that weakens the government’s ability to defend the country from terrorism or to deal with illegal immigrants. But, while there has been a growing clamour for this abuse to be tackled, the real cause of the problem has been fundamentally misdiagnosed. In this forensic...

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