The Incest Petition – Another Brick Removed from the Wall

Jan 28, 2016 by

From TheWeeFlea: For the past few years we have been warning that if the society rejects the bible’s teaching about sex, sexuality and humanity, then SSM would not be the only brick to be taken out of the wall.  I believe that in order the next to fall will be the taboos and laws against polygamy, incest and pedophilia.  And so bit by bit it is happening.  In these past few days I have read about the British welfare state subsidising polygamy, a conference in Cambridge declaring that...

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MSPs to consider ‘abhorrent’ call to legalise incest

Jan 26, 2016 by

By Scott MacNab, The Scotsman: MSPs are being forced to consider calls for incest to be legalised in Scotland – despite the head of the Holyrood committee involved admitting he finds the idea “abhorrent.” A petition on ACI (Adult Consensual Incest) calls for the law to be amended to allow the activity where participants are both consenting adults over the age of 21. But the man behind the petition, Richard Morris, is believed to be based in Australia and will not appearing before MSPs...

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Why Can’t Two Gay Brothers Marry?

Oct 26, 2015 by

By Michael Brown, Charisma News: One of the strongest arguments against consensual adult incest is that incestuous unions could result in children with genetic defects, but since that concern wouldn’t apply to same-sex couples, an Irish political leader has argued that gay cousins should be allowed to “marry.” And that only begs the next obvious question: Why not gay brothers or gay sisters? As reported in The Irish Times, Independent Senator David Norris, himself gay,...

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Ireland’s Justice Minister signals readiness to relax rules against some incestuous marriages

Oct 24, 2015 by

By David Quinn, Iona Institute: Justice Minister, Frances Fitzgerald, has signalled her willingness, in light of the passage of the Bill allowing for same-sex marriage, to alter the “prohibited degrees of relationship” that currently bar people marrying those who are considered too closely related. This raises the prospect of relationships until now considered too incestuous being permitted. The prohibited degrees of relationship (see appendix below) forbid people from marrying those...

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German government says incest is best

Jul 12, 2015 by

By Alexander Boot: Little girls are so touching, don’t you think? That’s why their father should touch them, recommends a subsidiary of Germany’s Ministry for Family Affairs. The rather bossy recommendation comes in its two 40-page brochures entitled Love, Body and Playing Doctor, the first one talking about children from 1 to 3, the second about those from 4 to 6. The kind of touching this august body has in mind would have landed Daddy in the pokey anywhere in the West not so long ago, and...

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A German ethics committee wants to legalise incest

Jul 10, 2015 by

By Oliver Wheaton, Metro: Incest could be made legal in Germany following a meeting of the national Ethics Council. They have called for the legalisation of incest after looking into the case of a brother and sister who had four children together. Despite the dangers of children of incestual relationships being born with abnormalities, the committee claim this risk is not high enough to warrant its criminalisation. The committee cited Patrick Stuebing who, after being adopted as an infant, met...

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