Christians are neither prudes nor libertines

Apr 15, 2015 by

By Michael D O’Brien, LifeSite: It is sometimes asked, usually whenever sexual morality is being argued: “Are Christians prudes?” “If only we were!” sighs many an exasperated parent, wishing we could go back to a time when sexual temptations of the most extreme kind did not assault the young at every turn, to a time, moreover, when our present state of affairs would not for an instant have appeared to be normal. Of course, the longing for an age when Christian morality was the norm in society is to some degree a hankering for a golden era that never really existed. It was never perfectly lived by any Christian society. Yet in those older and wiser periods of Christian civilization, whenever individuals violated moral law they knew that there was a law, and they had some sense that this law was an unshakeable truth based in the divine order,...

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New website launched for the Anglican Mission in England

Apr 3, 2015 by

See new website here. The Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) is a mission society that seeks to promote gospel growth in areas covered by the Church of England (principally in England, but also in other parts of Europe) by supporting Anglican churches and individuals both within and outside present Church of England structures. AMiE came into being as a result of GAFCON and is one of a number of agencies that relates to GAFCON through the FCA (Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans) UK and Ireland. You can read more about the history of AMiE by clicking here. A variety of Anglican churches are part of AMiE. Some churches are outside the structures of the Church of England. Others remain within the denomination but are experiencing tensions, whilst others have joined to support them. AMiE is a registered charity (number 1158679) and has an Executive Committee. Andy Lines is the General Secretary...

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10-year-olds sharing explicit images reported to police

Jun 30, 2014 by

From The Christian Institute: Children as young as ten are sharing explicit images over social media and on mobile phones, according to Freedom of Information requests. A BBC investigation found a sharp increase in the number of schools reporting cases of ‘sexting’ to police. Dorset Police dealt with 66 incidents of sexting in the past year, nearly twice as many as the previous year. Some of the cases Dorset Safe Schools and Communities Team dealt with included ten-year-olds sharing inappropriate pictures of themselves or their peers. Thames Valley Police force pressed charges twice last year over teenagers aged 15 and 13 sharing explicit images. The BBC sent Freedom of Information requests to secondary schools and police forces across Hampshire, Berkshire, Dorset, Sussex, Surrey and Wiltshire. Read...

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Petition asks U.S. government to make access to pornography ‘opt-in’ for internet users

Nov 19, 2013 by

By Kirsten Andersen, LifeSite News A new petition is asking the federal government to require internet service providers to block access to pornography by default, following the introduction of a similar policy in the United Kingdom. “We are asking that people who are interested in porn should have to seek it and choose it,” the petition reads. “They should have to ‘Opt In’ for it by making arrangements to receive it with their Internet Service Provider. Everyone else should be free from it and assumed ‘Opt Out.’”   The petition’s author, “M.G.” of Greenbrae, Calif., echoed the concerns of frustrated parents nationwide who struggle to shield their children’s eyes from porn in a world where Internet access is available to many kids 24/7.   “The average person, even children, can type in the word ‘cat’ or ‘home’ or ‘soup’ and instantly be inundated with offensive and disturbing pornographic...

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David Cameron declares war on internet pornography

Jul 22, 2013 by

By Tim Ross, Telegraph The Prime Minister is to outline plans for every UK internet user to be asked whether they want access to pornography. Every internet user in the country will be asked whether they want to have access to pornography, David Cameron will say, as he warns that hardcore images are “corroding childhood”. A joint British and American “task force” will be created to tackle obscene websites, while Google and other search engine providers will be required to draw up a “blacklist” of the most depraved and illegal search terms, the Prime Minister will announce. The initiatives will also include new measures to stop children accidentally stumbling across explicit but legal pornographic images in public places, according to well-placed sources. The six biggest companies providing access to wireless internet in cafés and railway stations have all signed a deal to block legal pornography where children could view...

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Live child sex abuse images warning from Ceop

Jul 2, 2013 by

From BBC News Images showing child sex abuse – including those streamed from live webcams – are increasingly available on the internet, experts warn. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre received reports relating to 70,000 indecent images in 2012 – twice as many as in 2011. Ceop received 8,000 reports of obscene material being downloaded or shared in the UK. An estimated 50,000 UK web users are involved in distributing abuse images. Live streaming had been identified as an emerging threat, it said. Offenders had been found to be targeting vulnerable families overseas, particularly in parts of the developing world. Children were then forced to engage in sexual activity on live webcams in exchange for payment to the family or criminals. Ceop said that online video services such as Skype were among those being exploited to transmit live images of abuse. Ceop said many abusers were hiding their...

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