Archbishop of Canterbury says Islamic rules are incompatible with Britain’s laws which have Christian values

Feb 25, 2018 by

by Steve Doughty, Mailonline: Sharia law should never become part of the British legal system, the Archbishop of Canterbury said yesterday. Justin Welby said the Islamic rules are incompatible with Britain’s laws, which have developed over 500 years on the principles of a different culture. He...

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Europe: The Rapid Spread of Dhimmitude

Feb 22, 2018 by

by Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute: Although Europe is not part of the Muslim world, many European authorities nevertheless seem to feel obliged to submit to Islam in more or less subtle ways. This voluntary submission appears to be unprecedented: Dhimmi, historically speaking, is the Arabic...

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Blackburn Cathedral hosts ‘Jihad of Jesus’ seminar

Feb 20, 2018 by

from Lancashire Telegraph: Blackburn Cathedral is to host a seminar which aims create a safe space to explore common ground and discuss the differences between the Muslim and Christian faiths. The seminar will take place at Blackburn Cathedral on March 7 as part of a larger nation-wide tour. The...

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Brixton prison’s Christian chaplain ‘forced out of his role after an Imam at the jail accused him of extremism’ claims inmates are forced to convert to Islam for protection behind bars

Feb 11, 2018 by

by Charlie Bayliss, Mailonline: A prison chaplain who claims he was ousted from his role after he was accused of promoting ‘extreme’ Christian views by his Muslim boss has revealed inmates are being forced to convert to Islam for protection behind bars. Paul Song said he had been hit...

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Volunteer Chaplain excluded from prison in move to wipe out “Christian domination

Feb 9, 2018 by

Please sign petition here Pastor Paul Song, volunteer Chaplain for nearly 20 years, excluded from HMP Brixton by a Muslim Senior Chaplain. Read Christian Concern’s email here Read also important article by Jules Gomes: Islamic conquest of prison chaplaincy gives pastoral care the death...

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Islamic London: “Run, Hide, Tell”

Feb 5, 2018 by

by Daniel Pipes, Gatestone Institute: To understand the development of Islam in Western countries, I make a habit of visiting Muslim-majority areas such as Lakemba in Australia, Lodi in California, and Lunel in France. But London, England, is unique in the extent of its Islamic impress....

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