After Obergefell: The Effects on Law, Culture, and Religion

Jul 20, 2015 by

by Sherif Gergis, Crisis Magazine: “You must not abandon the ship in a storm because you cannot control the winds…. What you cannot turn to good, you must at least make as little bad as you can.” ∼ St. Thomas More, Utopia In Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court didn’t just confect a new right to same-sex civil marriage. In some ways, it inaugurated a new phase in American law, culture, and religion. But some things don’t change. In every age there are crises, calls to do what we can about...

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SCOTUS re-trial on marriage issue? It’s possible if GOP doesn’t cave in

Jul 10, 2015 by

From MassResistance: It’s not completely over yet. But a group of treacherous and cowardly Republican politicians are standing in the way. A new fight is on, and everyone’s help is needed. Prominent pro-family figures, some GOP presidential candidates, and hundreds across the country are pressing Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to formally file for an appeal hearing on the US Supreme Court’s 5-4 “gay marriage” ruling handed down on June 26. According to the Court’s published rules, within 25...

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Marriage and the Rule of Law(yers)

Jun 30, 2015 by

By Tony Perkins, FRC: They were God’s covenant colors — a warm arc of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and purples — transformed and splashed across the White House in a defiant display of pride. It was a stark contrast to how the Supreme Court was lit up — with the candles of hundreds of men and women gathered to pray. Heeding a call that spread like wildfire through social media, Christians from across the city made their way to a vigil until the sidewalks were...

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New law could brand marriage supporters as extremists

Jun 23, 2015 by

From Coalition for Marriage: Since the introduction of same-sex marriage we have drawn attention to ordinary people around the UK who have found their reputations and livelihoods attacked for standing by their beliefs. Sadly the Government is about to make the situation much worse. The Home Secretary is seeking sweeping new powers to silence ‘extremists’ and disrupt their activities. We strongly support the Government’s fight against terrorism, but we don’t support plans which put basic free...

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Does the US Constitution Require Same-Sex Marriage in All 50 States?

Apr 22, 2015 by

By Samuel Smith, Christian Post: As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to hear oral arguments next Tuesday on whether states will continue to be free to define marriage for their own citizens, a number of amicus briefs have been filed arguing that the U.S. Constitution does not guarantee a fundamental right to same-sex marriage. Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow Ryan Anderson and prominent attorney and constitutional law expert Gene Schaerr recently co-authored their own amicus brief that asserts...

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Will Children of Gay Parents Sway the Supreme Court on Gay Marriage?

Feb 8, 2015 by

By Napp Nazworth, Christian Post: Justice Anthony Kennedy, the likely swing vote in the U.S. Supreme Court’s upcoming gay marriage decision, appeared to place a high value in how the Court will affect the children of gay parents. Some of those children are now telling Kennedy and the Court that redefining marriage to include same-sex couples is harmful for children. During oral arguments for the 2013 gay marriage case Hollingsworth vs. Perry, Kennedy asked, “there is an immediate...

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