Why the Government should boost the marriage allowance

Jan 19, 2017 by

by Ranil Jayawardena MP, Conservative Home: As a pretty traditional sort of Conservative, I believe that families are the central blocks of building a society that works for everyone. That’s why I believe that it is the responsibility of all Governments – of whatever hue – to remove the obstacles that might discriminate against families. Families come in all shapes and sizes. Over the last few decades, British society has experienced an unprecedented change in its attitudes towards family,...

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Dame Louise Casey: Replacing one form of intolerance with another

Jan 11, 2017 by

from Grassroots Conservatives: On January 9th in a House of Commons Committee Room the Government’s integration tsar Dame Louise Casey labelled church schools supportive of traditional marriage as ‘homophobic’. She accused opponents of gay marriage of using ‘religious conservatism as a veil for anti-equality views’. This contradicts the official guidance that teachers and schools do not need to support or endorse same-sex marriage.The extremism agenda is at risk of being hijacked to...

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Evidence shows marriage is best for society – so why are campaigners pushing for online divorce?

Jan 7, 2017 by

by Camilla Olim, Christian Concern: This week, the Daily Mail reported figures showing that for the first time, break-ups involving cohabiting parents have overtaken break-ups involving married parents. The figures, from the Office for National Statistics, showed that though nearly four times as many parents with children are married rather than cohabiting, 51.5% of those who broke-up last year were cohabitees. This compares with 2006 when 45.3% of family breakdowns were cohabiting couples. It...

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Why I was so wrong to sneer at marriage

Jan 4, 2017 by

by Sarah Vine, Mailonline: When I was young and ignorant, I thought marriage was an outmoded institution: at best an irrelevance, at worst a throwback to the bad old days when women were little more than objects to be bought and sold. Women like me — independent, educated, capable of re-wiring a plug — had no intention of getting married. Instead, we expected to enter into long-term partnerships on an equal footing, and bring up our children in an atmosphere of mutual understanding. That was...

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Marriage Isn’t Everything: How Celibacy Points The Way To God

Jan 3, 2017 by

by Sam Allberry, Christian Today: A friend of mine has an interesting spoon. (Bear with me.) It’s slightly larger than a teaspoon and has a large hole in the middle, making it incapable of holding – let alone carrying – the sort of substance that typically requires a spoon. My friend keeps it in his sugar bowl, waiting for unsuspecting guests to attempt productive engagement with it. Some will quietly (but unsuccessfully) persevere with it, not wanting to make a fuss and assuming the...

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STDs are at an all-time-high, but liberals are ignoring the only proven solution: marriage

Dec 24, 2016 by

by Scott Phelps, LifeSite: Marriage rates in the United States are at an all-time low. Reported cases of sexually transmitted diseases are at an all-time high. These two statistics share a clear and direct relationship, although you would not know it from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) annual reporting on the STD epidemic. What is so hard about saying what is true? In 1983, there were no reported cases of chlamydia. In 1984, the CDC recorded 7,594 cases nationwide and...

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