Wedding banns face axe after 800 years

Nov 23, 2015 by

by Jonathan Petre, Mail on Sunday: The ancient practice of reading marriage banns is under threat after senior clergy urged the Church of England to scrap it. The 800-year-old tradition, in which a couple’s names are read out during at least three Sunday services before their wedding, allows worshippers to object if they believe the marriage is illegal. But some members of the clergy say the banns are time-wasting red tape and a medieval anachronism, and are calling for the Church of England’s ‘Parliament’ the General Synod to find an alternative. Critics say the banns, designed to guard against incest, bigamy and secret ceremonies, were effective when communities were close-knit and everyone knew everyone. However, many couples now move frequently and are far less well-known in their local areas. The Rev Stephen Trott, who is to table a private member’s motion when the General Synod meets in London tomorrow,...

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Births within wedlock on course to become a minority

Nov 16, 2015 by

By John Bingham, Telegraph: Babies born within marriage could become a minority in England and Wales within five years as younger couples turn their back on matrimony, new figures suggest. According to the Office for National statistics just over half – 52.5 per cent – of women who gave birth in England and Wales last year were married. That compares to 57.8 per cent a decade earlier and more than 61 per cent at the beginning of the new century. Although the decline appears to have stalled in the last two years, if it continues at the average rate seen over the last decade, only a minority of babies would be born in wedlock by 2020. But when the effects of immigration are removed from the figures, the landmark has already been passed – as most British-born women who gave birth last year were unmarried. The trend can be...

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Australia investigating archbishop for distributing pamphlet defending true marriage

Nov 14, 2015 by

PLEASE SIGN PETITION IN SUPPORT OF ABP JULIAN PORTEOUS by Pete Baklinski, LifeSite: An Australian Catholic archbishop is facing legal action after recently distributing a pamphlet to local Catholic school children that supported Catholic teaching on marriage being between a man and woman. “Dear Friends, I have received notification from the Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner that a complaint made about me has been viewed as a possible breach of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 (Tas),” Archbishop Julian Porteous from the Archdiocese of Hobart in Tasmania posted yesterday to Facebook about the allegations of discrimination against him. The 18-page pamphlet titled “Don’t Mess With Marriage” was put out by the country’s bishops and details the Church’s teaching on sexuality and marriage. The pamphlet states that it is “gravely unjust” to children, adults, and society to redefine marriage to allow for homosexual partnerships to be called “marriage.” “The Catholic Church cares...

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Attacked by ‘Tolerance’ – how same-sex ‘marriage’ hurts people

Nov 10, 2015 by

From TFP: This amazing video shows how volunteers with the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) were violently assaulted by pro-homosexual “marriage” advocates while supporting traditional marriage on college campuses and in the public...

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Gay Father Wants to Get Married to His Gay Son

Nov 4, 2015 by

By Jessilyn Justice, Charisma News: A same-sex couple is petitioning the court for the right to marry, but the court refused. What makes this couple different from the others granted marriage licenses across the country? They’re legally father and son. Retired teacher Nino Esposito adopted his partner Roland Drew Bosee in 2012, CNN reports. Bosee tells CNN the adoption “gave us the most legitimate thing available to us.” Gay news site The Advocate says the adoption process between gay couples was a common practice before legalized gay marriage. “Adoption offered legal protections for same-sex partners when it came to matters like hospital visiting privileges and inheritance laws. But now with marriage equality, some couples in this situation are finding it difficult to annul their adoptions so they can legally wed,” the site reports. In Pennsylvania, orphans court Judge Lawrence O’Toole denied Bosee and Esposito’s request for an adoption annulment. The Post-Gazette reports O’Toole denied the request because...

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‘Defender of true marriage,’ Lillian Ladele dies

Oct 29, 2015 by

By Harry Farley, Christian Today: Lillian Ladele, who has been hailed a “defender of true marriage,” has died. The marriage registrar, whose fight against Islington Council over the registration of civil partnerships went to the European Court of Human Rights, died at home of natural causes aged 54. Ladele worked as a registrar for marriages, births and deaths for the London Borough of Islington. After the introduction of civil partnerships for same-sex couples, Ladele objected to having to officiate in a civil partnership ceremony, saying it conflicted with her religious beliefs. She was disciplined and threatened with dismissal at which point she appealed to The Employment Tribunal, which ruled she had been discriminated against and harassed. However the Employment Appeals Tribunal overturned this decision at which point Ladele turned to the Court of Appeal and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Her case was heard on 15 January...

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