Ruthless Ideology and the End of Debate

Aug 6, 2014 by

By R J Snell, Crisis Magazine: Some days ago, Josh Barro of the New York Times tweeted the following message: “Anti-LGBT attitudes are terrible for people in all sorts of communities. They linger and oppress, and we need to stamp them out, ruthlessly.” It’s quite a statement for a public figure to make—for anyone to make—but especially one supposedly devoted to high-level journalism and policy. In a moment of “graciousness,” he clarified that he isn’t calling for anyone’s death, just that “we...

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How Ryan T. Anderson Responded to a Gay Man Who Wants to Redefine Marriage

Aug 3, 2014 by

This excerpt forms part of the Q & A session following Ryan Anderson’s talk to the Stanford Anscombe Society on the meaning of marriage in the forming of public policy. The whole of the Q and A session may be viewed here.   The original lecture can be heard here:...

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Ryan T. Anderson – What is Marriage?

Aug 1, 2014 by

A must-watch video. What is Marriage? Man & Woman: A Defense – Ryan T. Anderson gives a thoughtful and well-reasoned talk on the marriage debate from a public policy point-of-view.

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Marriage falls out of favour for young Europeans as austerity and apathy bite

Jul 26, 2014 by

From The Guardian: Marriage rates have fallen dramatically in most major European countries over the past decade, as austerity, generational crisis and apathy towards the institution deter record numbers of young people from tying the knot. The number of weddings has fallen to historical lows in France and Spain and has tumbled in other Catholic countries such as Italy, Ireland, Poland and Portugal, according to national and European data. But people have also fallen out of love with marriage...

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The most ‘family friendly government ever’. Not.

Jul 16, 2014 by

By Harry Benson, The Marriage Foundation: I’m just wondering what it will take before we get any kind of family policy from government. Government is well aware of the problem. For starters, almost all welfare policy since 1997 is based on the premise that out-of-work lone parents are the most likely group to live in poverty. And I know for certain that several MPs have brought the issue of family breakdown to the Prime Minister’s attention, not least the current Work and Pensions Secretary...

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A pivotal time for marriage

Jul 15, 2014 by

Fr. Shenan Boquet, LifeSite: Every poll reveals that Americans are gradually shifting away from an understanding of marriage as being a lifelong union of one man and one woman, to one in which marriage is defined only by the whims of its participants. If we are going to safeguard the future of marriage – as defined by God and supported by Natural Law – and secure the healthiest environment for children to grow up, we cannot rely on our political leaders or the secular media to speak the truth...

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