Women’s March

Jan 22, 2017 by

by Matt Walsh (from facebook) Remember this, everyone. Soak this in. Today the media has discovered an intense interest in political demonstrations. As thousands of women descend upon DC to whine about the legitimate results of a legal election, incoherently demand “rights” they already possess and have possessed for almost a century, insist on more free birth control, and call for the continued mass slaughter of infants, the media is in a state of utter elation. I turned on CNN...

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Why plans to hobble UK newspapers are a tyrant’s charter

Jan 8, 2017 by

by Ian Birrell, Mailonline: Foreign Reporter of the Year IAN BIRRELL, who has reported from brutal regimes around the world, on the true cost of a shackled press. Journalism can be a dangerous job. In many places on our planet, rich and powerful people dislike anyone investigating their nefarious affairs and are swift to threaten, imprison, torture and even kill those who do so. The brave men and women who resist such pressure and report truth in the face of tyranny are not just helping to...

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The British press could soon be at the mercy of its enemies

Jan 5, 2017 by

by Alex Wickham, CapX: Imagine for a moment that members of the board of Ofcom publicly declared that they “hate” ITV and that Channel 4 are “scum”. Or if the executives at the British Board of Film Classification expressed a desire to ban movies made by 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. Or if a spokesman for Ofgem, the energy regulator, said that the “Big Six” were a bunch of Nazis. It may seem fanciful – but the equivalent is happening today with the British newspaper industry. In October,...

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Leveson threatens to gag God

Dec 23, 2016 by

by Julian Mann, Comment Central: When I was a trade journalist in the early 1990s, with the robust encouragement of my editor I conducted an investigation into corruption in a retail franchise company, which badly affected the small traders who invested in the brand. The report drew a lawyer’s letter from one of the wealthy individuals whose nefarious behaviour was exposed, threatening to sue. The incident taught me one of life’s painful lessons as a young man. A rich bully with a lawyer can...

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The Western media: the propaganda wing of al-Qaeda?

Dec 22, 2016 by

by Brendan O’Neill, Spiked: Western coverage of Aleppo has been disturbingly shallow and biased. […]  The Western media coverage of Syria counts as some of the most biased, uncritical war reporting of recent times. A vastly complex war, referred to by one journalist in August as ‘the world’s most complicated cat’s cradle’, has in recent weeks been reduced to a simplistic, binary morality play, a clash of innocence and evil. The British media coverage of Aleppo in particular has...

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BBC One’s festive schedule to feature most religious programming in four decades

Dec 21, 2016 by

by Patrick Foster, Telegraph: The BBC’s Christmas Day schedules will feature the highest amount of religious programming in four decades, according to an analysis of yuletide television throughout the ages. Families who settle down in front of BBC One on December 25 will notice a huge rise in religious programmes and high-quality dramas, while the amount of comedy has dipped to its lowest level in half a century. An analysis of BBC’s One festive schedules, carried out by Radio Times magazine...

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