Do LGBT parents have a right to a full genetic relationship?

Apr 29, 2017 by

by Michael Cook, BioEdge: The possibility of creating synthetic gametes (eggs from male stem cells, sperm from female stem cells) raises some interesting ethical issues. LGBT couples currently depend upon a third party to contribute opposite-sex gametes. This means that their children will never...

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People at risk of HIV in Scotland to be given PrEP drug on NHS

Apr 11, 2017 by

by Sarah Boseley, Guardian: People at risk of HIV in Scotland are to be given drugs on the NHS that will protect them from infection, it has been announced, in a move that Aids campaigners say will put pressure on the authorities in England to end delays in providing the same medication despite...

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The Demise of Language and the Rise of Cloning

Mar 22, 2017 by

by Michael Wee, Public Discourse: On both sides of the Atlantic, human cloning for pregnancy has been stealthily gaining ground in the last few years, in part due to cultural perceptions and words that obscure reality. Twenty years ago, in an essay entitled “The Wisdom of Repugnance,” Leon R. Kass...

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Egg freezing is not all it’s cracked up to be

Mar 21, 2017 by

by Philippa Taylor, TCW: A Daily Telegraph article last week asked: ‘Motherhood on ice: has the egg-freezing generation of working women been misled?’ That’s an easy question to answer: Yes! The massively profitable egg-freezing industry has an appallingly low ‘success’ rate, yet still tempts...

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Three-person baby licence granted

Mar 17, 2017 by

BBC News: Doctors in Newcastle have been given the first UK licence to create babies from two women and one man, the fertility regulator says. The advanced form of IVF will be used to prevent children dying from genetic diseases. The team at the Newcastle Fertility Centre said it was “good...

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Five designer chromosomes bring synthetic life a step closer

Mar 10, 2017 by

by Bob Holmes, New Scientist: The goal of creating a complex organism with a genome designed and built from scratch in the laboratory has come a giant step closer. The team that built the first synthetic yeast chromosome three years ago has now added five more chromosomes, totalling roughly a...

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