Doctors who oppose morning-after pill on conscience grounds face qualifications bar

Apr 30, 2014 by

By John Bingham, Telegraph Guidelines confirm that doctors and nurses who oppose controversial emergency contraception on ‘moral or religious’ grounds cannot receive key specialist qualifications Doctors and nurses who object to providing controversial emergency contraception on moral or religious grounds are being barred from specialist professional qualifications under official guidelines. They class Roman Catholics and others motivated by pro-life beliefs as...

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Pew poll shows most nations around the world find abortion, homosexuality immoral

Apr 23, 2014 by

By Ben Johnson, LifeSiteNews Not a single nation in the 40 countries surveyed by Pew Research Center said abortion is morally acceptable. The majority of the people in dozens of nations across every continent but Antarctica deemed abortion and homosexuality morally unacceptable, according to results from the Pew Research Center’s 2013 Global Attitudes.   An outright majority of citizens in 26 countries found abortion morally objectionable – 13 of them by a three-to-one margin....

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Perversion Compounded and Children Corrupted

Mar 11, 2014 by

By Bill Muehlenberg There are several truths you can usually count on when we think about the culture wars. One of them is that perversion tends to generate more perversion. Those pushing a particular vice, immorality or perversion tend to push other ones as well. The more the merrier it seems. And those into unrighteousness and degradation also seem to want to drag children into their world of filth and perversion as well. It is not enough to let immorality and filth reign supreme amongst...

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‘Catholic schools have no right to promote Catholic sexual morality’

Mar 8, 2014 by

by Ben Conroy, Iona Institute Catholic schools are not entitled to promote Catholic views on sexuality, Dr Jacky Jones, formerly of the HSE, announced in The Irish Times on Monday.   She made this interesting statement in reaction to the coverage of Pure in Heart in the media – Pure in Heart being a Catholic organisation that goes into schools around the country to promote chastity.   Dr Jones is not, to put it mildly, a fan. She writes: 'Unbelievably, talks on sexual...

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The Evidence for Virtue: Social Science, Natural Law, and Human Flourishing

Feb 28, 2014 by

By Paul D Miller, Public Discourse Christians have nothing to fear and everything to gain from good social science. It provides a way to talk normatively about human flourishing in terms that are intelligible, legitimate, and persuasive to those outside the community of faith. How can Christians make arguments that are persuasive to those who do not share their most basic presuppositions? That is the quandary in which Christians—and Jews and Muslims—find themselves as public...

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Going to church can keep you on the straight and narrow, criminology study suggests

Jan 15, 2014 by

By John Bingham, Telegraph People who attend a place of worship such as a church, mosque or synagogue regularly are less likely to commit petty crimes, a study by criminologists has found Going to church or another place of worship regularly can actively help keep people on the path of righteousness, a criminological study has found. Researchers questioned more than 1,200 young people anonymously about whether they had secretly committed sins ranging from faking a sick day from work or failing...

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