News Bulletin 18 July 2014 — The Christian Institute

Jul 18, 2014 by

Featured stories ‘Assisted suicide bill would tell people they’re worthless’ Sharia wills guidance no longer endorsed by regulator Large US study: 1.6 per cent identify as homosexual...

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Anglican Unscripted Episode 104

Jul 15, 2014 by

Anglican Unscripted is the only video newscast in the Anglican Church. Every Week Kevin, George and guests bring you news and prospective from around the globe. 00:00 Forward in Faith 10:40 Archbishop George...

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Anglican Unscripted Episode 101

Jul 8, 2014 by

Kevin Kallsen explains Anglican Unscripted’s new format.  Stories today:  00:00 Australia Dumps Seal of Confession 05:52 Breaking News from South Carolina with AS...

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News Bulletin, 4 July 2014

Jul 4, 2014 by

Cameron celebrates gay marriage in new video Senior doctor: Medics should help patients kill themselves Assisted suicide: BMA restates opposition to law change Named Person plans like ‘a sledgehammer to crack a nut’ Religious liberty victory against ‘Obamacare’...

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News Bulletin, 27 June 2014

Jun 27, 2014 by

Featured stories: Judge who dismissed Bulls suggests conscience rethink Euthanasia case rejected by Supreme Court Govt rejects civil partnerships for heterosexual couples 10-year-olds sharing explicit images reported to police Redefining marriage rejected in Finland for second...

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News Bulletin 20 June 2014 — The Christian Institute

Jun 20, 2014 by

Govt: Child cruelty law will not punish religious parents Named Person victim says scheme would invade privacy Marriage march set to draw thousands to Washington DC Ignore conscience on abortion Polish PM tells doctors Mum elated after finding one-of-a-kind fostering agency...

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