Are paedophiles’ brains wired differently?

Nov 24, 2015 by

From BBC: There has been immense concern in recent years over the scale of child sexual abuse. But even after years of study and investigation there’s still disagreement over what causes paedophiles to be the way they are, writes Richard Sanders. “People, they think ‘why should we help the paedophile? We should be prosecuting them, throwing them in jail, having them castrated’. But if we offer help to paedophiles we might save children who might have been abused.” These were the remarkable words of Paul Jones, father of April Jones who was abducted and murdered by a paedophile in October 2012. There was evidence that Mark Bridger had been looking at child pornography online in the hours leading to her abduction. Now Paul and his wife Coral are campaigning for better understanding of child sex abuse – including offering help to paedophiles to prevent them from offending. For them...

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UN Agency Includes Ten Year Old Boys in Definition of Gay Behavior

Oct 23, 2015 by

By Rebecca Oas, C-Fam: The UN family planning agency (UNFPA) drifted further into controversial territory with a new report on HIV and sexually transmitted infections among men who have sex with men – and boys. UNFPA’s report implies that promiscuity and dangerous sexual practices are a pervasive part of the male homosexual experience, a charge that the Southern Poverty Law Center would label as “hate” if it came from a conservative Christian group. At the same time, the report ignores the fact that having multiple sexual partners, especially multiple concurrent partners, greatly raises the risk of infection. The advice it offers for changing sexual behavior is limited to using condoms and lubricants. UNFPA begins with a definition of MSM as “men who have sex with men,” and “should be understood to include young men, i.e. those in the age range 10–24 years.” While MSM is generally considered to be...

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‘Born This Way’ Is No Excuse For Pedophiles

Sep 28, 2015 by

By Mytheos Holt, The Federalist: Recently, Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos published one of the more devastating pieces of attack journalism in recent memory. Specifically, he proved that a well-known Twitter social justice warrior alternately calling himself Sarah Nyberg (he’s transgendered) and Sarah Butts has a past as a defender of white nationalism and as a self-confessed pedophile. Not much needs to be said about the white nationalism allegations beyond what Nyberg himself said in the chat logs Yiannopoulos unearthed: “I think white nationalists are ‘racist’ in the same sense that feminists are ‘sexist.’” Nolo contendere, Nyberg. Nyberg is far from the only social justice warrior to be outed as a former Nazi. The pedophilia accusation, on the other hand, is in a class of its own, which makes that bit of the story particularly alarming. After the usual first few rounds of denialism and wriggling, Nyberg admitted the story was...

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‘I’m a pedophile, but not a monster’: Man writes confronting essay asking Americans to ‘please understand’ the difference between pedophiles and child molesters

Sep 25, 2015 by

From Mailonline: A liberal news website has published an essay by a self-described pedophile asking Americans to ‘learn to accept’ people like him and attempting to raise awareness about their ‘sexual orientation’. The controversial op-ed was written by Tennessee-based graphic designer Todd Nickerson and appeared on on Monday. In it Nickerson explains how being being a pedophile is a ‘curse of the first order’. ‘I’ve been stuck with the most unfortunate of sexual orientations, a preference for a group of people who are legally, morally and psychologically unable to reciprocate my feelings and desires,’ Nickerson wrote. Read here Read also:  Here’s why the progressive left keeps sticking up for pedophiles by Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart Editor’s note: As Christians we should want churches to provide a safe space for individuals to confess their sinful tendencies, if they so wish, in an environment of support and help to change. We should...

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Here’s why the progressive left keeps sticking up for pedophiles

Sep 22, 2015 by

By Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart: Today, Salon gave a platform to a self-confessed pedophile to explain his urges in sympathetic terms. “I’m a Pedophile, But Not A Monster” reads the headline. It’s a long, self-pitying screed that ends with a call to be “understanding and supportive” of adults who crave sexual intimacy with children. Forgive me if I’m not first to start the standing ovation. In fact I’m pretty sure most people will find the existence on Salon’s website of this post both shocking and distasteful. The timing of Nickerson’s post, barely a week after multiple high-profile progressives rallied around progressive activist Sarah Nyberg, couldn’t be more suspect. Over the past two weeks, an alarming number of left-leaning commentators have rallied around the self-confessed transsexual pedophile and progressive activist who defended white nationalism. In other words, progressives who got fired up about whether green and purple was a “rapey” colour scheme were suddenly fine with discussion of incestuous pedophilia from a 22-year-old in...

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Child abuse and the church.

Jul 14, 2015 by

by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. As past complicity with paedophilia is investigated, can the C of E still speak to the nation about sex? The new inquiry After two false starts, the long awaited independent inquiry into past cases of child abuse in England and Wales officially began at the end of last week. We know two things for certain: the inquiry is going to be very long, and very expensive; already people are questioning the breadth of scope, and the minimum £17.9 million cost. A judge from New Zealand has been appointed to head the inquiry, because the two previous appointees were thought to be too close to the political Establishment which itself will be under investigation, along with other national institutions and individuals, for potentially covering up instances of child abuse and even colluding in a culture which turned a blind eye to sexual exploitation of children....

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