At this rate Nicky Morgan will have to be arrested as an extremist

Jul 4, 2015 by

By Rob Slane, The Conservative Woman: What exactly do they do to them at Conservative Party HQ? I’m referring to the long list of folks in that Party who once had what appeared to be ostensibly conservative leanings but who have, one by one, capitulated to the agenda of the Cultural Marxists. Clearly the party was infiltrated by out-and-out progressives decades ago, but what exactly did they do to the likes of William Hague and Eric Pickles? Were any teeth pulled or rats involved? I think we have a right to know. One of the strangest cases of Total Capitulation to the Leftist Agenda is that of the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan. There she was in 2013, voting against the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, and doing so because she apparently believed that marriage should “only be between a man and a woman”. And yet someone also called Nicky Morgan, appearing on Radio 4’s Today programme at the beginning of the week, claimed that “homophobic” views may be a sign that a pupil is at risk of becoming an extremist. I have checked the records and it does indeed appear to be the same Nicky Morgan. Now I know that people change their minds, and often this can be a good thing – I’ve done it many times myself – but what can have caused Ms Morgan not only to change her mind, but to do so to the extent that having once appeared to understand that men can’t have husbands and women can’t have wives, just two years later she is attacking those who think marriage is “only between one man and one woman” with all the zeal of a famished wolf in a sheepfold. Read here...

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Tax bill on UK homes with full-time mums is highest in the West

Jun 29, 2015 by

By Steve Doughty, Mailonline: British families with stay-at-home mothers pay more taxes than the rest of the Western world, a study reveals. The burden they face is now a third higher than the average among the richest countries. Charity CARE said households where one parent works and the other looks after children have been heavily penalised since David Cameron first entered Downing Street. And it warned that there are overwhelming barriers for the poorest one-income families if they try to improve their pay. Thanks to the tax credit system, they will have to give up three quarters of every additional pound they make – equivalent to the amount they lose in benefits. The growing burden on families with stay-at-home parents comes amid plans by the Prime Minister to double the amount of free childcare for working mothers. But CARE boss Nola Leach said: ‘It is staggering that one-earner married couples are still being so heavily penalised. ‘Stay-at-home parents are making an important investment in their children and yet they end up being discriminated against by our tax system, which surely a One Nation Prime Minister cannot be content with.’ Read here...

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David Cameron celebrates diversity and strength of Britain for Pride in London

Jun 27, 2015 by

By David Cameron, Pink News: The LGBT+ rights movement has been a great force for reform not just in the UK but also around the world. It has campaigned for decency, respect and equal treatment; and underlying it all were simple demands: that people should be able to love and live equally with someone of the same sex, that people should be respected and valued for who they are, able to live safely and fulfil their potential. This is why I’m so pleased to have introduced same-sex marriage and to have seen it become the law of this land. It is also why I am delighted that yet again the UK has been judged the best place to live in Europe if you are LGBT+. But I am aware that the work must go on. At the General Election my Party made specific pledges including introducing a new law to pardon men who, like Alan Turing, were convicted of a crime they would be innocent of today, and toughening hate crime legislation so it covers crimes committed against people on the basis of sexual orientation or transgender identity. There is continuing work to tackle domestic abuse, homelessness, health inequalities, bullying in schools and to bring about positive reform around the world, not least in the Commonwealth. Read here...

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Conservative ministers ‘delighted’ to fly LGBT flag over government buildings

Jun 22, 2015 by

From Breitbart: Conservative ministers have expressed their “delight” at flying the LGBT flag over government buildings over the next week, to coincide with ‘Pride’ celebrations across the world. David Cameron’s Conservative-led government decided to feature the gay pride flag on top of British government buildings for the first time in 2012, and will continue the trend this year, despite critics being told for the past three years that the measure was a Liberal Democrat initiative, prompted by their time in coalition government with the Conservative Party. Nevertheless, the government will lower Britain’s union flag, and replace it with theincreasingly, overtly political flag. Oliver Letwin, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, said: “We are delighted to join with the LGBT community in celebrating Pride this weekend, and will be flying our flag at the heart of Whitehall. We have committed to governing one nation, bringing people together and flying the flag this week shows our pride in and solidarity with the LGBT community.” Minister for the Cabinet Office Matthew Hancock commented: “Civil servants across the country will be joining in the celebrations this week, and flying the flag shows that pride in our LGBT community is shared at the most senior levels of Whitehall.” Read here...

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Muslim extremism: Why David Cameron’s views are dangerously naive

Jun 19, 2015 by

By Mark Woods, Christian Today: Why are young British Muslims going off to fight for a cause that involves burning people alive or chopping their heads off? Now we know, or at least we know what the Prime Minister thinks. In a speech today, he said: “The cause is ideological. It is an Islamist extremist ideology: one that says the West is bad and democracy is wrong, that women are inferior and homosexuality is evil. “It says religious doctrine trumps the rule of law and Caliphate trumps nation state, and it justifies violence in asserting itself and achieving its aims. The question is: how do people arrive at this world view?” His answer is that “there are people who hold some of these views who don’t go as far as advocating violence, but do buy into some of these prejudices – giving the extreme Islamist narrative weight and telling fellow Muslims ‘you are part of this'”. It’s this, he says, that has to change – and that is a very, very worrying idea. It would be foolish to deny the force of the argument, superficially at least. Yes, it’s possible, through a narrative of confrontation and rejection, to create a mindset in young people in which the leap from theory to action is not a very long one. But Cameron’s analysis fails because it doesn’t understand the nature either of religious conviction or of a plural society. Because of that, it won’t succeed in convincing Muslims that he has any answers to the radicalisation of their young people, and it is open to being used for radical curtailments of our personal freedom. The problem is that he is a liberal-minded, tolerant and fair-minded sort of chap who for the life of him can’t understand why everyone isn’t just like him. So the answer to the radicalisation of young Muslims is for them to stop believing the things that make them different – to stop challenging the status quo and to become enlightened Westerners, with their religion reduced to a picturesque illustration of British multiculturalism rather than the vital and dangerous force that it is. Dangerous? Yes. In modern democracies all true religion is dangerous, Christian as well as Muslim, because it challenges the powers that be. Christians marched against the Iraq war in their thousands, for all the good it did. Christians have protested against gay marriage, abortion and even against Muslims – James McConnell is facing prosecution in Belfast as a result. Of course, not all Christians, and many would find themselves out of sympathy with these causes. The point is that faith drives people to dissent. If you fit snugly into the prevailing narrative, which is liberal, consumerist, hedonist, capitalist and individualist, there’s not much point in being a Christian at all. Or a Muslim. Read here Read also:  Exploding the myth of radicalisation by Frank Furedi, Spiked...

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Former Education Secretary moves to abolish Christian teaching

Jun 16, 2015 by

By Mark Ellse, The Conservative Woman: At first glance, the Westminster Faith Debate’s pamphlet co-authored by former Education Secretary Charles Clarke, sounds reasonable. On the subject of school assemblies, the former Education Secretary writes that their “form and character […] should be left to the governors of the individual schools.” Speaking on the Today programme yesterday, Clarke said we are seventy years on from legislation that requires schools to have an act of collective worship that is predominantly Christian in character. “The nature of Christianity has changed, forms of religion has changed […] church attendance has changed […] we have a far wider range of faith in our schools now than then”. But when we delve further into the pamphlet, we see the Devil is in the detail. As it turns out, Clarke does not “believe in a Supreme Being” and the impartial sounding Westminster Faith Debate is in fact an instrument to promote his own views. The recent pamphlet ‘A New Settlement: Religion and Belief in Schools’ reveals his agenda. It recommends “an agreed national syllabus” for religious education. It is hard to resist a chuckle when one reads the “nationally-agreed syllabus would be determined by the Secretary of State in agreement with a newly created ‘National Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (NASACRE)”. NASACRE is not just another quango with a silly acronym. Its proposed remit is frightening. It would be given the power to decide what can and cannot be taught about religious education in schools. The paper further recommends “that religious instruction (even of a kind which does not include coercion, or distortion of other religions or beliefs) does not take place within the school day”. In other words, children at school should not be told anything about religion that is not on the National Syllabus.  The Westminster Faith Debate has no place for the traditional role of Christianity in education. We should not instruct children about Christianity. We should not teach the story of the Good Samaritan, or the Woman at the Well, and the way that these stories remind us of the worth of other races. We should not tell children about the Prodigal Son and God’s infinite mercy offered freely to those who turn to him. The concept of turning the other cheek, or the reminder within the Lord’s Prayer that God’s forgiveness of us is not dependent on our own righteousness but strongly linked to our forgiveness of others we will never dare mention. Read here...

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