Ian Duncan Smith – two views

Mar 21, 2016 by

IDS is the true Tory modernizer, by Cerberus, The Conservative Woman. A devout Roman Catholic, he has long been associated with the now much shrunken socially conservative wing of the Tory Party… …he favoured low taxes, free enterprise and a small state, alongside strong defence and a robust approach to law and order. A metropolitan liberal, he was not. There are many labels for this kind of politics: Thatcherite, right-wing and dry are just some… …Duncan Smith recognised that the...

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Faith, Freedom and One Nation: the full text of Stephen Crabb’s Wilberforce address

Mar 20, 2016 by

From Conservative Home, published December 2015: “I would like to start by thanking the Conservative Christian Fellowship for the kind invitation to deliver the 2015 Wilberforce Address this evening. It is an honour to be asked to give this lecture which is named of course after one of our Party’s most important social reformers – a passionate and untiring campaigner, and someone who embodied the very spirit of Compassionate Conservativism. William Wilberforce continues to fascinate and...

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David Cameron: ‘Gay marriage has been an absolute disaster. It has totally split my party’

Mar 13, 2016 by

(Clip from Telegraph article entitled ‘David Cameron is ‘petrified’ of Boris Johnson and branded Michael Gove a ‘Maoist’, new memoirs reveal’) […] Mr Cameron is reported to have compared the fallout from his decision to push ahead with gay marriage to the impact the U-turn on tuition fees had on the Lib Dems. “Over food and wine in the 10 Downing Street flat, the prime minister told Nick Clegg: ‘Gay marriage has been an absolute disaster....

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House of Cards: A terrifying insight into a world where God is dead

Mar 6, 2016 by

by Andy Walton, Christian Today: The best art and literature has always critiqued as well as reflected the age in which it is created. From Jonathan Swift’s biting satire to Charles Dickens’ treatment of London poverty; from Picasso’s depictions of the Spanish Civil War to the late Harper Lee’s stunning denunciation of segregation, the best art tells us something about the time in which it was created as well as timeless truths. While it may not be quite in the exalted...

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‘Render unto Brussels’, or vote.leave?

Mar 1, 2016 by

by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. During the final week in Jerusalem before the crucifixion, some apprentice Pharisees and Herodians came to Jesus and asked “should we pay taxes to Caesar?” What they were in effect asking was “should we vote to leave the Roman Empire?” Of course in those days it wasn’t quite as simple as persuading Pilate and the Herods to hold a referendum. They wouldn’t have agreed, as many religious leaders and puppet officials were benefitting nicely from membership of...

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Memo to evangelical Trumpites: forget the crowds and the ungodly alliances.

Feb 29, 2016 by

Bill Muehlenberg, Culturewatch. […]time and time again Israel was warned about obtaining national security through making alliances with pagan rulers and nations…Israel was to trust God alone, not pagan military might. It seems Christians today have failed to learn these lessons. We still look to man to save us, when such hopes are in vain. In the US, millions of so-called Christians are pinning all their hopes on one man: a pagan, immoral and arrogant man no less. Yet somehow they think...

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