Muslim men having ’20 children each’ because of polygamy, peer claims

Oct 25, 2015 by

By Steven Swinford, Telegraph: Muslim men in some communities are having up to 20 children each because of polygomy and the rise of “religiously sanctioned gender discrimination” under Sharia Law, peers have warned. Baroness Cox, a cross-bench peer, highlighted a series of “shocking” examples of the impact of Sharia law on Muslim women in Britain as she called for them to be given greater protection under equality legislation. She disclosed one case in which a 63-year-old man tried to divorce his 23-year-old wife and arrange her marriage to a Pakistani man who needed a visa. He asked a gynaecologist to “repair the hymen” of his wife so she could remarry, and stood to make £10,000 “for effecting the arrangement”. “Such shocking cases surely cannot be allowed to continue,” she said. “The rights of Muslim women and the rule of law in our land must be upheld.” Read here...

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US same-sex marriage ruling used to back appeal against polygamy ban

Aug 28, 2015 by

From Christian Today: The stars of the US reality television show Sister Wives used the US Supreme Court’s recent same-sex marriage ruling to support their case against Utah’s polygamy ban, court records show. The filing with the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals by Kody Brown and the four women he considers his wives – Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Sullivan – came in response to the Utah Attorney General’s appeal of a lower court’s ruling in their favor. Wednesday’s filing referred to the Supreme Court’s June ruling legalising same-sex marriage nationwide, saying that Utah’s position against plural families relies on outdated law. “This case is about criminalisation of consensual relations and there are 21st century cases rather than 19th century cases,” attorney Jonathan Turley said in the 79-page filing. “It is clear that states can no longer use criminal codes to coerce or punish those...

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Why shouldn’t the law recognise polygamous marriage?

Aug 7, 2015 by

by Peter Franklin, Conservative Home: Just when you thought the marriage debate had been settled – in favour of same-sex marriage (SSM) – along comes an even more contentious issue. Not so long ago the idea that SSM could or should pave the way for polygamous marriage was a fringe concern. However, the debate is now moving into the mainstream. For instance, the Economist – a longstanding supporter of SSM – recently invited Professor Stephen Macedo of Princeton University to make the case against the legal recognition of polygamous marriage. Far from advancing the cause of equality, Macedo argues that polygamy is traditionally associated with inequality: “The vast majority (85%) of the polygamous societies studied by anthropologists reveal the arrangement to be a marker of privilege and high status… Also, won’t anyone think of the children? “Complex plural families—composed of multiple wives and children related as half-siblings—are prone to...

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Is Polygamy Next?

Jul 21, 2015 by

By William Baude, New York Times: OW that the dust is settling from the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, which recognized a right to same-sex marriage, there are new questions. In particular, could the decision presage a constitutional right to plural marriage? If there is no magic power in opposite sexes when it comes to marriage, is there any magic power in the number two? Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s dissent in Obergefell raised this very question, intending to show how radical the majority’s decision could become. But the issue was hard to discuss candidly while same-sex marriage was still pending, because both sides knew that association with plural marriage, a more unpopular cause, could have stymied progress for gay rights. (Opponents of same-sex marriage had reasons to emphasize the association, while supporters had reasons to play it down.) With same-sex marriage on the books, we...

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“Why Two? The Question Gay Activists Cannot Answer,”

Jul 14, 2015 by

By Michael Brown, A Huffington Post Writer Takes My Challenge and Fails Badly. In response to my article “Why Two? The Question Gay Activists Cannot Answer,” James Peron penned an article titled “Polygamy Is Not the Next ‘Gay Marriage’.” In his response, he dissed the Christian Post (one of the sites where my article was posted), dissed me (for writing a “a book on how Christians will reverse the course of the ‘gay revolution’,” referring to my forthcoming book Outlasting the Gay Revolution), and dissed the return of Jesus (as something not likely to happen, let alone any time soon). Ironically, while disparaging the Christian Post as “not exactly a site for intellectuals,” Peron published his piece on the Huffington Post website, which, to my knowledge, has never been mistaken for the Harvard Law Review. (In reality, both sites are designed for the general reader, with all manner...

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Why Two? The Question Gay Activists Cannot Answer

Jul 7, 2015 by

by Michael Brown, Charisma News: If marriage is not the union of a man and a woman, then why should it be limited to two people (or, for that matter, require two people)? Why can’t it be one or three or five? What makes the number “two” so special if it doesn’t refer to the union of a male and a female? I have asked this question for years in various settings, from a campus debate with a professor to social media and from my radio show to writing, and I have not yet received a single cogent answer, since no cogent answer exists. If “love is love” and “marriage equality” is the mantra, then why can’t any combination of loving adults form a “marriage”? How can anyone in support of same-sex “marriage” object to the goals of the Marriage Equality Blogspot which calls for “Full Marriage Equality,” specifically,...

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