Polygamy and Human Dignity

Jun 16, 2014 by

by Carson Holloway, Public Discourse: The normalization of polygamy would undermine our commitment to human dignity—our sense that each human being is to be valued as an end in him- or herself, and not merely as a means to others’ ends. Conservatives have long warned that the redefinition of marriage sought by the proponents of same-sex unions will prepare the way for a further redefinition of marriage to include polygamy. Some liberals have already done their part to fulfill this prophecy by...

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A handout for queer non-monogamists

Jun 6, 2014 by

By Carolyn Moynihan, MercatorNet: t is getting harder week by week to deny that acceptance of same-sex “marriage” creates a precedent for social and legal recognition of other types of sexual relationships. The Auckland Council, a ratepayer funded local authority in New Zealand, where same-sex marriage was legalised last year, has given a small handout for an event promoting polyamory, Family First reports. The grant comes from the council’s Community Development and Safety Committee. “Safety”...

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Public school board defends student’s ‘pink day’ poster championing polygamy

May 2, 2014 by

By Peter Baklinski, LifeSite News The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is defending an allegedly student-created poster that appears to celebrate polygamy as part of the school’s “Pink Day” promoting diversity. Titled "King Eddie Pink Day 2014," the poster includes two sets of trademark circular symbols that indicate either male or female. Each set linked together has three symbols, one-male-with-two-females and one-female-with-two-males. “Same...

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Will approving same-sex marriage lead to approving polygamy?

May 1, 2014 by

by Ian Paul, Psephizo Last week I posted a link to the Daily Mail article which announced: Here comes the bride. And another one. And another one! Meet world’s first married lesbian THREESOME . . . and they’re expecting a baby due in July. It went on to put the word ‘married’ in inverted commas, since they live in Massachusetts, where marriage can only be between two people. But it did detail how:   […]  There seems to be a number of strands to this: a...

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Marriage is under attack – Archbishop Wabukala

Apr 10, 2014 by

From the Kenya Star Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Reverend Eliud Wabukala has said the institution of marriage is under attack from both foreign and local forces. In a statement, Rev Wabukala said, marriage is under attack from outside the country with the West and sections of the Anglican Church pressuring the ACK to treat homosexuality as a human right. Wabukala stated that “ this is to cheapen rights so that they become a demand that we tolerate individual preferences that are...

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And So The Campaign For Polygamy Begins

Feb 25, 2014 by

By Rod Dreher, The American Conservative Now that same-sex marriage is all but a fait accompli in the US — come on, do you really think that Justice Anthony Kennedy is going to miss his chance to be the swing vote on constitutionalizing SSM? — it is time to move on to the next frontier: legalizing polygamy. Many SSM proponents have long been indignant that anybody would suggest that legalizing SSM would lead to legalizing polygamy. They’ve depended on indignation to quiet...

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