Incest: The Next Frontier in ‘Reproductive Freedom’

Jan 20, 2015 by

By Matt Barber, Charisma News: Like a plastic Piggly Wiggly bag fluttering about in the alley, those untethered from God’s natural law are violently tossed to and fro by the gusting winds of moral relativism. Jenny Kutner is one such Piggly Wiggly bag. A 20-something assistant editor at, she describes herself as “focusing on sex, gender and feminism.” By “focusing on sex, gender and feminism,” and as you will soon see, this young...

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School reported me to child protection services for showing my kids pro-life film

Jan 9, 2015 by

By Amanda Read, LifeSite: A few days before Christmas, a U.K. mother of two reached out to Christian radio show program Stand Up For Truth with a plea for prayers and support. She had been notified that Child Protection Services would be contacting her because she had permitted her children to watch the pro-life documentary 180. The controversy began when the mother (who wishes to remain anonymous) included Gospel tracts and a card advertising the 180 movie in party favor jars for a Christmas...

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This country banned abortion and now, abortion promoters can’t believe their eyes!

Dec 23, 2014 by

From Personhood USA: “Outlaw abortion and abortion won’t stop. Women will just do it illegally and women will die!” Or so the argument goes… But facts are pesky things, and they show that the opposite is true in Chile. According to new research from the MELISA Institute, since Chile’s ban on abortion, not only has maternal health improved but the number of women seeking illegal abortion has plummeted! Since Chile banned abortion in 1989, the number of maternal deaths decreased from 41.3 to...

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EA Scotland responds to supreme court ruling on Glasgow midwives

Dec 20, 2014 by

National director of Evangelical Alliance Scotland, Fred Drummond said: “Part of living in a tolerant society is that rights of conscience should be respected, whether or not these views fit the fashion of the day. This court case is not about the rights or wrongs of the abortion law, nor is it about service provision as no individual would have been denied any services by another member of staff organising a rota. Rather, it is about the ability to exercise choice for those who in good...

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Midwives lose fight for conscientious objection to abortion

Dec 17, 2014 by

The Supreme Court has rejected the opportunity to uphold the right of conscientious objection for senior midwives who refuse to supervise abortions performed on a labour ward. Today’s decision issued in the Supreme Court has been condemned by those who backed the Glasgow midwives’ fight for their right to work in the NHS without being involved in abortions. The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) which paid the midwives’ legal expenses throughout the case has said...

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For His glory and our good

Dec 16, 2014 by

A talk delivered by Matthew McCusker of Voice of the Family to the Marriage, Sex and Culture group of Anglican Mainstream on 11th December 2014. Voice of the Family is a coalition of 23 different pro-life and pro-family organisations drawn from across all five continents and founded and led by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. International cooperation between pro-life organisations is more important than ever in the light of ever escalating threats to life, marriage and the...

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