The Shopkeeper’s Dilemma and Cooperation with Evil

Mar 5, 2015 by

By Robert T Miller, Public Discourse: A shopkeeper who objects to sex-same weddings but who nevertheless provides services at such weddings generally acts in a morally permissible way if he acts to comply with a validly-enacted law, to preserve the goodwill of his business, and to make a just profit. Nevertheless, a law that in this way coerces a shopkeeper to cooperate with actions he reasonably believes immoral is gravely unjust. Russell Nieli and Jeffery J. Ventrella have been arguing here...

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Announcing @holyvote – it’s time to reclaim our religious liberty

Mar 3, 2015 by

From Archbishop Cranmer: […]  It is often observed that the ‘Christian vote’ in the UK is ineffectual because it is fractious and fragmented. Unlike the culture wars in the United States – over issues like school prayer, embryology, homosexuality, contraception, abortion and pornography – there is no identifiable ‘Christian vote’ in the UK. When it comes to political engagement, British Christians agree about little and coalesce around less. Certainly, we care about the macro issues of...

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Judge refuses application for Sarah Mbuyi’s case to be heard in private

Mar 2, 2015 by

From Christian Concern: An application was made today (2nd March) by Sarah Mbuyi’s former employer for her case to be heard in private with no media or public presence. However, the application was refused at 3pm this afternoon, with the Judge ruling that the case will be heard in open court. Andrea Williams, CEO of the Christian Legal Centre said: “This application sought to shut down open justice in this case and was a highly concerning development. If this application had succeeded, it...

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Discrimination against Christians ‘ignored’ across Europe – MPs

Mar 1, 2015 by

By John Bingham, Telegraph: Discrimination against Christians is being “ignored” by governments and courts, MPs from across Europe have warned in the wake of a string of cases involving the rights of British workers to wear crosses or discuss their beliefs. The parliamentary arm of the Council of Europe has issued a formal declaration urging states to recognise the principle of “reasonable accommodation” for the beliefs of traditionalist Christians on issues such as homosexuality for the first...

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For modern-day Assyrians their present is under attack from Isis, as is their past

Feb 28, 2015 by

By  Ed West, Spectator: The historian Tom Holland tweeted this morning: ‘What ‪#ISIS are doing to the people & culture of ‪#Assyria is worthy of the Nazis. None of us can say we didn’t know.’ He linked to a Washington Post article about how the Islamist group had kidnapped at least 200 Assyrian Christians from their homes in north-east Syria, and may well be preparing to murder them. In another tweet he showed a video by Assyriology professor Simo Parpola on the history of the ancient...

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Eric Pickles: ‘Proper understanding’ of religious faith needed to combat bigotry

Feb 27, 2015 by

By Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today: A “proper understanding” of religious faith is the best way to stand up to bigotry in all its forms, according to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles. He praised faith groups as a “tremendous force for good” and said faith could no longer be treated as a minority hobby. Pickles, speaking at a reception to support Coexist House, a new London institution being developed by the Coexist Foundation and Cambridge University’s interfaith...

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