Greer delivers lecture despite abuse from pro-trans students

Nov 20, 2015 by

From The Christian Institute: Feminist author Germaine Greer has delivered a lecture at Cardiff University, despite receiving abuse from students for her view that men who undergo a sex change are not women. Greer was invited to give a lecture on women’s rights, but last month some students started a petition saying her views had “no place in feminism” and called for the event to be cancelled. The author, who originally said she would not attend, spoke to a packed audience of 450 people on Wednesday night, where she re-stated her view and received support for her stance and her right to free speech. According to Wales Online, Greer said she had not intended to address the issue of transsexualism again but was forced to reiterate her stance after being challenged by a member of the audience. She said she doesn’t usually talk about transsexuals because it’s not her...

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BBC presenter sacked after labelling Christians ‘bigoted’ and ‘homophobic’

Nov 18, 2015 by

By Donna Rachel Edmunds, Breitbart: A BBC radio presenter has been removed from his job after he called accused a Christian guest of “bigotry” and “homophobia” thanks to her defence of the Bible. Both the BBC and the presenter, Iain Lee, apologised for the interview which they admitted was “inappropriate.” Mr Lee subsequently confirmed on Twitter that he will not be returning to the show. In early November, the BBC invited Libby Powell, a lawyer with Christian Concern, on to Mr Lee’s breakfast show on BBC Three Counties Radio to discuss the case of Revd Barry Trayhorn , a minister who was taking his employer to a tribunal over claims that he was unfairly forced out of his job. Revd Trayhorn, a Pentecostal minister, volunteers to discuss Christianity with inmates at the chapel of Littlehey Prison in Cambridgeshire. In giving a sermon on forgiveness, Revd Trayhorn referred to a passage...

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Protect the Academic Freedom of Professor Carol Swain

Nov 17, 2015 by

From the Washington Times: A black conservative professor is fighting back against an online petition demanding she be suspended for alleged “discriminatory practices” in the classroom. Carol Swain, a professor of law and political science at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, is under fire for posting materials of interest to “Christian conservatives” on the Internet, EAG News reported. “Although Ms. Swain is free to speak openly and have her own views, no matter how disagreeable they may be, it is generally unprofessional to attach your job title to a channel promoting your personally held beliefs,” reads the petition, which has garnered more than 1,500 signatures. “Keeping personal beliefs and University-endorsed statements separate is crucial to maintaining the integrity of Vanderbilt’s values.” Students also accuse her of “expressing hatred towards minorities,” EAG reported. The petition demands that Ms. Swain be suspended so that administrators can “confer with the ACLU to create and...

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Lord Alton and Fiona Bruce MP: Our aid programme must support religious freedom

Nov 12, 2015 by

By Lord Alton, Conservative Home: […]  While the argument about whether our development aid programme funding should be ring-fenced divides parliamentary and public opinion, a common ground for all is that if we are going to invest in this way then we should get good value for money. It is sometimes said that putting expectations of behaviour on aid to foreign governments would further fuel extremism, and make life more difficult for Christians and other minorities in those countries, who might be blamed for the reduction. Certainly care should be taken not to make matters worse – the ‘do no harm’ principle – and there may be truth in the idea that Christians in some countries could suffer further if aid was withdrawn. An alternative to simply withdrawing aid would be to channel more aid through non-governmental organisations and civil society. Concern for minorities, pluralism and tolerance – a...

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The New Inquisition

Nov 11, 2015 by

By Brendan O’Neill: Last year, a Baptist Church in Norfolk in England put up a poster suggesting that if you didn’t believe in God, then you would go to hell. The poster said, “If you think there is no God, you had better be right”. Underneath those words there was a picture of flames, hellfire, the suggestion being that if you don’t believe you will suffer. Suffer in eternal damnation, no less. Now, to some people, certainly to those who don’t believe in God, that may seem like a shocking message. But to me, the most shocking thing was what happened next. Which is that passersby complained about the poster. They didn’t complain about it to each other, which is par for the course when you’re walking down the street and you see something you don’t like: you moan to your friends about it. No, they complained to the...

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Defend Academic Freedom and Dr Robert Oscar Lopez

Nov 6, 2015 by

SIGN PETITION HERE Dr Robert Oscar Lopez, founder of English Manif and COGwatch, is being hounded out of his academic post at University of California by LGBTs because of his activism for family, marriage and children’s rights. They have concocted complaints of the flimsiest nature in order to pursue this shameful victimization of Dr Robert Oscar Lopez, Associate Professor of English Literature. They have even resorted to lies. Dr Lopez has committed no breach of his contract, but is being bullied by those outside the university who are interfering with its concerns in order to impose a single ideology on the entire university system and indeed on the world. This is an attack on intellectual and moral freedom. Dr Lopez has defended himself with a lawyer but the danger is that the university will now dismiss him simply to stop the endless harassment from activists who are unfairly targeting him. The activists who have stirred...

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