Dilution of Doctrine

Sep 19, 2016 by

by Ross Douthat, New York Times: LAST weekend Tim Kaine, the Democratic vice-presidential nominee and a churchgoing Catholic, briefly escaped obscurity by telling an audience of L.G.B.T. activists that he expects his church to eventually bless and celebrate same-sex marriages. In short order his bishop, Francis X. DiLorenzo of Richmond, Va., had a statement out declaring that the Catholic understanding of marriage would remain “unchanged and resolute.” In a normal moment, it would be the task...

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The treatment of Catholic schools is a “burning injustice” – a wrong that May is now set to right

Sep 10, 2016 by

by Paul Goodman, Conservative Home: The “Trojan Horse” plot to install an Islamist ethos in schools took place in non-faith ones – primaries, academies and specialist colleges.  But many of those who glanced briefly at news about it will never get this into their heads: they will persist in believing that the taxpayer is funding a legion of Muslim faith schools that are filling the heads of their pupils with ISIS propaganda. This view is post-truth tosh.  There is a tiny handful of...

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Here’s why the ‘burkini ban’ is important, even though French secularists are bungling it so badly

Aug 30, 2016 by

by Jeanne Smits, LifeSite: After weeks of bickering in political circles and in the media, the French Council of State — the country’s highest administrative court — issued a summary ruling that suspended one of approximately 30 municipal bans against the “burkini” garments worn by Muslim women on French beaches. […]  Observers from foreign countries who saw shocking pictures of tear-gas armed police asking a Muslim woman to uncover her arms on a beach in the South of France will surely...

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You know what’s ‘anti-gay’? Refusing to proclaim the fullness of the Gospel

Jun 17, 2016 by

by Claire Chretien, LifeSite: […] While numerous commentators have also seized on the event (Orlando shooting – ed) to advance the gay political agenda and target Christians who oppose that agenda, perhaps the most curious reactions to the attack have come from several Catholic bishops. These bishops have used this terrorist attack to decry “anti-gay prejudice” within the Catholic Church and, and one even claimed that Catholicism “breeds contempt” for those with same-sex...

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Catholic Church: Pope Francis urges greater family understanding

Apr 8, 2016 by

BBC News: Pope Francis has published new guidelines on family life that argue the Church should show more understanding of modern realities. The document, based on two Synods on the issue, was eagerly awaited by the world’s 1.3bn Roman Catholics. Entitled “On Love in the Family”, it does not change Catholic doctrine. But it opens the way for bishops in each country to interpret doctrine to suit their own culture, the BBC’s religion correspondent reports. Pope Francis...

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Poland prepares for mass protests as Catholic Church increases influence

Apr 5, 2016 by

By Tom Mendelsohn, International Business Times Cities across Poland are bracing themselves for mass demonstrations against the country’s right-wing government, after its prime minister admitted she favoured a total ban on abortion, even in the instance of rape or incest. Roman Catholic churches in the country are also participating in a campaign against the procedure, with priests reading a letter from a bishops’ conference that calls for the last of Poland’s already...

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