Only God can cleanse your leper soul

Oct 10, 2016 by

by Julian Mann, TCW: What is the mark of a real, committed Christian? We might say, a person who knows their Bible and is keen to study the Bible on their own and with others; a person who supports prayer meetings and is willing to pray out loud; a person who is active in evangelism. And those certainly are among the marks of a committed Christian person. They are important evidences of real and growing Christian faith. But there is a more fundamental answer to the question: what is the mark...

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Sermon – Gay Bishops and Defending the Faith

Sep 5, 2016 by

Canon Gavin Ashenden explains why this issue is so important. Listen on Sound Cloud  

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Accept God’s invitation to his banquet and worship him not yourself

Jun 19, 2016 by

by Julian Mann, TCW: To get the force of the invitation which the living Lord God gives to people through his prophet Isaiah we need to exercise a bit of imagination. It is difficult to imagine why anybody would want to go on a safari through the Sahara Desert but imagine you were on one. And you’re in a convoy of Land Rovers and you get lost. The Land Rovers run out of petrol, you’re stranded, your water runs out, your food runs out. It’s getting desperate. But then a cheery chap in a British...

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Did Jesus heal the centurion’s gay lover?

Jun 7, 2016 by

by Ian Paul, Psephizo: At the end of May, Jeffrey John, Dean of St Alban’s, preached at Liverpool Cathedral on the healing of the centurion’s servant in Luke 7. You can listen to the sermon on the Cathedral’s Soundcloud stream. John is a consummate orator, and he begins with a story from his teenager years, when his vicar refers to the question of homosexuality of ‘that filthy business.’ In this way he builds a powerful, emotive case, that Jesus includes the excluded, and that if you oppose...

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All are included because of Christ’s death on the cross

Jun 5, 2016 by

by Julian Mann, TCW: The man in our New Testament reading from the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 8v26-40) was excluded from something he desperately wanted to be part of. But then he found himself wonderfully included and our passage from the book of Isaiah (52v13-53v12) this morning was right at the heart of his life-changing experience. In Acts chapter 8, we heard how Philip the evangelist, a bringer of God’s good news, drew alongside the chariot of an important Ethiopian official who was...

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Vicars urged to rein in the jokes and rambling anecdotes in sermons

May 10, 2016 by

by John Bingham, Telegraph: It is a sound as familiar in British churches as organ music or an echoing cough from the back row. But the familiar ritual of congregations raising a faint titter as the vicar attempts another toe-curling joke or rambling anecdote could become a thing of the past if the findings of new research are taken to heart by clerics. According to new research, churchgoers would far rather clergy stick to serious topics and leave the jokes to the comedians. A survey of...

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