Vicars urged to rein in the jokes and rambling anecdotes in sermons

May 10, 2016 by

by John Bingham, Telegraph: It is a sound as familiar in British churches as organ music or an echoing cough from the back row. But the familiar ritual of congregations raising a faint titter as the vicar attempts another toe-curling joke or rambling anecdote could become a thing of the past if the findings of new research are taken to heart by clerics. According to new research, churchgoers would far rather clergy stick to serious topics and leave the jokes to the comedians. A survey of...

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Christ paves the way out of the exile of human sin

May 1, 2016 by

by Julian Mann, TCW: The Easter lilies this year were particularly lovely in their vases behind the Lord’s Table reminding us that it’s spring time. But within about a couple of weeks, they had to be taken out of the church because that’s about as long as they last. I’m coming up to 52 this summer so have by God’s grace lasted longer than a lily but in the oceans of eternity even a long human life is a tiny drop. The word God spoke through the prophet Isaiah is surely true: ‘All people are...

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Pastor persecuted by fellow pastors for speaking boldly about Jesus

Apr 15, 2016 by

by Shianee Mamanglu-Regala, Christian Today. A German pastor is reportedly being persecuted by fellow pastors for preaching boldly about Jesus Christ and “refusing to bend a knee to political correctness.” Pastor Olaf Latzel does his preaching at the historic St. Martini Church in Bremen, where the church’s former pastor, Joachim Neander, wrote the great hymn, “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” in 1679, CBN New reports. Latzel’s sermons are known to be...

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Archbishop of Canterbury writes Easter Sunday message in wake of Brussels terror attacks

Mar 27, 2016 by

From Mail on Sunday: Mahama refugee camp is in a dusty valley in the south-east corner of Rwanda. A year ago, there was only some subsistence agriculture – today there are 50,000 Burundian refugees. Standing in the centre of the camp, I could see more people approaching. Among them were almost 2,000 unaccompanied children, separated from their parents during horrific attacks on the places where they lived. Each carried the story of a life turned upside down, probably altered for ever. They...

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Easter – conflict, judgement and hope

Mar 22, 2016 by

by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream.   It’s not about the donkey. There will have been many sermons in churches this last Sunday – Palm Sunday – focussing on the donkey. A humble, hard working animal, a beast of burden, unspectacular, unshowy. Jesus chose this as his mount rather than a white charger. By doing so he showed that although he was the Son of David and the rightful ruler of Israel, he came in peace, not to challenge Roman rule. In the same way while he is the King of heaven...

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Loving Christians are mature Christians on course for heaven

Mar 20, 2016 by

by Julian Mann, The Conservative Woman: What is a mature Christian like? How can we know when a Christian is growing in spiritual maturity? The Apostle Paul in this famous chapter in his first letter to the church at Corinth, 1 Corinthians 13, provides a very clear answer to that question. A mature Christian is a loving Christian. A growing Christian is a person whose love for the Lord Jesus Christ expresses itself in love for the church, love for the Body of Christ, love for the Christian...

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