Canadian Taxpayers Overwhelmingly Reject Kathleen Wynne’s Sex-Ed Agenda on the Government’s Own Social Media Site

Oct 9, 2015 by

From PAFE: The re-released video “Show of Hands,” part of the Ontario Liberals’ 2015 sex-ed campaign, which received thousands of “dislikes” on Youtube, is still gathering far more thumbs down than thumbs up the second time around.  The President of Parents as First Educators, Teresa Pierre, PhD, said “Parents have shown over and over again that they don’t support the McGuinty-Wynne sex-ed project.  No matter how the government tries to hide it, the stunning numbers of this 173 to 1 voting ratio against their sex-ed video ‘Show of Hands’ is yet more proof.”   “Show of Hands” shows scenarios such a teen boy leading a girl out of a crowd for some private time, a teenage girl sending an explicit photo of herself, and a young boy seeing a pair of groom figures on a wedding cake.  Wynne’s sex-ed promotional video originally appeared August 30, with the English version...

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Sex ed strike cuts Toronto school’s attendance in half

Sep 12, 2015 by

By Lianne Laurence, LifeSite: A student “strike” to protest the Liberal government’s sex-ed curriculum that emptied half a Toronto public elementary school the first day of class and captured international media attention will continue throughout September, say organizers, who urge parents across Ontario to do likewise. About 700 students of Thorncliffe Park Public School – or 50 percent of the student body – stayed away from school Tuesday and assembled instead in a nearby park for what strike organizer Khalid Mahmood of Canadian Families Alliance (CFA) styled the “school in the garden.” The predominately Muslim neighborhood of Thorncliffe Park in Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Don Valley West constituency has been a major flashpoint of sex-ed opposition since the Liberals released the curriculum last February for a September roll out in all the province’s publicly funded schools. Within three months the CFA, a grassroots parents’ rights coalition representing about 25 associations...

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Polish government backs down on explicit sex ed after massive parent protest

Sep 4, 2015 by

By Antonia Tully, LifeSite: The Polish government has backtracked on introducing explicit sex education into the nation’s schools after parents started to mobilize. Polish parents gathered in Warsaw in thousands last Sunday to protest against proposed changes to the current pro-family school subject WDZ (“Family Life Education”). A coalition of 26 pro-family groups came together to oppose changes to WDZ, announced on July 9 by Education Minister Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska.  Polish family groups want to keep WDZ as it is. “Upbringing for Family Life” is a more literal translation of the Polish and, say the family groups, expresses the good values which currently underpin the subject, which prepares young people for marriage and family life. Before the rally took place, Kluzik-Rostkowska told the pro-family coalition to “stop misleading parents”; that the government is “not introducing WHO standards” and that “work on changing the WDZ curriculum hasn’t started yet.”   However, Polish...

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Parents ready to abandon Ontario public schools as sex-ed comes

Aug 15, 2015 by

By Lianne Laurence, LifeSite: A threatened exodus of thousands of children from Ontario’s publicly funded schools this fall because of the Liberal government’s radical sex-ed agenda could tip the province into an educational crisis, warns a veteran educator. That’s leaving aside current labor disputes that may hamstring the school system with rotating teacher strikes and work-to-rule actions. “It wouldn’t be surprising at all that we’ll be in a crisis in our education system in the fall,” says Dan Di Rocco, an education advisor with Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) and member of sex-ed opposition coalition Canadian Families Alliance. “There are all kinds of unhappy people. Things are not settled,” the former high school principal told LifeSiteNews. “All those fears that parents have, they haven’t gone away.” Critics say the controversial Liberal curriculum to be rolled out this September in the province’s publicly funded schools violates children’s innocence by pushing a...

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Explicit sex education show on Channel 4

Aug 3, 2015 by

by Julian Robinson, Mailonline: An explicit sex education show featuring British teenagers and a Belgian expert who wants a GCSE in sexual pleasure is to be screened on Channel 4, it has emerged. Former Miss Belgium Goedele Liekens spent two weeks filming with a group of teenager’s at Hollins Technology College in Accrington, Lancashire. In one lesson, the 52-year-old challenges pupils of 15 and 16 to write a scene for a pornographic movie and in another, girls were instructed to ‘examine themselves with a handheld mirror’. Liekens, a United Nations goodwill ambassador for sexual health, has hit the headlines over her campaign for pupils to sit a GCSE in sex education – which would include an exam in ‘sexual pleasure’, according to the Sunday Express. The newspaper reports that during the one-off ‘Sex In Class’ programme, boys are seen looking at images of female genitalia and asked which one...

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German government says incest is best

Jul 12, 2015 by

By Alexander Boot: Little girls are so touching, don’t you think? That’s why their father should touch them, recommends a subsidiary of Germany’s Ministry for Family Affairs. The rather bossy recommendation comes in its two 40-page brochures entitled Love, Body and Playing Doctor, the first one talking about children from 1 to 3, the second about those from 4 to 6. The kind of touching this august body has in mind would have landed Daddy in the pokey anywhere in the West not so long ago, and in some places it still would. For what’s meant here isn’t just a hug or a pat on the head, accompanied by the lapidary if rhetorical question “So who’s Daddy’s gorgeous little girl then?” “Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters,” laments the 1 to 3 booklet. “Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions,...

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