What Every Parent Needs To Know About Sex Ed

Feb 5, 2016 by

By Marcia Segelstein, NC Register: Since October, parents in Omaha have been battling with the city’s school board over proposed changes to the sex education curriculum. Impassioned parents and grandparents voiced their objections loudly and clearly to the “comprehensive” sex ed program the school board had proposed. Since 1985 sex ed at Omaha public schools has been taught as part of a course called Human Growth and Development.  Among other changes, the new program will add discussion of two...

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One woman’s quest to expose the pedophile Alfred Kinsey and his demented sex ed curriculum

Dec 23, 2015 by

by Tanya Granic Allen, LifeSite: Alfred Kinsey. That name ought to evoke outrage. If it doesn’t, then you don’t know the man, his work, or his legacy. I am one of those persons who had never heard of Alfred Kinsey, the so-called father of sexual education. I, like many of my generation, went through sex ed at school and never really thought of the reason I was learning what I was learning. My experience was with the Fully Alive program in a Catholic school in Ontario, where I...

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Toronto school officials say sex-ed partly to blame for dropping enrollment

Dec 10, 2015 by

By Lianne Laurence, LifeSite: Two Ontario public school boards have reported markedly lower elementary school enrollments this fall than expected and admit that opposition to the Liberal government’s controversial sex ed is likely behind the drop. A rash of new private schools opening in the Greater Toronto Area, as reported in theGlobe, is also backlash against the sex ed curriculum’s rollout in the province’s publicly funded schools this September. All this is proof that...

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Government poised to rule out compulsory sex education for five-year-olds

Nov 22, 2015 by

by Mark Leftly, Independent: The Government is poised to rule out the compulsory teaching of sex and relationship education to children as young as five in the New Year. The news will dash the hopes of many experts and the Commons Education Committee, who want compulsory sex education and broader personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) for primary and secondary schools. They believe this will help to prevent young people from carrying out abusive sexual behaviour – a rape occurs...

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Thank you, Toronto Star, for ignoring my work

Nov 18, 2015 by

By Miriam Grossman MD: A few weeks ago, at the invitation of several parent organizations, I traveled from New York to Toronto and addressed a crowd of almost one thousand people. It was dinner time and mid-week, but we ran out of chairs. When the topic is graphic sex education for children, people show up. The sex ed portion of the curriculum imposed by liberal premier Kathleen Wynne, I explained, is not about health, but about molding the attitudes of children. The goal is to produce...

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Why is the government giving preferential treatment to those backing compulsory sex education in schools?

Nov 17, 2015 by

By Peter Saunders, Christian Medical Fellowship: Campaigners are pushing for sex and relationship education (SRE) to be made compulsory in all English schools. Currently local authority maintained schools in England are obliged (See House of Commons briefing) to teach SRE from age 11 (year 7) upwards, and must have regard to theGovernment’s SRE guidance. Academies and free schools, the majority in secondary education in England, do not have to follow the National Curriculum and so are not...

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