New Scottish sex ed guidance prioritises state guardians; marginalises parents

Dec 16, 2014 by

by Donna Rachel Edmunds, Breitbart: Scottish teachers are being encouraged to report any concerns over the sexual wellbeing of their pupils to the child’s ‘Named Person’, or state guardian, but not to the child’s parents under new government guidelines. The advice has deepened concerns by campaigners that parents are being marginalised by the Named Person policy. A Christian organisation is seeking legal advice on whether the guidelines can be challenged. Under Scottish law, all...

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Does sex ed conference for students go too far?

Dec 5, 2014 by

By Carla Castano, KOIN6: Students as young as 11 from across the state have been attending a sex conference held in Seaside, Oregon, for the past 20 years. Taxpayers’ money is used to fund the program, which is meant to promote safe sex and prevent teen pregnancy. However, a KOIN 6 Investigation uncovered that there’s a good chance the parents who signed permission slips in order for their children to attend have no clue what is really being taught behind closed doors. Part of the lesson plan...

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The Education Dept surrenders to Brook’s sex maniacs. Who will protect our 13-year-olds?

Nov 10, 2014 by

By Laura Perrins, Conservative Woman: The sex fanatics at the ‘sexual health charity’ Brook Advisory Centre have taken it upon themselves to issue “guidance” to parents that includes telling thirteen-year-olds that ‘consenting oral and/or penetrative sex with others of the same or opposite gender who are of similar age and developmental ability’ is just fine and dandy. Only there is not such thing as a 13-year-old consenting to this, as they are legally disabled from doing so, for very good...

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We panic about child abuse, then tell 13-year-olds how to have sex

Nov 9, 2014 by

by Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday: The mystery of sex education is that parents put up with it at all. It began about 50 years ago, on the pretext that it would reduce unmarried teen pregnancies and sexual diseases. Every time these problems got worse, the answer was more sex education, more explicit than before. Since then, unmarried pregnancies have become pretty much normal, and sexual diseases – and the ‘use’ of pornography – are an epidemic. It is only thanks to frantic free handouts of...

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So-called ‘safeguarding tool’ gives green light to unlawful sex and exposes young people to increase...

Nov 7, 2014 by

Family Education Trust Press Release: It is astounding and deeply disturbing that a government-funded sexual health charity such as Brook is defending a safeguarding tool that considers unlawful sex between young teenagers worthy of positive reinforcement, says Family Education Trust. According to Brook, its traffic light tool is intended to show professionals working with children and young people ‘which behaviours are a natural part of growing up and exploring sexuality, and which are...

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SPUC unveils new sex education publication

Oct 16, 2014 by

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) for today’s primary school children is a new publication from SPUC Safe at School which promotes good practice in primary schools where parents are the main educators of their children in sexual matters and where schools have a key role in supporting parents.The guidelines build on the current government guidance: Sex and Relationship Education Guidance – DfEE 0116/2000.  In particular, the guidelines highlight the changes to the primary science...

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