Leading teaching unions demand statutory PSHE

Sep 10, 2014 by

From Pink News: Three major teaching unions – NUT, ATL and NAHT – have announced their support for statutory Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education. It comes a week after Education Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities Nicky Morgan hinted that she could be moving towards backing the measure. The senior Tory promised to have a “think” about the issue but added: “There is a balance too between saying from Whitehall ‘this is what we want to do’ and schools feeling more...

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Sex education: the destruction of childhood

Sep 8, 2014 by

by John Smeaton, SPUC: The first address of day II ofSPUC’s national conference 2014 was given this morning by Antonia Tully, national coordinator of SPUC’s Safe at School campaign, on the theme “Sex education: the destruction of childhood”. Antonia spoke mostly about primary schools (ages five to eleven). This is what Safe at School is focusing on, because that is where the current battle on sex education is located. Reality of sex education in primary schools today: ...

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Channel 4 hires former Miss Belgium to shake up sex education in schools

Sep 1, 2014 by

By John Plunkett, Guardian: A Belgian sex therapist and UN goodwill ambassador who believes that all children should get a qualification in sex education is to start a Jamie Oliver-style campaign to change the way British schools tackle the subject. Goedele Liekens, a former Miss Belgium who presented the country’s edition of The Weakest Link, believes the way sex education is handled in British schools is “hopelessly out of date” and should begin “properly and...

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Sex education should start at seven, Lib Dems say

Aug 26, 2014 by

From BBC News: All children in England’s state schools should get lessons about sex and relationships from the age of seven, the Liberal Democrats have said. The party said the “age-appropriate” lessons would be part of a “curriculum for life”, which would also include money management and citizenship. Labour backed the idea but said the Lib Dems had failed to deliver it so far. The Conservatives said teachers knew best how to deliver such education, not...

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How the Church can protect children

May 20, 2014 by

By Andrew Symes: We thank God that children in our society are not at risk of being taken from their beds at gunpoint and forced into slavery, and we continue to pray for the situation in northern Nigeria. But our children are at risk in other ways. What are these risks, and how is the church responding? On Sunday morning I led a service of worship in a small and beautiful village church. It was my first time there, and after the service, in conversation with members of the congregation, I met...

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C of E endorses Stonewall materials in new guidance

May 16, 2014 by

From The Christian Institute: Children in Church of England schools could be given sex education materials provided by gay rights groups, according to new guidance launched by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Critics have raised concerns that within the 72 page guidance, produced by the Church of England, Stonewall is mentioned more than Jesus Christ. “I think a lot of C of E schools are going to think that balance is wrong”, said Simon Calvert of The Christian Institute. “Bullying is evil and...

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