Shortage of antibiotics to treat syphilis hits as infection rate soars among homosexual men

May 24, 2016 by

by Steve Weatherbe, LifeSite: A sharp increase in the incidence of syphilis in the U.S. and Canada has led health authorities in both countries to warn of a shortage of the antibiotic Bicillin and the Canadian Public Health Authority to call for it to be reserved for pregnant women. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention based in Atlanta issued their advisory on April 29, reporting the shortage nation-wide of Bicillin or Benzathine penicillin G, which it said was not only “the...

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Our bodies proclaim the Gospel – hearing the Bible’s teaching on sexuality, marriage and the Gospel

Jan 23, 2016 by

Click here for highlights of the conference “Our bodies proclaim the Gospel”, featuring 10 minute clips from Christopher West’s four main presentations: A bold, biblical response to the sexual revolution Creation and Redemption The Marriage of the Lamb The Great Mystery of Marriage Also an overview of the three day event, all on the Core Issues Trust site. See also these written resources: “More than a love song”: An introduction to the teaching of Christopher...

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Sexuality and the Anglican Communion

Jan 14, 2016 by

By Andrew Goddard, Fulcrum: I contributed a chapter on “Sexuality and Communion” to the recently published Oxford Handbook of Anglican Studies and this article offers a short summary of its argument. The media obsession with homosexuality gives the impression of an Anglican death wish on sexuality and texts in Leviticus. This not only fails to do justice to the complexities of the contemporary debates but forgets that the English Reformation was itself bound up with debates over texts in the...

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Sex and the Religion of Me

Dec 28, 2015 by

By James Kalb, First Things: Why has the equivalence of same-sex and opposite-sex relations suddenly become a moral and social absolute? That it has is plain to see. In the Supreme Court’s recent ­Windsor decision, which struck down much of the federal Defense of ­Marriage Act, the majority found that the only reason for denying equivalence is a desire to harm same-sex couples. Overcoming this supposed bigotry is now an overriding foreign-policy goal of the United States. It is worth...

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Public statements on sex can be a bar, CNC is advised

Nov 14, 2015 by

By Tim Wyatt, Church Times: IT IS lawful to reject a candidate for a bishopric because of his or her public statements about sexuality, newly published guidance from the Church of England states. The document, which dates from March, but has only now been posted on the Church’s website, sets out what a Crown Nominations Commission (CNC) can take into account when considering a candidate for a vacant see. “The CNC can . . . lawfully take into account the content and manner of any public...

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January Conference on Sex, Marriage and the Gospel

Oct 20, 2015 by

CONFERENCE: OUR BODIES PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL 14-16 January 2016. Emmanuel Centre, Westminster. BOOK HERE NOW Join Christopher West, the world’s most widely recognised teacher of the Theology of the Body, as he presents this profoundly beautiful and life-changing vision of human life, love and sexuality and marriage in a way that Christians of any background can understand. Some key questions that will be answered: What does it mean to be truly human? How do I live my life in a way that brings...

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