Do we have a better story about sexuality and faith?

Aug 30, 2017 by

by Ian Paul, Psephizo: Are you confident about orthodox Christian teaching about sex, sexuality and marriage? Are you happy talking about it, and find it easy to communicate it persuasively in our contemporary culture with its approach to gender identity? Do you understand how Western culture...

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The Church of England, human sexuality and the current cultural crisis

Aug 14, 2017 by

By J. Andrew Kirk, Anglican Mainstream. During the meetings of the Church of England’s Synod this year (in February and July) some significant motions were carried on themes related to the Church’s continuing debate about its stance on controversial issues to do with human sexuality…...

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New Zealand: Sexuality working group publishes interim report

Aug 3, 2017 by

from ACNS: A working group set up explore how different strands of thinking on sexuality could be kept together in the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia has published its interim report. The group was established after the May 2016 meeting of the province’s General Synod...

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Stott on Identity

Jul 22, 2017 by

by Sean Doherty, ivp books: It’s a daunting privilege for any scholar to be asked to interact personally and editorially with the work of so distinguished and justly admired a figure as John Stott. In my case, there was an additional reason why it felt especially so. As a new Christian, I came to...

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The Perilous Sin of Affirming Sin

Jul 13, 2017 by

by Matt Moore: The number of professing Christians who reject the biblical sexual ethic (as it is traditionally understood) has been climbing steadily over the last few years. Many who once submitted to the Bible’s clear condemnation of homosexual behavior now propose that theologians have long...

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Synod: responses to LGBT motions

Jul 8, 2017 by

Complete voting record ‘Conversion Therapy Ban’ Private Members’ Motion votes ‘Transgender’ motion voting record   Articles: newer items at the top England’s orthodox Anglicans: agreed on Synod’s implications, divided on what to do, by Andrew Symes, Anglican...

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