Blatant Bias on Display in ECUSA’s South Carolina Case

Sep 25, 2015 by

By A S Haley, Stand Firm: Before the oral arguments yesterday in The Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of South Carolina v. Episcopal Church in the Supreme Court of South Carolina, your Curmudgeon had heard mention of the fact that one of the five justices who would be hearing the case was active in one of the parishes affiliated with the defendant Episcopal Church in South Carolina. I did not look into the question further until I watched the oral arguments live, and could see the...

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Chilean archbishop offers support to breakaway diocese

May 24, 2015 by

By George Conger, Anglican Ink: The Presiding Bishop of the Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sur de América, the Most Rev. Tito Zavala has assured the breakaway Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina that its secession from the national Episcopal Church in 2012 did not end its membership in the Anglican Communion.  “I am here with you with the consent of the Archbishop of Canterbury,” Bishop Zavala said on 20 May 2015 during a meeting with diocesan leaders and the Rt. Rev. Mark Lawrence at...

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Fort Worth Pastoral Letter on South Carolina

Feb 11, 2015 by

By Bishop Jack Iker, Anglican Ink: Dear Friends in Christ, We were all greatly encouraged by the court ruling that came out of South Carolina last week, where the historic Diocese prevailed in its lawsuit against The Episcopal Church. Circuit Court Judge Diane S. Goodstein ruled that Bishop Mark Lawrence and his Diocese, under neutral principles of law, had legitimately withdrawn from TEC in 2012 and were entitled to retain all their buildings, assets, and intellectual property (name,...

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Grateful: Bishop Lawrence Writes the Diocese Following Ruling

Feb 7, 2015 by

From Bishop Lawrence, Anglican Ink: Dear People of God in the Diocese of South Carolina, “I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers….”(Ephesians 1:16) My last letter to you was shortly after we finished the three-week trial in St. George in order to protect our parish churches, properties, names, diocesan seal and the historic identity of this Diocese of South Carolina. Now, as many of you have heard, we have prevailed. In a thorough and closely reasoned order, the...

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South Carolina Decision a Full Vindication for Victims of ECUSA’s Oppression

Feb 5, 2015 by

by A S Haley, Anglican Ink: Circuit Judge Diane S. Goodstein’s carefully crafted 46-page decision in the case brought by Bishop Mark Lawrence’s Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina (along with 35 of its parishes, plus St. Andrew’s, Mt. Pleasant) against the Episcopal Church (USA) and its rump group (ECSC, or “Episcopal Church in South Carolina”) is a complete vindication of the positions taken and arguments advanced for so long, by so many, inside and outside the...

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Breakaway South Carolina diocese can keep $500 million of church property, judge says

Feb 4, 2015 by

By Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today: A conservative breakaway Anglican diocese in the US has won a court battle to keep more than $500 million worth of church property. The Episcopal Church (TEC) has no claim on the property of the Diocese of South Carolina or its churches, according to Circuit Court Judge Diane Goodstein. She wrote in her decision this week that the conservative diocese and its parishes are “the owners of their real, personal and intellectual property” and that the...

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