Archbishop Welby, what will you do about it?

Sep 28, 2015 by

By Canon Phil Ashey, AAC: I’m not fond of litigation.  I take our witness to the world very seriously, and the damage to that witness from Christians suing each other is serious. And even though my former profession as a criminal prosecutor put me in the position of litigating daily in the courts, I would much prefer followers of Jesus Christ being able to follow I Corinthians 6 and work out their disagreements within the Church, through church or secular sponsored arbitration services and negotiated settlements. I cannot, however, let the injustice pass that occurred in the oral arguments before the South Carolina Supreme Court, between the Diocese of South Carolina (Bishop Mark Lawrence) and The Episcopal Church (TEC.) There must have been quite a few people watching the live stream—because there apparently wasn’t any room for me to access it when I tried. But attorney Alan Haley (aka...

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Blatant Bias on Display in ECUSA’s South Carolina Case

Sep 25, 2015 by

By A S Haley, Stand Firm: Before the oral arguments yesterday in The Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of South Carolina v. Episcopal Church in the Supreme Court of South Carolina, your Curmudgeon had heard mention of the fact that one of the five justices who would be hearing the case was active in one of the parishes affiliated with the defendant Episcopal Church in South Carolina. I did not look into the question further until I watched the oral arguments live, and could see the justices as they put their questions to each of the attorneys for the litigants. I took particular note, as I watched, of the attitude and unspoken assumptions behind the questions asked by Justice Kaye Hearn, the newest person elected to that Court. In many cases, it seemed (to this appellate attorney) that her questions were designed more to provide encouragement to ECUSA’s...

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Justin Welby launches ‘last throw of the dice’ to avert worldwide Anglican split

Sep 16, 2015 by

By John Bingham, Telegraph: The Archbishop of Canterbury is preparing to gamble his legacy on a high-stakes plan to overhaul the 80 million-strong worldwide Anglican church in what he sees as a “last throw of the dice” to avert a permanent split over issues such as homosexuality. The Most Rev Justin Welby has invited the heads of all the other Anglican churches – some of whom have not spoken directly to each other for more than a decade amid a deep liberal-conservative split – to a make-or-break meeting in Canterbury in January. He wants them not only to acknowledge the rift but effectively formalise it by scaling the Anglican Communion back into a loosely linked organisation – a step aides liken to “moving into separate bedrooms” rather than full-scale divorce. But he is understood to fear that the confrontation will trigger an angry walk-out by traditionalist archbishops, particularly from...

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Episcopal Church Plans Big Pansexual Rights Push in Africa

Sep 1, 2015 by

By David Virtue, VOL: In Salt Lake City this past July, the Episcopal Church passed without controversy resolution A051 “in support of LGBT African Advocacy” that included hundreds of thousands of dollars to push its sexual agenda on the continent of Africa in direct defiance of Lambeth resolution 1.10 and subsequent calls by Global South leaders to turn back from their wicked sexual ways. The sheer gall TEC has in pushing an unwholesome behavior that has within it the seeds of death in the name of rights, deemed unnatural to most Africans should not be underestimated. Money and flights help. Even as TEC slowly withers on the vine (some 45 percent of parishes are without a full time priest and two thirds of its congregations are made up of middle age women who have about as much interest in Africa except as a tourist destination or ISIS has in...

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Women make up Two-Thirds of Episcopal Church, new Survey finds

Aug 30, 2015 by

by David Virtue, VOL: For several months, VOL has been engaged in learning just how deep and wide is the influence of women in the Episcopal Church. As you know, we now have some 21 women bishops in TEC. The first to be consecrated was Barbara Harris in 1989; the last is Audrey Scanlan who will be consecrated the XI Bishop of Central Pennsylvania in September. There are hundreds of women clergy. In fact a survey of over 7,000 parishes, conducted by a research team, revealed that some 32% of all clergy in TEC are women, but the big news is this. Nearly two-thirds of all congregations, some 62%, are made up of women with the remaining 38% being mainly men over 60 with just a sprinkling of young people. This raises many questions, foremost of which is what have women achieved by way of church plants or church...

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Anglican Church Decline in the West – The Data

Aug 23, 2015 by

From Church Growth Modelling blogspot (Hat Tip: Barbara Gauthier) The Anglican Church, once a key institution in the English-speaking world, has suffered decline for over half a century. Although in both the UK and North America there are many examples of growing and lively Anglican churches, as national denominations the trend is downwards. This decline is in marked contrast to continued Anglican growth in Africa and other parts of the world. There the church is healthy. In the West it is sick. The question is – is the Anglican sickness unto death? In this blog I explore the different patterns of Anglican decline through four denominations: the Church of England (C of E), the Church in Wales (C in W), the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC), and the Episcopal Church of the USA (ECUSA). The study is not perfect, nor is the data, but I hope it inspires debate and...

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