The Church of Modern Lunacy

Jul 26, 2017 by

From theZman (Hat Tip and commentary: Barbara Gauthier) Frequently the perspective of an disinterested outsider can provide valuable information. Such a person effectively holds up a mirror that simply reflects back to the subject what the rest of the world sees.  It is often a more honest mirror...

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Facing Episcopal Church decline

Jul 25, 2017 by

By David Goodhew, Living Church: New analysis by Dr. Jeremy Bonner, a Durham-based researcher, offers clarity on the numerical fortunes of the Episcopal Church (TEC) in the USA in recent decades. Discussions of TEC’s numerical fortunes usually take place within the context of its divisions, with...

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Why is the Episcopal Church near collapse?

Jul 17, 2017 by

from Beliefnet: Prominent bishops are pulling out. Convention-goers were told headquarters had spent $18 million suing local congregations. Members are leaving at a record rate. This is no longer George Washington’s church – once the largest denomination in the colonies. The headlines coming out...

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Stories of sacrifice from the USA – how God sustained two faithful churches through tough times

Jun 1, 2017 by

by David Binder, Gafcon. […] It all started back in 2007, when Reverends Matthew and Ann Kennedy made the difficult decision, alongside dozens of other congregations, to leave The Episcopal Church (TEC) due to the latter’s departure from orthodox biblical Christianity. TEC did not take...

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Episcopal Presiding Bishop’s faux Jesus movement evangelistic crusades

May 13, 2017 by

By David Virtue, VirtueOnline. […] By any reading, Curry’s understanding of evangelism falls far short of authentic Biblical evangelism and no one apparently came forward because there was no altar call and no mention of who Jesus is and what He came into the world to do and die for, but...

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It Is About Love: A Commentary on the Anglican Condition

Apr 26, 2017 by

by Anne Kennedy, Patheos: Yesterday was a raucously interesting day in the Anglican world, though perhaps for reasons of no consequence to the average American Christian. Nevertheless I wanted to just say one or two things, because I’m Anglican, and sometimes it’s nice to have a little ‘inside...

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